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Secret Santa Oneshot

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Happy Christmas, my beautiful babies. :D

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It was Christmas morning and for once, all was calm in New Jersey. With all the children and murderers inside, celebrating the holiday, Belleville was quiet. Well, mostly quiet anyway. Leaves rustled in the wind and crunched under the wrath of an angry girl's boots. The girl enjoyed the quiet. It let her think and in her anger, thinking was exactly what she needed to do. She couldn't believe they were making her leave. Did they not know how hard it was for her to settle here? For the record, it was really fucking hard. The girl huffed, causing steam to float out of her mouth like it was flowing from her ears. She just needed to calm down. For once, she was glad that her boyfriend, Mikey, wasn't with her. As much as loved him, she needed the quiet right now, not Mikey's bubbly, talkative self.

"BECCA!" You could physically see the girl, obviously Becca, cringe at her silence being destroyed by the joyful cry. She shoved her dark purple bangs out of her face in a very frustrated manner. She wheeled around to face the voice that she would know anywhere.

"Mikey! I have told you several times to not to call me that. It's Missy. Not Becca." Missy, not Becca, pinched the bridge of her nose as if she was dealing with a toddler.

Mikey smeared on a playful grin and put up his hands in a sense of surrender. "Whatever you say Beck-Beck."

Missy growled and looked at Mikey with fire in her eyes. Mikey wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Who lit the fuse on your tampon?" Missy pushed off his arm moodily. "Oh, c'mon Becca, you know I'm just messing with you."

Missy shrugged off his arm that had snaked it's way around her shoulders once again and continued walking down the snow covered streets. Mikey twirled in circles beside her.

"It's Christmas, Becca! You can't be upset like this on Christmas." Mikey looked over at the girl he loved more than anything and froze mid twirl when he saw tears running down her face. "Oh, Becca, I'm sorry! You can be mad if you want. Don't be sad, though. Don't cry. Please! No sad tears on Christmas."

Mikey cautiously walked over to his girlfriend and pulled her into a hug. "C'mon, Beck. Hug me back. You love hugs, I know you do."

Mikey smiled as Missy slowly wrapped her arms around him. "That's my girl. Now, tell me what's wrong."


Mikey put his finger under Missy's chin and pulled her face up as to actually hear her. "There. Now, what?"

"My par-parents are maki-king me-e," She took a second to collect herself. "My parents are making me move back to Scotland." Missy quickly buried her face back into Mikey's chest. Mikey tightened his arms around his girlfriend. His best friend, his only friend. His one true love. She was leaving. He would never get the chance to properly tell her his feelings or give her the present that went along with it. She was going to Scotland. He would probably never see her again. Her parents couldn't do that. She was his. He was hers. They went together. Not one without the other. He needed her. What would he do without his Beck-Beck?

"When are you leaving?" Mikey whispered calmly, giving no hint to his inner chaos.

"To-today. I'm leaving today."

"TODAY?! You can't leave today. It's Christmas, Becca." His voice broke on her name. Mikey had now followed Missy's actions and was letting all his inner turmoil come out and steam up his glasses.

"Aw, c'mon Mikes. No sad tears on Christmas, remember?" Missy took off his glasses, wiped the tears from his face, and gave him a weak smile. "It'll be okay."

"How could it be ok-kay? You're leaving."

"We can write letters to each other. We can Skype or however us crazy kids keep in touch these days." Mikey gave a watery smile and a nod.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing that Mikey had found her wandering the streets. Yeah, despite the tears, it was definitely a good thing. At least now she had gotten to say goodbye to him. Now, however, Missy was exhausted. All the walking and swinging emotions had left her absolutely drained. Even when her furious mother pulled alongside the loving more than best friends, Missy couldn't produce any anger at her for making her leave what had become her home. Mikey just had that calming effect on her.

"I love you, Mikey."

"Love you too, Becca. Love you too."

She placed his glasses back on him and hugged him once more, never wanting to let go. He kissed her for what was believed to be the last time.

10 years later

It was snowing in Scotland. A girl who's purple hair dye was now long gone, was out twirling in the snowflakes in a way that reminded her so much of her old best friend turned lover. Mikey always loved the snow. Missy missed Mikey. Her boy calling her Becca had always annoyed her, but now she would give anything to hear the loving nickname again.

"BECCA!" Missy squinted through the snow, seeing nothing. She decided it must be her reminiscent wishes playing cruel tricks on her. She sighed and continued to twirl in the cold.

A hand was placed on her shoulder causing her to jump and land quite ungracefully in the snow.

"Beck-Beck?" A familiar voice rang out cheerfully. Missy squinted again to see the curiousity in the bright green eyes of the stranger. But this was no stranger. The always shining, green eyes of the only boy she had ever loved, who she was forced to leave behind when she was 15, hovered over her, growing with concern. She blinked a few times just to make sure he wouldn't disappear.

"You okay there? Oh tell tell me you are Rebecca Black 'cause if you're not then this is really fuckin' awkward."

"No-no! It's me, Becca. Your Becca. I'm okay. I just- ...why are in Scotland, Mikey?"

Mikey offered a hand to her and hauled her up into a hug. "Well, I maybe, kinda, sorta, actually have been coming here every Christmas since you left." He blushed before grinning again, "I never got to give you your Christmas present all those years ago."

Mikey reached into the pocket of his grey coat before burying one knee in the snow. He held up a little red box and popped open the lid to reveal a beautiful chocolate diamond ring that matched her eyes, which were currently wide with shock.

"M-Mi-Missy. I love you. I know it was so long ago and we were so young, but I haven't stopped loving you since we were fifteen. Please marry me?"

Seconds that seemed like an eternity passed. Missy stood staring up at the star speckled sky, making Mikey even more nervous than he was. He pulled her down by the hand to kneel in the snow with him so he could see her eyes. Her eyes always gave her emotions away, but then again Mikey didn't always read them right. He saw that there were tears building up and making their way down her cold reddened cheeks.

"Oh Missy, don't cry! Please! No sad tears on Christmas." He hastily wiped them away with his gloved fingers.

Missy giggled and batted his hands away, "No, Mikey. There are no sad tears. These are tears of happiness."

" what does that mean, Missy?"

Missy watched the snowflakes fall and coat everything in white, including the two old friends, one of which was getting increasingly more worried and hurt as the silence stretched on.

Missy looked directly into Mikey's nervous green eyes and held his shaking hand tighter. "Don't call me Missy. I'm your Becca. Your Beck-Beck. Yours. "


"Yours. Your Becca. Now, your fianceé. I'll always be yours."

Mikey, also known as the happiest man alive, scooped up Mis-ahem, Becca into his arms and swung her around in the falling snow. He brought her down and rested his forehead against hers. His breath warming her nose as he spoke, "I've always been yours."


"And forever."

Becca sighed and snuggled into Mikey. "Merry Christmas, Mikey."

"Merry Christmas, Becca."
He kissed her for what would definitely not be the last time.
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