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Order Up!

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Forms and shit to fill out.

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Hello again guys. I got all positive feedback on this- I'm stoaked about that. I'm leaving a form down below for you all to fill out. You can order multiples; however, I will do your first one and move onto another person. If I finish everyone else's first, then I'll move onto the seconds. Get it? Okay.
So here's the deal. If you leave something blank- I'll have to choose for you. I'm sorry. It's just that if you leave it blank, I don't know what to do! When I finish a few, I'll add a new chapter to this and put them up under your pick-up name.

Alrighty. So, here's the form- Please fill this out to completion:

Pick-up Name:
Text Font: (please gimme the link)
Text Color: (html color notation preferred)
Sub-Text: (optional)
Sub-Text Font: (please gimme the link)
Sub-Text Color: (html color notation preferred)
Background: (This is white by default. ((I create them on transparent layers, but save as white)) If you'd like a certain color, I, again, prefer an html color notation. I can jazz it up. Add some texture here. A gradient here.)
Anything else?: (ex: skulls, stars, etc. This gives me more creative room and I can fill any possible gaps. If there's already too much going on- I'll scrap this.)

By the way, The size of these are 500x300 pixels. In case you were wondering.
And, thank you guys! Sorry the form is so long, I want it to be just how you want it to be!
PS: Merry Christmas Eve (It's the 24th here) to those of you who celebrate Christmas. Those who don't- Happy (late) Holidays!

-Lilly :3

Update- I got good feedback but only one person ordered one? Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it.
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