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Chapter Eleven

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"Wow, you really let yourself go today, didn't you?" She giggled.

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Apologies for mistakes and the quality of this chapter. I'm on my iPad and its 3:45AM. I'm real tired but I remembered about the chapter losses on my computer and such, and it had been a while since I'd updated, I thought I'd do it now. So sorry for mistakes and crappiness. I hope the next one will be better. -Max

It had been a week since Frank and Jamia broke up. The two had happily become friends and laughed and joked around, having more fun than they did when they had been 'dating', but her friends hadn't taken the break up lightly at all. They were confused as to why shed continue to talk to Frank and hang out with him, laughing and smiling happily like nothing had happened. They didn't know the reason behind the break up. All they knew is that Frank just wanted to be friends and not the fact that he is gay. If they did know that, not only would it have been spread around the entire school, but they'd never let him some day live down the fact he'd used Jamia for so long. They wouldn't understand it at all.

A week from the break up, however, meant that it had been eight days since Gerard had given him the neatly written slip of paper, giving him access to a free tour of the historic centre. He had wanted to go there almost straight away and have the tour so he could talk to Gerard again and look around at the areas of the centre he hadn't seen yet, but he didn't want to seem too eager. He didn't want to freak Gerard out because in reality, he still didn't know that much about him. For all Frank knew, Gerard could be the straightest human in existence. Frank was afraid that was so.

Today though, Franks year level and the freshmen had their days off. No one knew the real reason behind the two days off, but before they had left the teachers had said "it gives the seniors some study time" confidently, like they believed the seniors were going to study all day because they weren't at school. It made Frank laugh. But today, as it so happens, he was sitting on his bedroom floor, messy haired surrounded by papers and books, cookies and and empty coffee mugs. He hadn't seen a point in getting dressed considering he had no girlfriend to impress and no friends to see, so he'd just started his long day of studying in an over sized, holy old shirt, that had once been his dads, and his boxers. That's how he'd planned to stay.

As he nibbled on a chocolate chip cookie, he turned the page of his history text book, scanning over the text as crumbs fell onto his shirt. There wasn't one thing in this book he didn't find interesting.

"Frank honey, Jamia is here" Linda, Franks mom, said happily from his bedroom door.

Frank looked up quickly with wide eyes and his mouth full of cookies as a loud, muffled "What?!" Came out of his mouth, accompanied by soggy cookie crumbs.

Linda had been understanding when he broke up with Jamia. She was proud of how mature he had been about it and was happy she'd still get to see Jamia around now that they're friends. But his dad had been a different story. He'd been disappointed because Jamia had been the 'perfect girlfriend' and that Frank would never 'find another girl like her'. But kinda had just told him that most,if not all, high school relationships don't last forever. He'd been releived when his mom had taken his side.

"Hi Frank!" Jamia said happily as she stepped through the door. Frank just stared up at her with chipmunk like cheeks as she laughed at him. "Wow, you really let yourself go today, didn't you?" She giggled. Frank nodded and started gradually swallowing the cookies. He hadnt even realised he had shoved so many into his mouth. It was a wonder he hadnt choked yet. "Oh. You're actually studying, okay, I was going to ask if you wanted to go into town with me"

Swallowing the last of his soggy, chewed up cookie mixture, he looked down at his school work. "But my books" he managed so say. Frank was smart, but when it came to coming up with excuses, he was looked the the dumbest human being on the entire planet.

"You can study later, Frank. Exams aren't until a month away and plus, you already know all of this" she kicked the cover shut gently with the toe of her shoe. "Come on!" She whined. Frank just shook his head and started finding the page he was on, making her sigh. "I bet you're guide will be there" she said with a smirk.

Don't give in, he thought, glaring down at the book pages. You have to study, don't give in!

"Plus, word around school was that Cara was going go come over here and ask you out again because now you're single"

Frank looked up at her from the floor, horrified as he let out another loud "What?!"

"Get dressed and go to town with me, I don't know when she wanted to come here. I'll be talking to your mom!" She called as she ran back out his room.

Great he thought, dropping his textbook onto the floor. Now I have to go

Sighing loudly, he stood up and trudged over to his closet. What was he going to wear anyway? Should he dress up a little in case he sees Gerard or dress down a little so his parents didn't get suspicious and ask questions?

Shrugging, he switched his oversized and falling apart pyjama top for his black shirt with the caffeine molecule diagram printed on the chest and pulled on a pair of grey skinny jeans that were slightly too big for him. He didn't mind that much because it meant they weren't tight and were a little baggy. He didn't look like all the try hard guys in his school that used to tease him about his tight jeans in freshmen year. Funny how times have changed.

"Hurry up" Jamia said as she appeared at the door, watching Frank run his fingers through his hair. Having his hair at the length it is, you'd think he'd own a hair brush. "You never take this long to get ready"

Frowning, frank turned to her and said "you were gone for two minutes, Jam."

