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Rose finally goes with Pete to get the help that she needs, but she's sick and suffering from a near breakdown.

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I started therapy after two days in the hospital. I haven't had any pills since the day before that incident. Petey went with me on the first day. He held my hand in the car. He even kissed me on the head.

"It'll be okay," he whispered. I didn't respond. My face just stared out the window the whole time. I felt sick.

"Stop the car," I whimpered. Petey kept his eyes on the road.

"Sorry?" he asked.

"Stop the car!" I yelled. Petey to a stop and I leapt out of the Tahoe.

"Rosy?" I heard behind me. I just gave into vomiting before his words fully hit my ear. What made it worse was I didn't have anything in my stomach. I mean, nothing. Petey reached forward to pat me on the back, but I pushed him away. I rocked back on the side of the road.

"I want to die," I murmured. Petey patted me on the back.

"You'll be okay after we get you help," he whispered. I didn't respond to him in those long seconds.

"I want to go home," I whispered. Petey only hugged me.

We made in there just minutes before got to the psychiatric place. I stood before the glass doors, trembling.

"I don't want to do this," I mumbled. Petey held my hand.

"I'll go in with you," he said. "Is that okay?" I kept my eyes on the ground. I want to go home.

The time between going inside and waving crawled right by me. I tried to keep my eyes downwards. Petey patted me on the shoulder.

"I'm here for you," he whispered.

"Can you please not talk?" I asked. He only nodded.

"Alright," he said. I huddled up in my chair.

Suddenly, we heard the door open.

"Rose James!" I heard someone call out. Petey nudged me in the arm.

"Come on," he said. "Let's go." I didn't budge. He had to pull me to my feet and walk me over to the door. I heard him whisper something to the nurse.

"Yes, that's fine," she said. Petey dragged me along further down the hall. My stomach hurts and I want to go home.

"Right this way," the lady said. I felt my body dragged further down the hall. Petey didn't let go of my hand the whole time. He nuzzled me on the ear at one point.

"I'll stay during your first session, okay?" he offered. I didn't really care by this point. What did it matter?

"I feel sick," I whispered. Petey patted me on the arm.

"Hold on," he said. "We're almost there." My lips trembled as I heard him push open the door. I want to get back to normal, but I feel like running away right now. Petey took me into the room and sat me on the couch.

"I won't leave you, okay?" he whispered to me. I only huddled up my knees to my chest again. I still feel sick and I still want to go home.

The door opened at ten o'clock from last I remembered in my sick state.

She's Afraid of a Light in the Dark
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