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"Where are we going Daddy?" Mia asked as she held tightly onto her Dad's hand. They were walking towards the mall.

"You'll see when we get there." Frank smiled.

Frank wanted Mia to have a perfect Christmas this year. Last year had been fun of course and Mia had loved all her presents but it hadn't been special. So Frank was going to try his hardest to make Mia's Christmas rememarable this year.

He took her through the mall until they made it to a large line. Frank groaned, not realising the queue would be so long 'It's okay,' He told himself 'You still have plenty of time.'

"Why are we in this massive queue?" Mia asked him.

Frank sighed. Sometimes he wished Mia's Mom was still around but she'd cleared off years ago and they hadn't heard off of her since. Mia didn't even seem to remember her anymore. So Frank tried his best to be a decent Dad for her. But it was hard raising her by himself. He tried to remain positive though. Sometimes that was easy. Mia was an extremely sweet girl who understood that her Dad was going through a hard time. Even if things did get too hard then he had amazing friends who were always there for him.

"You'll see when we get to the front." Frank replied "You'll like it though, I promise. And if your legs get too tired then just tell me and I'll hold you, okay?"

"My legs kinda hurt already." Mia lied, shuffling around.

Frank laughed "I can't hold you the whole time." Mia made puppy dog eyes at him that Frank just couldn't resist. He smiled and picked his daughter up "You're so lazy." Mia giggled.

It took an hour until they finally made it to the front of the queue. Mia looked at the cottage in front of her, decorated in fake snow and beautiful Christmas decorations "Are we here to see Santa?" Mia cried "Daddy, are we gonna see Santa?"

"Yep, you guessed it." Frank smiled. Mia shrieked as if she were about to meet someone extremely famous "I take it your excited?"

"I'm very excited!" Mia jumped up and down excitedly "I get to tell Santa what I want for Christmas and he'll get it for me, right?"

"Of course he will." Frank replied, running his fingers over Mia's head "He'll get you whatever you want." Frank had it all planned out. Mia was going to tell Santa what she wanted, Frank would buy it for her and say it was from Santa. He was gonna do that while Mia went to his best friend Gerard's house to make Christmas cookies ready for Christmas Day. Frank loved Christmas cookies but sucked at baking them. He was no where near as good as Gerard so Gerard agreed to bake them but Mia had volunteered to help which Frank was thankful about.

"Next in line please." A woman in an elf costume smiled "Aww aren't you cute?"

Mia blushed and smiled. Frank paid the woman and then walked inside to Santa's grotto. Mia squealled excitedly and ran over to Santa who was sitting in the corner of the room. Santa pulled her onto his lap and smiled at her "Hello then little girl, what's your name?"

"I'm Mia." Mia giggled and looked extremely happy.

"And have you been a good girl this year?"

"I tried my bestest."

Santa chuckled "And what would you like for Christmas?"

Mia thought for a long moment before saying "I think that for Christmas I'd quite like a Mommy. I think Daddy would like it if I had a Mommy too. He gets pretty lonely sometimes. If we had a Mommy, he wouldn't be as lonely and she would make me cookies and give me hugs like my friends Mommy's. So please can I have one too Santa? For me and my Daddy?"

Frank didn't know what to say. Neither did Santa by the looks of it. In the end, he just stuttered "Well I'll certainly see what I can do. But in the end, you have a lovely Daddy, don't you?"

"He's the best." Mia smiled "Which is why I wanna make him happy."

Santa nodded, handed Mia a wrapped up present and said he'd work on it. Frank gulped. How was he meant to give Mia a perfect Christmas when her perfect present was impossible to get?

She took her Dad's hand as they left "There Daddy. Now we'll both have a great Christmas." Frank nodded without saying a word. Well he was fucked now.

He drove Mia round to Gerard's. Mia ran off to see Lyn-z while Frank hung back to talk to Gerard "So what are you gonna get her?" Gerard asked.

"Well, she told Santa that she wants a Mommy." Frank groaned "And the fucking Santa guy didn't even help me out by saying he couldn't get it. He just said he'd see what he could do. What the fuck? Now I'm the one who's gotta break it to her. It's gonna crush her."

"No it won't, depending on how you do it." Gerard said "You're good with words Frank. Even if your Twitter account suggests otherwise." Frank smiled and rolled his eyes "And you know Mia better than anyone so you'll be able to get her a present she loves. Then on Christmas Day, if she brings up the Mom situation, just tell her the truth."

"What is the truth though Gee? That I think I'm gonna die alone. That's the real trurth."

"You'll think of something." Gerard smiled "Now I've got a date with a little girl. She wants us to make Christmas cookies together. Cute."

"Just 'cos I can't make them." Frank grinned "I'll see you later. Thanks for agreeing to take care of her by the way."

"No problem."

Frank walked round the shopping centre. He'd got things for Mia like princess dolls, My Little Pony DVDs, a Pinkie Pie teddy and other random stuff that he knew she'd like. But he still felt guilty that he couldn't get her what she truly wanted. He went into ASDA picked up loads of sour candy and chocolate for her to eat the next day. Maybe he could get her so hyper that she wouldn't even notice?

Then he picked up things for their Christmas dinner. Mia wasn't keen on eating vegetables and turkey so he decided to just cook her what she wanted. She'd asked if she could just have a large plate of chicken nuggets. Well why shouldn't she have what she wanted for Christmas? Frank winced. She wouldn't get what she wanted on Christmas day. Not really.