She smiled. "I know. Come let's go, you're dad wouldn't stop apologising to me about the break up" she laughed. "And your mom keeps telling him to be quiet"

"He's not happy with me" he said as he shoved shocks onto his feet. "He keeps talking about how perfect you are and stuff. I kind of wish I could just tell them"

Nodding gently, Jamia sighed and said "it was kind of a bummer you turning out gay and all" she said as Frank pulled in his red converse. "You were the first guy I ever really trusted and stuff, you know? The other guys were jerks"

Frank stood up and grabbed his messenger bag, then turned to Jamia. "You do know I was gay the entire time, right? I didn't just turn out to be gay near the end"

She laughed and nodded. "I know! I know, that's not what I meant silly" she giggled. "Let's go before we're boxed in by Cara" Nodding in agreement, I followed her out, sighing as we left. Now I have to feel bad for two girls.

When the two reached town, Frank was almost content on turning around and going back home. He wasn't in the mood for the busy streets today. He had just wanted to relax and do some light reading and, more than likely, just study the whole time. He'd never had anything better to do, and going to town today just wasn't ever going to be classed as better. Going to town on a Thursday was always a bad idea.

Jamia, on the other hand, looked happy. She was walking beside Frank with a small bounce in her step and a small smile on her face, almost like she had a trick up her sleeve that she wasn't going to pull out for anyone any time soon. But that was the thing. She did have a trick up her sleeve.

"So why exactly are we here?" Frank asked, barely even trying to hide his lack of enthusiasm. His shoulder had been bumped one too many times and they'd only been there for three minutes.

"I was thinking of going shopping, but, considering you're still in-the-closet-gay, I don't think you'll want to go into all the girls shops with me" she gave a small shrug. "So I'm not too sure"

Frank rolled his eyes. "You know not all gay guys have this huge passion for fashion, right Jam?" She nodded slowly. "Oh, okay, wow, stereotypical much?"

She shook her head and held her hands up like someone was pointing a gun at her and said "I didn't mean to offend you I've just never been in the presence of a gay guy before you!" She almost cried. "I don't know what to really do, I don't know what you are all like!"

Frank wasn't offended. He hadn't meant to upset her or freak her out, but now he found it amusing. Jamia really thought shed offended him, and by her freaking out either meant she didn't want to come of as a jerk or she really didn't want to lose him as a friend. You can guess which one Frank chose to believe.

"It's okay" he said with a small, still slightly amused, smile. "Chill out"

Jamia smiled and let out a breath, but her calmness was short lived because she gasped and grabbed hold of Franks arm. "Is that him?!" She exclaimed excitedly as she pointed through the crowd. Frank followed her finger and saw the unmistakable ebony hair and pale skin of the guide he admired so much. It made him smile shyly, bite his lip and, well, make Jamia freak out even more. "You're totally right!" She squealed. "He looks amazing!"

Frank nodded and watched Gerard dusting off the small chalk board he'd written on the first time frank had saw him and sighed. "He's so perfect" he managed to say, not taking his eyes off the man. Then he froze and turned to the also swooning Jamia. "Jamia, did you drag me into town so we could see him?" He narrowed his eyes at her as she slowly shook her head, unconvincingly. "Jam..."

She looked away from Frank and nibbled on her glossed lip, letting go of his arm as she became nervous. Frank continued to stare at her. Was she going to get back at him by stealing Gerard away from him? Even though he hasn't quite yet gotten him?

Quicker than expected, though, Jamia gave in and said "I took you here so you can finally use that slip of paper you carry around in your bag twenty four seven and so you and Gerard can see each other again and you can get to know him better and" she stopped. "What?"

Frank had started smiling now as he stared at her almost curiously. It was weird for someone to be so kind and help him, especially after he's fucked them over. Badly. But Frank liked that about Jamia. It was one of the reasons he had so stupid,y chosen to go out with her. She cared for him so much and, Edith luck it turned out to be okay, but She could have gone psycho stalker girlfriend, like Knives Chow in Scott Pilgrim vs The World . He wouldn't have been able to handle that, but here Jamia was doing him a huge favour. He'd never have gotten the courage to go on his own, he needed the push.

"Are you sure?" He asked dumbly, still smiling softly as he looked at who he was going to be soon calling his best friend. "What are you going to do?"

She shrugged with an innocent smile and said "I might go to the library, read some magazines, hide from your boss..." She shrugged again. "Go shopping, the usual stuff"

Nodding his head gently and licking his raw, nibbled on lips, Frank said "Should I even be trying? You know, like, do you think I even have a chance with this guy?"

Jamia, resisting the urge to tell him he had no chance and he'd never have anyone better than her, she smiled politely and said "I think anything is possible, Frank" and tucked her light brown hair behind her ear. "You deserve to have him after all these years of hiding who you are behind a fake relationship"

Frank smiled and threw his arms around her, whispering "Thank you" before kissing her cheek. It wasn't the smoothest move for their situation, but it was the first thing that popped into his gay, glitter loving pink brain cell infested mind.

"Go" she smiled, ushering him towards the steps of the Historic Centre. "Have fun"

Nodding, now suddenly nervous, Frank started up the marble stone steps until he was standing between two large, carved, limestone pillars that stood on the outside. He looked back at where Jamia had been, finding her gone already, he took a deep breath. No going back now, he thought as he stepped into the warm, buzzing lobby, reading the chalkboard as he stood in the middle of the walkway. Life imitates art. Frank smiled. Once again, standing inside this building, he felt home.
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