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Snowflake Smiles

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*FRERARD ONESHOT* Deciding what to buy everyone for Christmas is always hard, but this year Frank is finding it especially difficult...

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Title: Snowflake Smiles
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: PG 13
Author: Catching-Revenge
Summary: Frank Cannot for the life of him decide what to buy Gerard for Christmas. Basically just fluff and rambling!

Snowflake Smiles

“Mikkkeeeeeyyyyyy,” I whine loudly. My best friend shoots me a withering look and sighs, I think he's just about given up on humouring me.

“What now?” He doesn’t even try to mask the annoyance in his tone. How rude! Honestly, you’d think he’d be a little more tolerant seeing as it’s early and I’m tired.

“There’s nothing here!” It’s Christmas Eve and I still haven’t bought a present for Gerard (Mikey’s brother and my best BEST friend). He’s too hard to shop for and it’s getting really annoying, I mean, we’ve been searching this record shop for almost a FIVE WHOLE MINUTES.

Mikey looks around. The shelves are stocked high and full of different records and CDs, old and new, vinyl and plastic, good and bad. The ceiling is covered in old posters for decoration and band merch hangs from the rafters ready to be taken home and loved until the end of time. There’s even a Misfits clock up there, it looks awesome, but I don’t think Gerard really needs a clock.

“Frank, there’s tons of shit Gee would love in here, what do you mean ‘there’s nothing here’?!”

“There isn’t! He doesn’t need any of this!”

“Are you serious?” Mikey glares at me, “You’ve dragged me into four comic books stores, three art stores and about five different record stores! THERE’S BEEN LIKE A THOUSAND THINGS HE COULD HAVE USED!”

I roll my eyes, “Mikey, shhhhh! You’re being all loud.”
He blinks and stands there for a moment, then grabs my wrist and pulls me out of the shop muttering angrily about how irritating I can be. Wow, such a delightful thing to hear from your best friend!


Dogs are so cute! I want one so bad, how cool would that be, aww!

I look up to see Mikey staring at me, then I realise I must have actually been rambling about dogs out loud. Oops.

“Come on, we’re going in here,” Mikey drags me into the last record store in town and I can’t help but think this is going to make no difference because I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO GET GERARD.

“Urgh, Mikeeeyyyy, this is pointless! Can’t I just bake him a cake or something?!”


“Why not?”

“Because last time you baked you splattered chocolate all over your mom’s kitchen and gave Bob food poisoning.”

“…” I think for a moment and decide he has a point, then wander over to the ‘S’ section. Maybe I’ll find some Smashing Pumpkin CDs there.

I’ve been looking for about two minutes, and I’m honestly about to give up, when I hear what’s playing on the radio.

“Last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears I’ll…”

I groan and slap my mitten covered hands over my ears. Christmas music is so cheesy.

“Christmas music is so cheesy,” I tell Mikey. He just makes a humming sound and nods as if he’s listening. I sigh.

“…I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying "I love you"
I meant it
Now I know what a fool I've been
But if you kissed me now
I know you'd fool me again…”

Why does Christmas music have to be so incredibly cheddar like? I mean, I know it’s all part of the Christmas spirit and everything, but seriously, can’t somebody write a non-cheesy Christmas song? Just for once?!

It’s so cheesy you could use it as a topping on pizza.


“COME ON MIKEY, TIME TO GO!” I grab him before he can actually consider buying the Anthrax album he’d been looking at.

---The Next Day. Plan Give-Gee-The-Most-awesome-Fantabulous-Incredible-Gift-Ever is ago. ---

It’s snowing outside, it looks absolutely breath taking. That doesn’t mean I’m not glad to be inside the Way’s house because it’s warm and I’d rather not be the next Frosty The Snowman. Actually I’d be Frankie The Snowman, but never mind that.

I feel somebody tap me on the shoulder and turn around. Gerard stands in front of me beaming with his wide eyes and pretty smile. My stomach does that fuzzy thing it’s been doing a lot around him lately, it’s kind of off-putting, but I forget about it when he holds up a bright red and gold (badly) wrapped present.

“Sorry about the wrapping,” He says sheepishly, “I don’t think the sellotape agreed with me.

“Aw, thanks man!” I take the present and begin unwrapping it slowly while Gerard bounces slightly in front of me.

My eyes widen at the sight before me.
It’s amazing, it’s fantastic, and it’s better than my present. Dammit Gerard!

I hold it up.
It’s a guitar pick on a chain, but not just any guitar pick, it’s got a small picture of me and Gerard two years ago- when we were fifteen- on our annual camping trip to the woods. It’s always been my favourite picture of us, and I’ve made a point of mentioning so before. We’re sat in a tree with ridiculous goofy grins on our faces, all hunched up together and laughing while Ray took the photograph.

I loom up to his face; he’s smiling hopefully at me.

“I know it’s not much, but-“ I cut him off before he can finish with a giant hug that ends with us landing on the floor.

“IT’S GREAT! I LOVE IT!” My hearts kind of exploding with happiness and when I look up I see Bob, Ray and Mikey standing there staring at us. Mikey’s got one eyebrow raised, Ray’s got an adorable little ‘Awwww’ face on and Bob’s kind of smirking in a way that I’m not sure what he’s actually suggesting. Then I remember my present for Gerard.

“C’mon Gee,” I take his hand, pull him up and drag him outside onto the front porch.

“Okay,” I say as he sits on the little wall, “I couldn’t think of what to get you and it took ages, so this might not be great.”

I pick up my guitar and start to play. I watch my best friend’s face as I sing directly to him. He smiles happily at me and I think maybe I’ve actually done well.

The melody comes out so purely, I feel so right singing it, my heart feels full and everything’s good in the world.

When I finish the song, I’ve barely put the guitar down before Gerard’s enveloped me in a hug. I inhale the familiar scent of coffee and pencil sharpenings, and then I sort of just melt into the hug.

“Thanks Frankie,” Gerard speaks softly into my ear, “Best. Present. Ever.”

I smile; songs are better than cheap gifts anyway.

As we pull away from the hug I spot something above us, a flash of green and white.


“Um…” I can’t quite decide what to say right then.

“Oh,” Gerard spots it, “Well um… I guess we just…”

Suddenly I feel his lips on mine. It’s not like in books and movies, no fireworks go off, doves don’t get released from cages and choirs of angels don’t sing, but it’s perfect. All I can feel is the gentle movement of Gerard’s lips against mine, his warm body pressed up against me, fighting off the bitter cold of outside. I know I’ve wanted this for a long time.

I can’t help but feel a strong tug of disappointment as he pulls away, but then he rests his forehead on mine.

“You kissed back,” He says, as if surprised by that fact.

“Yeah,” I say, feeling myself turn slightly red.

“I thought you’d run.”

“Why would I run?”

He shrugs.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to kiss you like that, Gee,” I say quietly. When I look up our eyes meet and he’s smiling that gorgeous smile he saves only for me.

“Thank god,” And then he kisses me again.

Snow continues to fall and carollers sing from down the streets, but I don’t notice. All I care about is I’ve got everything I ever could have wanted.
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