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Forgive and Forget

by BipolarUnicorn 6 reviews

Wow, I actually had the guts to post a note about the all the stuff going on.

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Don't throw names back and forth.
Is it really worth all of this?
Is this really a mature way to handle this?
This isn't kindergarten, let's settle this like adults.

All that go will be missed.
You don't have to go, but I would if I were you.

Lets not take sides.
Why can't we just all get along?

This is a place to getaway from the world.
Write down your feelings and your ideas.
No a place for drama.

A place to even make friends

Please don't be like this I beg of you, let's just settle this now.
Get over it and move on with our lives.
Let forgive and forget.

Without you all, I am nothing.
I need you all, but you all are leaving.
Please don't go.

Listen up and listen well, this is a place to escape for some.
To forget all of there troubles and read.
They don't need dramas to come onto.
Please let's forgive and forget.
Lets all go back to getting along like we did before.

We are here for one purpose to write, express ourselves.
This is FicWad, not Facebook.

Please don't hate me. I just need to get my point across.
And if its in poem form then so be it.


Okay so this was kind of a poem, but I'm seriously not taking sides. This wasn't suppose to turn into this huge fight/argument.

I can see why Ash got upset, I can see why she took "butterball" as an offending term. When you look up the definition of it on google it does say its something you call a fat person.

But also Tiara apologized, it's Ashs decision if she wants to accept it or not.

I'm taking sides either.
So can we just stop?

God, I'm crying now. Well fuck. This is my escape from my shitty life, and usually I don't get in the middle of things but fuck. Can we please just settle this?

Abbie xx
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