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How It Began

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A intro for a personal made zombie/horror story, if i get enough positive reviews i will create a sequel. Advice is appreciated and will be taken into consideration

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John POV: It all started on the Christmas morning. It’s funny really; the day of celebration quickly became the day of Armageddon. Still, I’m getting quite ahead of myself, my name is John and if you’re listening to this recording then you have made it to the first safe house. Since you’re here I can only assume that you have the necessary skills needed to survive and reach the safe zone or utopia. In an attempt to assist you I will tell you my story. The story of how my friend Chris, and I survived and rebuilt.

Jack POV: Hey, if you’re listening to this then you’ve listened to John’s theatrics. But since you managed to get here in the first place you should know and I’ll tell you how this Armageddon began. It all started with a German scientist, one who was angry that they lost World War 2. The scientist, the insane man that he was, decided to create a new means of biological warfare regardless of whether his superiors approved the project.
That was how it began and this is how the end came… The German scientist, after 6 months of research and defiling the laws of nature created a virus that when injected into a patient would destroy all higher brain functions, except for the instincts to feed. The scientist called it, the total cure but everyone else called it Nazi Rache (Nazi Revenge).
The virus worked by injecting the serum into the victim and in 3 hours they would become monsters, which carried the virus that could be transferred by contact with zombie fluids.
Enough about the virus let me tell you how and where the virus first struck. Early in the year it hit unimportant or small isolated islands, to see how the virus worked in an uncontained environment. After the total zombification of all tested locations, it hit, on Christmas the densely populated United States of America.
In which in 1 month over 60% of the local population was infected but things happened that couldn’t have been foreseen, even by the scientist…
The virus evolved, it evolved into something that nobody could possibly imagine. The so-called improved virus became airborne and affected all humans on the planet except for those with the godly luck with an immune system that could combat the virus before entered the brain.
That is how the virus came to be now let me tell you how we survived.

When the virus first hit John and I decided that we were not taking any chances. So we holed up in John’s house for a few weeks with enough food to last us a few months.
When we came out around 30% of the population was infected. But luckily for us the virus was contained for the time being. So when we left the house and learnt of the virus progress we abused our ridicules military clearance to buy as many weapons and other needed supplies that we could carry on an armoured transport car and left the city to go to the countryside.

John POV: After we got out of the countryside, we thought that we could hole up in an abandoned military bunker for a few months, until the military handled the virus, either by creating a cure or putting the infected down.
But that was not meant to be, because only a week after we got to the bunker the virus became airborne. That meant that our bunker would not be safe for long, because unfortunately for us it was abandoned. Which meant that there were openings in the bunkers defences that could be exploited by the infected. So we decided to pack up and get the hell out of there, but unfortunately, we weren’t quick enough…

Jack POV: Jack here; time to get down to business. After we got to the bunker and learned that the virus became airborne we decided to leave before our bunker was compromised by the infected. But unfortunately, time was not on our side, and we were swarmed by the infected and only barely survived the unexpected assault. But, even though we survived the assault, our victory was not without cost, we lost almost all of our emergency supplies and e were possibly infected with the disease itself.

John POV: After recovering what we could from the battlefield we, against our survival instincts stayed and mourned for several hours; about the massacre, that was caused by our hands. After we mourned we left, and travelled for several days and nights to outrun the infected. But we know that our leftover supplies, would not last for long, so we made plans, plans to enter a city and find supplies, or die trying.

Chris POV: We were scoping out the warehouse, on the outskirts of the city, when expectedly things went straight to hell. We expected resistance of course but this. We found survivors, survivors with not a hint of subtlety that decided to just rush in and get the supplies, without even checking their surroundings first. I tried to rush in and save them, but John held me back. Why, I said to him, why don’t we same them, the answer he gave me chilled me, to the bone, because there already dead John said and as if on queue the screams began, screams, that would haunt me, forever and then I realised just what was happening to the world.

John POV: After that pathetic sight I dragged Chris out of there. After that, things become difficult to say, we spent months travelling. Until we found a location that would eventually became known as utopia or the safe zone.
We spent 6 months creating utopia and along the way finding another 30 survivors. Things seemed to be finally looking up.

John POV: After creating, and securing the safe zone we made dozens of copies of this recording and left them in various safe houses to help people get to safety, people like you.
Unfortunately this is all I can tell you, telling you the specifics of our journey will put you in more danger than you realise, but if you really want to know, I will tell you the full story when you find utopia.

John & Chris POV: We’re signing off, good luck, survivor, May god watch over you and good luck on your journey.



Well thats the end of my first story
If you want a sequel place a positive give reviews
also if you want to make a sequel of your own place a review so i can show it
I've reread this story, and recently, watched the walking dead. now it seems to me that this story is now a cheap nock-of, of the walking dead. this is also the same for every single apocalyptic zombie based story I've read since then. for that reason i love/hate the walking dead i love the walking dead because it is a very good TV series but i hate it because, now, every single zombie story I've ever read is now compared for the walking dead.
Still thank you for enjoying my monologue and for that reason even if someone wants a sequel to be made it'll never be done by me but anyone else that wants to do it can do it them self.
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