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Ficwad Secret Santa: For one week only

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Here is my story for the Ficwad secret santa!! ENJOY!! :D

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Well Hello!! Here is my one shot to MissAbbieHudson as part of the Ficwad Secret Santa! Even if this isn’t your one shot, please feel free to read it!

Sorry if it isn’t the best, I am not the best writer in the world, but I try… :D

Aura was sat in the living area of My Chemical Romance’s tour bus. Her orange, feline eyes were glittering with excitement and apprehension. She shifted her position slightly, flicking her long, layered hair behind her shoulder and straightened out the creases in her purple skinny jeans, cursing her hourglass figure as her belt dug painfully into her tiny waist. She looked over to the venue manager who had brought her to the bus and gave her a grin.

Aura had won a prize draw two weeks ago and she was still getting her head around the fact that during their tour of England, MCR had chosen to let one fan tour with them for a week. She had decided that there was nothing to lose and entered. The next day she was told via e-mail that she had won. There was a video of Frank and Gerard going way over exited.

Frank: Hey Aura! Congrats on winning!! We are all really excited about you joining us!
Gerard: But before you do, we just need you to know a few things… Like where you will sleep, where you will change, all the legal stuff, and the hardships of living on a tour bus.
Frank: Yeah, you will have a bunk on the bus with us, but we have a bunk above the driver that has a proper plastic screen that goes across it and a ladder leading up to it. The screen is frosted so nobody can see through it. It is supposed to be the driver’s but we have a few so we can travel non-stop and they all share a separate bus. You will have this bunk as it is a lot more private than any of ours.
Gerard: And the height of it stops Frank from ambushing you when you are waking up.
Frank: I don’t ambush!! Anyway; we all tend to get changed awkwardly on our bunks and the surrounding areas, but there is a curtain partition so you can use that. When we need some privacy, we use that as the signal not to go behind it.
Gerard: And now for the legal stuff. Basically, if we all act civil, and don’t try anything on, then there won’t be any legal problems. But you will have to sign a contract to say that any illness or injury you might sustain during the week.
Frank: And then the highlight of your prize, you get backstage passes to every show we play at!! You get to meet the support bands, and we might drag you onto the stage to say hi!!

Aura smiled as she remembered the video. She pulled her wheelie bag closer to her as an excess burst of excitement flowed through her momentarily.

Suddenly, the door swung open and a burst of song tornadoed in. Aura jumped to her feet in surprised excitement. Frank was here.
“HELLO!!!!! How are you? Have you packed enough? Are you excited? My name’s Frank!” the tornado squealed, jumping up and down, clapping his hands.
Aura laughed. “I know!! I know you are Frank!! My name is Aura!!”
Frank found this hilarious for some reason, and he was soon rolling around on the floor with Aura. As they were trying to breath, leaning on each other and gripping their stomachs, the rest of MCR walked in.

Mikey, Ray, and Gerard were completely confused by the sight that met them.
Mikey was the first one to recover. “Frank? Uh, Aura? Are you two okay?” Frank and Aura finally recovered and blushed almost simultaneously.
“Umm… Hi, I’m Aura, I’m sorry about that…” Aura stuttered, suddenly finding the floor of the bus incredibly interesting.
Mikey grinned at Aura’s embarrassment. “Don’t worry! Frank is always that… crazy…”

A few hours after Aura met the band, they decided to get some Coffee. After discovering a shared guilty love of Starbucks, they headed off to the nearest branch. When they set out, the day was grey and cast over, but it soon brightened into a beautifully rare warm, sunny British day.

Ray soon decided to take off his zip-up blue hoodie to reveal an AC/DC t-shirt. He sighed and ran a hand through his famous afro as the sun’s rays reached his pale skin.
“Good idea, mate! It’s getting boiling!!” Frank exclaimed, pulling his Misfits hoodie over his head and straightening out the creases in his plain black t-shirt. Mikey and Gerard were soon to follow suit and pulled their hoodies over their heads and looked up to the sky in the perfect unison that only two siblings can achieve.
Aura shrugged and unzipped her ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’ hoodie that she was wearing, showing her Green Day t-shirt. “Nice shirt, Mikey.” She commented, nodding towards the Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt adorning Mikey.
“Thanks, you too!” Mikey beamed, clearly pleased with the compliment. “Here we are. How do you like your coffee, Aura?” Mikey asked as they reached the door of the Starbucks.
“A Cappuccino is my poison. What about you guys?” She replied as she pulled her Nightmare Before Christmas purse out of the pocket of here skinnies. As she did this, the four members of MCR all leaped forward and pulled their own wallets out of their skinny jeans of assorted colours and shouted at almost the exact same time:
Aura took a step backwards and blushed. “What did I do?”
“You are not paying. We are.” Gerard stated with a mortally serious expression.
Frank grinned. “Well, if you’re paying, then I will go and get a table. You know what I like.
“Well… since it is such a nice day, why don’t we go to the park? I love going to parks, they make me feel like a little kid again…” Aura drifted off, lost in her memories for a second.
Ray clapped his hands together “Great idea!” he exclaimed. “Do you know where the park is?” He said, looking much unsure of himself.
“Yes. Don’t worry, I know where the park is, and it happens to be just around the corner.”

The group got their Coffee, which Gerard paid for after Frank threatened to steal his sketchpad if he didn’t, and headed for the park. When they reached the vast expanse of slightly soggy grass, Aura leaded them to the play-park and as soon as Frank saw the small roundabout, he squealed, shoved his Coffee into Gerard’s surprised grip, and started to push it around.
“Um… Frank is happy. He loves roundabouts.” Mikey stated flatly, watching with slight embarrassment as is band mate propelled himself in meaningless circles on a playground apparatus.
“Come on guys, join meeeee!” Frank yelled as he whipped around again and again. The more sensible members of MCR and Aura glanced at each other and shrugged. They put their Coffees down and jumped onto the roundabout.

Well... I think I need to add a few chapters on to this… I am awful at one shots… I never get to the point soon enough… :D
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