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So Long Goodbye

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So Long Goodbye
Oh hey look; a Sum 41 refrence! OHMYFUCKINGGODILO-
No, Sam, be mature

Okay so AJ pointed out
"It always gets to the point where your like 'Meh'"
True; meh is an amazing word...

But really? I am fucking out of here; why?
Because you guys need to grow.the.fuck.up

I'm not a part of this Tiara vs. Ash issue; but MY GOD PEOPLE!

I'm not saying you all act like 5 year olds all the time, because you all act really mature sometimes; more mature than I'll ever be.

But really?!
Tiara leaves and posts a simple goodbye/sorry note
Okay, whatever, have fun typing

What pissed le me off?
The fact that the reviews mainly consisted of "She over reacted" "you meant it lovingly"

Seriously guys, you have no right to speak because those of you who started saying how this is all Ash's fault, didn't see the way she reacted.

Until your talking to her, and figuring out the way it hit her.
SHUT THE FUCK UP! Reaaallly!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take it in maturity, want to state an opinion, be mature and talk in private, not make everyone think one of the people involved is so lovely, so angel like and the other is a phsyco, overreacting bitch.

Now don't start saying how this is all about you;
Not at all

I am leaving for the fact that I hate the motherfucking drama and I have a lot of shit going on in my own personal life and don't need this shit;
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