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Venting in the MCR category; ohmygosh bite me

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This will make me seem like a bitch; BUT I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK
I'm fucking out of here, I don't like MCR the same anymore (gunna make me seem like a cunt but)
They've changed...a lot
All bands change, I get it
But I don't really like it; I LOVED the Black Parade album, but when Danger Days came out; it's just more "meh"

Enough with excuses, I'm not writing new MCR (except the secret santa dod and Aj's bday fic)

Why else am I leaving? Besides like a handful of you; some of you are fucking cunts!
Seriously, some of you need to learn some fucking respect!

I have zero right to talk, but my god; someone leaving gives you no right to be a bitch, someone stating an opinion gives you no power over them and posting a non-related MCR post in the MCR category does NOT mean scream and have a bitch fit over them "spamming".

I'm wondering if they brought in the spammers to show you guys, THATS NOT SPAM!! The stuff about "boat cleaner" and shit is!!! Crys for help/a simple question IS NOT SPAM

God. I'm sorry if I'm acting like a bitch; it's getting annoying; to those who act like cunts to people because they don't like them
You can fuck people up (trust me) and fuck you!
Honestly have an opinion? Don't treat the person like shit
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