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Silent Whispers~

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*Frerard* Please read. I suck at summaries.

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Gerard Way knew he was different from a very young age. He knew it wasn't normal to talk to the afterlife like he did - to have full blown conversations with them. He even played chess with them. Gerard's mother considered him as strange, because although he was a very intelligent boy, he was a mute, except for when he spoke to the spirits, and when he spoke to the spirits, his pupils had rolled fully into the back of his head, and he spoke in a very low, almost demonic like whisper. He discovered this gift at the mere age of four. When his mother discovered him, she thought he was having a fit. Every since then, his conversations with the afterlife have become a regular occurance. His immediate family are the only ones who are aware of his gift, and they always tell him that it's better kept as a secret. Gerard didn't like having to keep his gift as a secret, it meant he had to ignore some spirits whie he was with other family. His mother had kept him out of school to stop him from "being damaged", but in true fact, she was ashamed of her strange child. She hated the fact that he was different.


Frank Iero. Local nuisance. Teenage wierdo. Emo nerd. These are many of the names tossed around about Frank. Frank was a young boy, very intelligent, very lonely. His parents hadboth died in a car crash when Frank was seven. The police were unable to locate any family for him to stay with, so he was kept in an orphanage, home schooled because he was to afraid to face real school. He knew what the children were like from when he went for a walk to the park. Frank was different from the rest of the world, and not necissarily in a good way. Frank had been moved from hospitals, prisons and asylums, and then he was dumped in another orphanage in New Jersey. Frank was unaware what he was doing wrong. Nobody had ever told him he wasn't allowed to do it. Frank was a rapist. He'd raped men of many ages, none younger than 16. Frank was just different.
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