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Chapter 3 : Gringotts and Goblins

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Harry meets goblins

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Chapter 3 : Gringotts and Goblins
We named him Elghinnz'hins. As a younging he proved to be a Lord. A dealer of death, earned in our arena by our own laws.
-Rankani, goblin sorcerer on Harry Potter to young goblins

Harry walked into the bank, he nodded to the two large goblins that he passed at the inner doors. Looking around he walked to the shortest line.

The goblin stared down at the wizard youngling, "What do you need?", was spoken gruffly.

Harry bowed at the shoulders, "I need to speak to the Master of Accounts at his pleasure, Warrior, was spoken in the true language of the Goblin Horde.
The teller matched the bow and responded in the true tongue. If this youngling could truly speak as one of the Horde, he deserved respect for the effort of his honoring their ways. "As you asked respectfully youngling. I will personally take you to Master BearClaw. Wait for me at the end of the Warrior Column. I will be with you within ten minutes."

Harry bowed stepped back three paces and then turned before step marching to stand against the wall with the guards and young goblin pages.

The Warrior SilverFang watched the youngling leave his teller window and quickly sent an internal memo to his clan sorcerer and Master BearClaw. Then he called his second to take his place. An internal message came back via GripHook, Lord Silver's senior page as SilverFang was walking toward the youngling. In whispers of the True Tongue, SilverFang was told to bring the male-child to Lord Silver after all issues with Master BearClaw were concluded.

Lord Silver, Head Sorceror for Gringotts Clan Briton, answerable only to Lord Gold, Head of Gringotts Briton and Lord Gringotts, Chief of Clan Chiefs, Master of the Horde. He was also one of the few who knew the two leaders by their personal names. He was seated at his desk in the depths of the Clan Ward, when a pulse of energy flowed through him.

Standing Lord Silver walked into his sanctum. Ten minutes later he walked back out and activated a three way visual with Lord Gold and Lord Gringotts. Speaking in the Formal Tongue of Rituals, he spoke, "A Wizard of True Power has entered Gringotts London, He treated with a Warrior in honor and in our own Way. It is Harry Potter.... The Touched One..."

Lord Gringotts asked softly, "Did the Death of Deaths walk in with him?"

Lord Silver shook his head, "No Ragnok, the End of the Endless was not with him. He entered alone and treated with us as a mortal. Faced our warrior with honor as an unblooded equal would."

Lord Gold shook his head, "Is he truly unblooded?"

Lord Silver laughed, "My sorcery marked the presence of a worn Blood Stone. The Life Blood of an Elder Master Vampire. The Touched One is no more unblooded then one of us. He has fought one that would cause us issues one on one. Yet he stands in our lands unmarred. No my brother, I hope he has no reason to call for a Trail, as we will lose any that face him as the Trial demands."

Ragnok, Master of the Horde spoke with his Lord Gringotts voice. "Investigate and Meet him personally. Let us not forget that while he looks like one of the Race of Men, he is Touched by The Eldest and the End."

Lord Silver bowed, "So it is Spoken, So it is Written, So Shall it be Done" Ending the conference, he read the memo GripHook brought in. He called to GripHook, "Tell SilverFang that I need to speak with this man-child personally." With a quick bow GripHook ran out to reach the upper levels fast enough.

SilverFang nodded to Harry as he walked past the man-child. Harry stepped up to follow the Goblin along the side of the lobby. They stepped silently beyond into the offices of the Account Managers. Opening the door SilverFang had Harry wait as he entered first. He returned and had Harry swap places with him, "Master BearClaw will see you now. I will wait out here for you" was spoken softly in the Tongue of the Horde.
Harry walked in and looked around the office. He smiled at the trophies of battle, well used axes and blades, cracked shields and shattered blades, the marks of a warrior, who gained his place by skill. Harry bowed deeply and waited.

BearClaw looked up from his desk and spoke in the tongue of his people. "What brings the child-Lord Potter to my office. There is no doubt in all of Gringotts that you already bear many vaults. Being heir to a known house of renown, and neither muggleborn or young house."

Harry rose out of his bow. "I believe my house betrayed by those of my own race. By those who owe bonds of clan and honor. One beyond the reach of any wizard, spoke to me. She told me there are still beings of honor, beings worthy of treaty. So I come to Gringotts London. Home of the Horde of the Realm of Merlin the Arch-Magus."

BearClaw stood up and walked toward Harry. He stopped before the child and spoke softly. "You do not accuse the Horde thus child-lord?"

Harry did not smile, he did not bow he simply stared at the goblin. "Have you proof that the Horde has worked with wizards to betray me. Have you proof that the Horde has not treated in honor... As it stands I know wizards have betrayed my House... But the Horde has treated in honor... If a goblin has failed, if a clan has betrayed... Let us face each other in the Arena... Let the Horde honor not be sullied by a betrayal to House and the Horde."

BearClaw smiled and nodded his head... "So be it Lord Potter... The Honor of the Horde will be clear and each clan must face justice in the ways of the Horde... Are we agreed?"

