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Give 'Em Hell, Kid

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We've all come a long way, haven't we?

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I've been listening to FOB and I just wanna say something.

I've come such a long way. Such a long way from the girl I was this time last year.

I used to swoon over, as you guys know him, Aaron(my former middle school/three year crush who's been such a dick to me), and feel so helpless at times when I'd wonder "Why doesn't he like me? Why can't I be like those other girls that he hangs out with?"

Well, if I could go back in time as the AJ I am today, I could proudly give zero fucks. I'm so proud of that. I've come such a long way.

So have you. All of you have come such a long way, and I'm so proud of each and every one of you.

I hope I can look back on today's AJ one year later and say "Atta girl!"

Today's AJ can proudly say that, one day, she'll show everyone who's doubted her. Everyone who's wronged her. Everyone who has laughed in her face, pushed her down and say "You can't."

Wanna know why?

Because, fuck them. I can.

So can you.

Give 'em hell, kid.
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