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What's happening?!

by alana554 5 reviews

WTF people. Just WTF.

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Hey. It's Alana. One thing.

Seriously! NO clue who the hell Tiara and Ash are, don't really want to know, but, JEEZ!! CALM DOWN, FFS. You see one argument? People insulting someone? THAT IS LIFE! Calling people babies for calling someone a name? Well HEY! You're just making people hate you more! And, OH! GUESS WHAT?!
Quitting for an argument? REALLY? We all have different feelings. SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT. DON'T QUIT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU DID NOT START, OR SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT INVOLVED IN, EVEN IF IT DOES ANGER YOU. I did that on other websites. Trust me. Don't. You will regret it. Thank you.
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