He brought the chicken nuggets and a large chocolate cake. Way too large for two people really. He sighed. Being single had been bringing him down but he hadn't realised it was getting to Mia as well. It must be upsetting being the only girl at her primary school without a Mom. Frank had noticed when he went to pick her up after school every day. All the other kids ran out and found their Mothers waiting for them. Frank was the only Father.

Once he'd brought everything, he drove home and started wrapping up the presents and putting the food away. He put the presents under the tree and looked around. It looked Christmassey and sweet. Him and Mia had decorated it together.

'Oh well,' Frank thought 'At least when I'm single I have more time for just me and Mia.'

He drove back to Gerard's house to pick up Mia who had a tub of Christmas cookies in her arms "What do you say to Gerard?" Frank asked her.

"Thank you GeeGee." Mia smiled, hugging Gerard's leg with one of her arms while the other held onto the cookies tightly.

"You're welcome Sugar." Gerard grinned, bending down and giving her a kiss on the cheek "Have a great Christmas."

"I will." Mia told him "You'll never guess what Santa's gonna bring me."

Gerard swallowed and Frank lifted Mia up quickly and said "We'd better be going then. You have a great Christmas Gerard."

"We will." Gerard nodded and shut the door.

Frank carried Mia and strapped her into her car seat "Daddy..." Mia said "Can I stay up late with you tonight please? I won't be able to sleep anyway. We can eat the Christmas cookies!"

"Well I let you last year." Frank smiled, getting into the drivers seat "We can watch Christmas movies just like we did last year."

"Yeah and eat Christmas cookies!" Mia giggled "I love you Daddy."

"Love you too Mia."

They stayed up late watching little kids Christmas movies. Mia sat on Frank's lap and munched her way through five cookies while Frank ate two "We need to leave a cookie for Santa." Mia told Frank when he said it was time for her to go to bed "And a cup of milk." She ran into the kitchen "He's going to bring us the best present ever so we need to leave him a thank you note. Can I write one for him please?"

"I suppose so." Frank bit his lip as he watched Mia fill a glass of milk and placed it next to the plate of cookies. She got out a big sheet of paper and Frank helped her write 'Thank you Santa love Mia xoxo' on it. She folded it up and put it down next to the plate "Time for bed now." Frank told her, lifting her up and carrying her up to her bedroom.

When he tucked her in, Mia asked "What did you think she'll be like?"

"What who will be like?"

"My new Mommy. What will she be like?"

Frank took a deep breath "I don't know Sweetheart."

"Will she be nice?"

"I suppose so." Frank smiled weakly "Come on, get some sleep now." Mia instantly closed her eyes tightly "Goodnight Beautiful." He kissed her forehead and then left the room.

He sighed as he shut Mia's bedroom door "What the hell am I supposed to do?" He whispered, going down into the living room. He took a look at the stuff Mia had left for Santa. As usual, he tok a bite out of the cookie and drank all the milk so that Mia would think Santa had done it. And then he looked at her note. He read it. Then he read it again. He kept on reading it until finally he fell asleep on the sofa.

Frank was woken up by Mia leaping on him and yelling "DADDY! IT'S CHRISTMAS!"

Frank's eyes fluttered open and he smiled at Mia "Merry Christmas Sweetie." He cuddled her close and kissed her cheek.

Mia wriggled away "I want my presents!" She smiled at him, showing the cute gap in her teeth where one of them had fallen out.

Frank laughed "Of course you do. Come on then, here you are."

She opened her presents and loved every single last one of them. Frank opened his presents from Mia. A prince and princess doll made out of the toilet roll cardboard, cotton buds and thread. A drawing of him and her. And then a Misfits tee shirt that Gerard had obviously brought for him but it was off of Mia "Thank you so much Beautiful, I love them all." Frank hugged her.

"Let's watch the My Little Pony DVDs!" Mia cried, leaping up and putting her new DVD into the player.

Once all the DVDs were finished, it was lunch time so they went into the dining room as Frank served it all up "A large plate of chicken nuggets for my favourite girl in the whole world."

They ate in silence until Mia finally asked "Daddy... Santa didn't get me my Mommy."

Frank took a deep breath "I know he didn't."

"Well why not?" Mia pouted "It was all I wanted this year and I tried really hard to be good."

"You were good all year. But..." Frank sighed "Santa couldn't bring you a Mom."

"Why couldn't he? I thought Santa could do anything."

"He certainly tries his best. But Santa can't bring you a Mom. That's not how it works I'm afraid." Frank smiled "I'd have to meet someone. Someone who I love. And someone who you loved too. Santa can't just bring you one."

"Oh." Mia frowned.

"But it's okay." Frank stood up, walked over to her chair and bent down next to her "Because we have each other, okay? I'll take care of you. You'll take care of me. You make me happy everyday, you know that right?"


"Of course you do. You're my baby girl!" Frank hugged her "And when you do get a Mommy, whether it be tomorrow or in ten years, you'll make her happy too."

"I love you Daddy."

"I love you too Mia."

[A/N] - I hope you liked it Mia :D MERRY CHRISTMAS - I AM YOUR SECRET SANTA :3
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