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So xxMikeyxx I have started your one-shot and I keep working, it should be up by tomorrow...

atomickilljoy, I was so stressed from writing all this stuff that Penina (THANK GOD, THANK YOU PENINA :'D) has written the first part for me so once I've finished xxMikeyxx's I can write yours.

I don't know if Tiara will see this so I'll email her...

And Sam, I don't know if you're reading this either, but do you mind if your one-shot is late?

Basically, if I was way too tired to write your one-shot would you guys be really upset? Or if I like posted it in pieces? I don't know if I can write tomorrow. If I can then I'll write them tomorrow but if not, how disappointed would you be? ;/

Love Hozzie
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