Harry held out his arm with his hand cupped as if holding a sword. "So it is agreed, So it is spoken, So it shall be written.", spoke Harry in the ritualized formal tongue of the Horde.

BearClaw clasped Harry's arm with a grin. "So it is agreed, So it is spoken, So it shall be written." he repeated back in the formal language. After releasing Harry's arm, BearClaw moved back to his desk and sat down, "Sit young Potter and let us treat as friends."

Harry sat down. "I truly do need the blood magic test Master BearClaw." He lightly scratched the back of his head. "I have reason to believe much of my rights have been controlled by those who wish me ill."

BearClaw took down a box and handed it to Harry. "Let us see what your blood says... Let us see where your power walked. Be it Warrior, Mage, Sorceress or Priestess."

Harry opened the box and found a piece of glowing parchment and a silver dagger. He slit his palm and pressed the bloody palm into the glowing parchment. Harry lifted his hand as he felt it heal and put the silver goblin dagger into a wrist sheath on his left wrist.

BearClaw rather then being insulted grinned and bowed at the shoulders,"Well done Lord Potter. I see the Houses of Potter, Black, Evans and the Founders are yours in total. It is good you came to us. There will be much Gold returning to the flow as your Houses do business. Let me call in BlackScar the manager of record for House Potter since your fathers death.
BlackScar came when BearClaw summoned, he knew it was either a new claimant for the Potter treasury or the actual heir, not that heir could do anything until he reached majority, Dumbledore saw to that... well Dumbledore and the sheer inability of wizards to be physical warriors in these recent decades. Still to ignore BearClaw would cause issues for the Death Bird Clan to place younger goblins with the new accounts the Master Warrior created for new bloodlines. The needs of the Clan overwrite even BlackScars arrogance.

BearClaw smiled and spoke in the tongue of the Horde as BlackScar entered, "Lord Potter, your current Head of Accounts, BlackScar."

Harry looked up and looked BlackScar in the eye, "Tell me BlackScar, are you in league with Dumbledore?"

BlackScar smirked, "Child, you have no power here for nearly a decade, go home and come see me when you are of age."

BearClaw sighed and shook his head behind BlackScar. This will not end well, BearClaw could just see it.

Harry rose from his chair, his speech formal and grave. "BlackScar of Clan Death Bird, by your answer you have shown that my accounts mean nothing to you. Therefore I remove all accounts the flow from my blood or magic. Let a clan who understands how to care for money stand in your stead."
BlackScar laughed, "Little human child are you calling me into the Arena? You don't have the right or the power!" Just as BlackScar was going to turn his back on this young wizard and old strong voice stopped him cold.

"BlackScar of Death Bird, The Lord Potter has the Right and the Power... You will face him in an hour's time on the sands or I will see your blood burn."

There at the door stood Lord Silver, his staff of office in his hand. "Go BlackScar and prepare, for the judgement of blades is what you face.

BlackScar stormed out as the group watched. Then Lord Silver turned to Harry. "I am called Lord Silver, I am the Sorcerer Supreme for Gringotts Briton. As to why I am here, the being who is the Grim Reaper for Goblins came and warned me directly, she said something along the lines that if Justice is not enforced, all of Gringotts London will die today." Lord Silver bowed his head lightly to Harry, "Is it safe to assume Death's Favored, that my actions have stayed your call to a higher justice?"

Harry bowed to the sorcerer, "You assume correctly, let us hope that this business is behind us and we will again treat as friends." Lord Silver, BearClaw and SilverFang nodded and intoned, "So you have spoken, so shall it be."

Lord Silver sat at his desk continuing his research as darkness fell about his office. The old powerful goblin mage looked up and froze. In front of his desk stood a ancient female goblin, her eyes so old they appeared white with blindness, her hair long and tangled, not the carful manes of even the oldest matrons, fingers and nails so old and thin that they appeared more talon then anything hand like. She was wrapped in the crimson of old dead blood, so dark it was almost black, and in one talon she carried a upside down goblin goblet full of a dark red liquid, a liquid, the sorcerer knew to be goblin blood. She just stood there and waited. Lord Silver spoke, "Lady Kaliderida, what has caused to you manifest, I have not seen you for over five centuries."

The monster like goblin female grinned showing a mouth full of fangs, not a one rotted, each impeccable and sharp. Her voice a whisper within the oddly silent room, "You remember me, Sareren. I am pleased, but now is not the time for pleasantries, my Mistress's favored sits in the office of the Account Creator, about to be insulted by the Traitor to the Horde. Do not allow the Touched One to judge us as he judges Dumbledore, he has no true need for the Horde... The Horde needs him. Go my sorcerer, save your people."

The embodiment of Goblin Death faded away as the Sorcerer Supreme of Gringotts Briton grabbed his staff and teleported to just outside BearClaw's office in time to hear.

"Little human child are you calling me into the Arena? You don't have the right or the power!"
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