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I know what you guys are thinking.
Who has Amy written for??????????????????????
Is it me?
Is it someone else?
I think it’s time we all found out!
So prepare!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=D =D =D =D =D =D =D
Dolly’s POV
“Wake up Baby Doll! It’s Christmas Eve!” Frank yelled.
I groaned and rolled over.
“Get up!” he shouted hitting me with a pillow.
“Frank! I’m gonna kill you!” I screamed.
I jumped onto him and pinned him to the floor.
“No please! I surrender!” He whimpered shutting his eyes.
I sighed and rolled off him and lay on the floor.
“Why have you woken me at…six in the morning!” I yelled as I looked at the clock.
“Cause I couldn’t get back to sleep and I couldn’t wait to see my best friend,” he said hugging me.
I smiled and hugged him back.
“Sweet Frank, but don’t you think you could wait for an hour more or two,” I mumbled.
“No, Gerard and Mikey are throwing a Christmas Eve party and we’re invited and I know how long you take in the bathroom,” he said.
I groaned.
“Fair enough,” I mumbled.
Frank grinned.
“I’m gonna make breakfast,” he said.
“Don’t set foot in that kitchen! You’ll either burn it to the ground or get a frying pan and smash my head!” I yelled.
“It was an accident! You made me play Slender! I thought it was Slendy coming to kill me!” He exclaimed.
“Slendy doesn’t kill people, he just wants to give them a big hug!” I exclaimed hugging myself.
Frank rolled his eyes and walked out.
“Don’t endanger my life!” I screamed.
I slowly rolled off the bed onto the floor.
I slowly pulled myself up and picked up my red contacts.
I put them in and blinked a few times.
“One hundred percent evil and ready to go,” I said smiling at my reflection.
Frank’s POV
I hummed to myself as I loaded Dolly’s plate up.
“BOO!” someone shouted jumping onto my back.
I gave a scream of fright
“Hehe! Frankie you scream like a little girl!” Dolly giggled.
“I do not!” I yelled.
She got off my back and sat in her chair.
“Yes you do!” She exclaimed.
I rolled my eyes and sat down.
“Ooooo, chocolate chip pancakes!” Dolly exclaimed taking a big bite.
I smiled and ate some of mine.
As she finished she glanced at the clock.
“Ah shit, I need to get to work,” she said standing up.
“Why are you working on Christmas eve?” I asked.
“Cause I do, I promise I’ll be back in time for the party,” she said slipping on her jacket.
“Fine,” I said.
She smiled and hugged me.
“See ya Frankie!” she exclaimed skipping out the door.
Dolly’s POV
2 hours later…
I slowly entered my house and dragged two large black bags inside.
I looked around checking if anyone was home and quickly dragged the bags into the basement.
I unzipped the bags and hung up my ‘Puppets’.
I looked around the room and saw twenty hanging around me.
I smiled, as I was proud of my collection.
I pulled gently on one of the hanging ropes and watching one of the puppets arm raise.
I grinned and pulled more ropes and watched the arms and legs of the puppets move around.
“Shit,” I muttered.
I quickly ran out the basement, locked the door and found Frank in the kitchen.
“Hi,” I said.
“Hey…what’s that on your hands?” he asked.
I looked at the red that painted my hands.
“Oh, some little kid thought it was Halloween instead of Christmas,” I said.
“Well, why’d don’t you go and get cleaned up, we’ll be leaving soon,” he said.
“Okay,” I replied skipping up the stairs.
That was too close…
1 hour later…
I slowly walked down the stairs wearing my black and red strapless dress.
Frank looked up and his eyes widened.
“Dolly…you look…amazing…” he said.
I blushed slightly and tucked my hair behind my ear.
“Thanks Frankie,” I said.
He smiled and took my hand.
“Let’s go,” he said.
It was a short walk to Gerard and Mikey’s house and you could hear the music blazing from a mile away.
Frank gently knocked on the door and it instantly flew open.
“FRANK! DOLLY!” Gerard exclaimed lifting me up and spinning me around.
I giggled and hugged him.
“Hey Gee,” I said.
“Come in! Come in! This party is a blast!” Gerard exclaimed dragging us in the house.
I looked around and the house was packed.
“Mikey! Take that fork out the toaster!” Gerard yelled running into the kitchen.
I giggled as I watched Mikey and Gerard battle with a fork.
“Come on let’s dance!” Frank exclaimed dragging me into the other room.
The music changed to Dance, Dance.
“Frankie! Do your Pete Wentz impression!” I exclaimed.
“No!” He yelled.
“Please! For me!” I said giving him puppy dog eyes.
“Fine okay then,” he said.
(A/N Imagine the dance, dance video and you’ll get what I mean)
I watched as Frank moved to the centre of the dance floor and started dancing.
I giggled as I watched him as he smoothly moved on the dance floor.
Gerard, Bob, Ray and Mikey joined in with him and I smiled.
As they finished I ran up to Frank and leaped into his arms.
“That was amazing!” I exclaimed.
Frank smiled and hugged me.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it Baby Doll,” he said hugging me.
I grinned and hugged him tightly.
Me and Frank slowly walked down the street trying not to fall asleep.
As we arrived outside my house he smiled.
“Well, I had a great time Dolly,” he said.
“Me too,” I said smiling.
He stared at me for a second and edged closer to me.
My lip trembled as he came closer.
“Wait…” I said.
“What’s wrong Baby Doll?” he asked.
I grabbed his hand and dragged him inside my house.
“Frank, I need to show you something,” I said unlocking the basement door.
He looked slightly frightened.
I walked down the steps slowly and he followed behind.
I walked into the room and his breathing faltered.
“W-What?” he said looking at all the bodies hanging around the room.
“This is my job Frank…” I muttered.
He stared a little longer.
“I need to think this through,” he said running up the stairs and out the house.
I just stood there for a second then walked into the living room and lay down on the couch.
Christmas day
I heard footsteps enter the room slowly and I looked up and saw Frank standing there.
“Frank I-”
He cut me off by pressing his lips to mine.
I kissed him back and he slowly pulled away.
“Dolly, I have always loved you and no matter what I always will,” he said.
I looked at him and hugged him.
“I love you too Frank,” I whispered.
He stroked my back gently.
“Merry Christmas Dolly Blackheard,” he whispered.
“Merry Christmas Frank Iero,” I whispered back.
He kissed me again and it was the sweetest kiss imaginable.
And he always kissed me that way, forever more…
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