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Ryan is scared of being gay but has Brendon. He is cheating n his girlfriend. Things turn nasty. Spencer helps save the day

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Ella stumbled in on them, Ryan and Brendon, together on the sofa; making out.
"Ry, what is this?" Ella cried. "Who is that?"
Ryan was shocked. He had planned to tell them both. Brendon didn't know about Ella and of course he was trying to keep up the image of a 'cool' heterosexual male at collage so he was 'dating' Ella and hadn't told her.

"Ryan!?" Brendon asked. "Who is she?"
"She! Is Ryan's girlfriend. No wait. Ex-girlfriend. We are over Ryan." Ella screamed. Then she turned and stormed away. Ryan just sat there next to Brendon. Staring.
"What did she mean girlfriend? Were you cheating on her with me?" Brendon inquired.
"Yes." Ryan replied in a barley audible whisper.
"I can't believe it... I don't think I can do this any more Ry. I don't think I can trust you. I thought we told each over everything. I'm leaving." And with that Brendon got up and left.


Ryan was in shock. He didn't care about Ella she was just a prop in his 'I'm not gay image'. It was Brendon. He knew he should of told him. It was just when; how? And know he has lost him. Lost the thing he loves most in his life. Lost the thing keeping him going. And he doesn't know what to do.
When Spencer returned back from Jon's, all he saw of Ryan was his hair. He was curled up in a ball like a cat on the sofa; crying.
"Ryan, dude, what's the matter?" Spencer asked.
"It's Brendon. He left me." Ryan sobbed. Spencer sat next to him and stared stroking his hair.
"I'm sorry Ry. I don't know what to say-"
"Then don't say anything."


Brendon didn't know what to do.He didn't know why he wasn't angry with Ryan. Just upset. Was Ryan scared of being gay? Brendon's parents had thrown him out when he told them about he relationship with Ryan.
"Hey there sexy. Can I buy you a drink?" Brendon turned around and found Spencer, Ryan's room mate, standing behind him.
"Oh. Hey Spence." Brendon mumbled, "I'm okay tha... actually I could do with one. A soda please."
Spencer ordered two cokes and sat down next to him.
"Why did you split up with Ryan? He wont tell me."
"It turns out I'm not the only one who has been seeing him. Did you know about Ella?"
There was a pause.
"Well.. Yeah I did. Didn't you? Ryan told me he was going to tell you. I'm guessing he didn't then?"
"Is Ryan ashamed of us? I mean is he scared of being gay?" Brendon asked after a few minuets.
"Yes and no." Spencer replied.
"Care to explain?"
"He's not ashamed of you. However, he is scared of being gay. At high school we were both bullied. Him more than me. We would be called poof, bent, queer stuff like that because we loved music so much.
"I didn't care because I knew I was gay and I had Jon but it really demoralised Ryan. In the end he started, well, cutting himself. He stopped when we started collage but it got in his head that everyone hated gays. So he started dating Ella. It was all a lie.
"Ryan was never happy with her. In fact he has only been truly happy since he meet you. Anyway Ella kept pressuring him for sex and Ryan wouldn't give it to her. About five weeks ago they had a massive argument and it seemed that she was breaking up with him. Only apparently she wasn't."
"Five weeks ago?" Brendon butted in,"That is when we first stared seeing each other"
"I know. May I continue?"
"Yes. Sorry. Of course."
"Like I was saying it seemed like they had broken up. Then two weeks ago she waltzed back in and apologised."

They sat there for a while in silence.
"He loves you Bren. He really does." Spencer said finally.
"I love him too. I have ever since we first met. I just don't know if I can trust him. Oh Spence what do I do?"


Ryan slowly walked to the bath room. If he couldn't have Brendon then he couldn't have anything. Not even life. He took a razor and snapped it. The knife sharp blade fell on to the surface next to the sink. Ryan just kept staring at it.


"You've got to go to him Bren, I don't know what he will do. Please save him. Only you can. He will do anything for you I'm sure."


Ten minuets Ryan stood there staring. 'Sorry Brendon' he thought. His hand extended forwards towards the blade. Then just as he was about to pick it up there was a thunderous knocking at the door.
"Ryan. It's me. Bren." Brendon's muffled voice called. "Please let me in. I'm sorry for leaving" Ryan was surprised. He had thought that Brendon would keep away. He walked to the door and opened it. He say Brendon's red tinted eyes. He had been crying as well.
"It should be me saying sorry Bren. I'm sorry. I should have told you. Will you forgive me?"
"Of course Ry. Lets put it behind us."
"OK." And with that Brendon rushed forward and kissed Ryan. Ryan kissed back. He loved the feeling of Bren's tender lips on his.
"I love you Bren" He said.
"I love you more Ry." Brendon whispered back in his ear.
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