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Secret Santa One Shot

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Merry Christmas!

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I know it's a little early, but I wasn't sure if was gonna get the chance to post it on Christmas!

Secret Santa One-Shot

For Sam41

Kass drummed her bored seventeen year old fingers against the counter of the merch booth. “I’m so bored,” she said to really no one. Kass’s silver-blue eyes shone through the fluorescent lights and she looked nearly ghost like with how pale her skin was.

Kass was leaned over the counter in her band tee and skinny jeans watching the clock tick slowly on Christmas Eve. She really loved My Chemical Romance and she was glad she had dream job selling their merch at their shows. She had been lucky to have gotten the job especially since she was only seventeen, but this was ridiculous. There was no one there and wouldn’t be there for hours because they were made to open the booth at ten in the morning. She hadn’t seen the band yet that morning and she and Blaine were hanging in the booth waiting impatiently for the show to start.

“Merry Christmas, Kass,” Blaine’s dark eyes smiled as he handed Kass his gift to her.

Kass was surprised; all she had gotten Blaine was a toaster for his and Nate’s new apartment. Blaine was a cousin of Tristan Iero and Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance. He volunteered to help in the merch booth every so often and he like Kass. She had spunk, as he would put it.

“You didn’t have to get me anything,” Kass said as she torn the wrapping paper off the present. “I love it!” It was a mini replica of Bob Bryar’s drum kit that he was using during this particular tour. The Black Parade tour, it was December 2006. She was amazed by the gift. It was so thoughtful.

Blaine smiled warmly and mimicked Kass’s position against the counter, “it was the least I could do, since we are both stuck her on Christmas Eve.”

Kass nudged him and giggled a bit to herself over the mini drum set. “This is going to be a long day,” Kass sighed and ran her hands through her long black hair with golden highlights.

Meanwhile backstage:

“Come on Bob, come out of there,” Ray sighed as he banged on the bathroom door, “you have been in there for nearly an hour, bud.”

“Go the fuck away, man! Before I puke on you!” Bob half choked and half screamed at Ray through the bathroom door.

Frank walked up, clearly just woken up and asked, “What the fuck is wrong with him?”

Tristan leaned up against the wall next to the bathroom door and answered, “I think he’s sick. He’s been throwing up.” Tristan crossed her arms over her chest and waited for Bob to come out.

Mikey was sitting across from the door and asked, “So what do we do?”

Gerard huffed and said, “Well Jake is sick and now Bob is sick. So without the drum tech and the drummer, we are screwed.”

“We could always use a track or Tristan maybe could play,” Ray spoke up.

“Oh come on guys, I don’t want to be behind the kit,” Tristan whined. She knew she was letting her boys down, but she couldn’t be wild behind the kit like she could be when out on the stage with her guitar.

“No one is forcing you to play, Tristan,” Gerard chimed in to stop a fight between his band members. That was the last thing they needed.

“Merry fucking Christmas to us,” Mikey sighed.

“Not so fast, guys,” Tristan reacted as if a light bulb went off over her head. “I know a drummer who defiantly knows all the songs and would be more than willing to help us out.” All eyes were on Tristan, questioningly. “Kass.”

Merch Booth:

The radio rang out over the silence, “Kassper you are needed backstage. Report to the band.”

Kass looked over at Blaine with a puzzled look on her face and turned on her converse heel and made her way to the backstage area of the venue.


“Oh Kass,” Tristan’s five foot tall self ran up to Kass and hugged her. Kass was nearly a head taller than Tristan and she giggled to herself about how short Tristan really was. “You are gonna die when I ask you what I need to ask you!”

Kass was freaking out that Tristan Iero was hugging her and that the rest of My Chemical Romance were standing like ten feet from her in their Black Parade costumes and were all staring at her. She was scared and excited at the same time.

“What is it?” Kass asked when Tristan let go of her.

Gerard stepped forward and asked, “Would you play drums for us? For tonight’s show? Bob is sick and Jake the tech is sick. We need your help.”

Tristan added, “Plus Blaine tells us you are pretty good.”

Kass looked at each one of their faces in surprise. She was mulling the question over in her mind, already knowing what she was going to say. She just wanted to stand in a room a little bit longer with her favorite band. This was surreal and she was taking it all in.

Frank sighed, “So what’s it going to be, love?”

Kass couldn’t take him calling her “love”. It was crazy how amazing it made her feel and she finally smiled and answered, “Of course!”

Tristan squealed and hugged Kass again.

Christmas Eve Night, On Stage during the Black Parade Tour:

Gerard paraded around the stage like the diva he was. Tristan was wild on the guitar along with Frank. Ray was head banging like crazy and Mikey stood in place and played the bass with grace. All things were going smoothly. Kass’s skills on the drums were fantastic as promised.

Kass couldn’t believe she was playing live on stage with My Chemical Romance. She played her heart out. Every beat in time with the guitars and she even threw in some fancy moves. She was sweating bullets and her hair was matted to her head, but she felt beautiful and strong.

“Before we close tonight’s show, I would like to introduce everyone to our savior of the night, KASSPER!!!” Gerard rang out. “She has done a fucking great job! Everyone give her a fucking cheer for saving this fucking show!!” Gerard crooned at the crowd. “Kassper, take a fucking bow, sugar!”

Kass stood up and the crowd cheered for her. She bowed and they cheered louder. She didn’t know she could be this happy, but she was so happy.

“Merry fucking Christmas everyone!” Gerard cried!
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