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Self Image

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This is just for anyone who needs it

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I know there is a lot going on right now, but I want everybody to know that you are all beautiful no matter what anyone says - whether they mean it or not. There should be no reason to be self-conscious, it's a mental thing, but I for one know exactly how it feels.

Until recently, I couldn't show my body and I'm going to tell you why - not for attention, not for you to say "Oh my god, really?! You poor thing!" or "What a twat, shut up." - just so you know that it can happen to anyone, but there's also people everywhere to help you feel better.

Last year, I sustained a head injury. I first made myself ill after a car accident, struggling to eat and exercise then one day, I collapsed and hit my head: and it got worse. I had half of my hair shaved completely off and at the time, it was dyed dark and reached below my chin, so it was a shock. I refused to shave the other side of my head meaning that I looked an awful lot like Skrillex on a really bad hair day - but that look wasn't in fashion at the time and it really upset me. I looked like a freak. I couldn't wash my hair either because of the bandages and the healing wound so it was messy, it was greasy and stuck up at funny angles. I tried cutting my hair myself but I was in a hospital and had no shaver and I didn't want to ask the hairdresser there so I took scissors to it. I'm not lying, I broke down and cried when I realised what I had done.

The nurse took me and got the side of my hair styled and it looked...still pretty awful, it was only half a head of hair, but it looked better and I let it grow again whilst one side got shaved every so often for either a check up or when something went wrong. I felt like a fool and pretty much refused to go out in public.

During that time, my ability to hold down food decreased drastically and I began to lose weight until I was severely underweight and that seriously didn't make my hair look any better on me. (I realise I'm still describing Skrillex here, but I looked terrible, not "unique".) It took a long time to show my body to anyone, but in the end I did and the next photo I'm going to post is cropped.


Because I got my confidence back with the help of my friends and sent out some dirty photos to some girls I flirt with.

I'm not saying you should send out dirty photos - that's just me. I'm saying that it's possible to get from the point of rock bottom to feeling a lot better about yourselves. If you think you're fat, shut up. If you think you're ugly, shut up. If you think you're ...hairy? Shut up.

If you tell yourself (and other people) that you are like that, then that's all anybody will believe and so you'll always feel worse than you need to be.

Be happy with who you are.

If you ever need to talk, just drop me a message on FB... You don't even have to add me, I think I can get messages off anyone.

But above all, promise me you'll stop letting other people get to you and believe that you are amazing.
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