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Secret Santa One-Shot

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Secret Santa One-Shot

I hope we were allowed to actually write the name of the person we’re writing for^-^
In your bio you said you like coffee and Gerard
For MrsWayBeckett

It’s Christmas Eve. A thin layer of frost and snow covers the gray color of the streets, transforming the dull city into a beautiful place. It’s like magical little crumbs are falling from the sky and as soon as they hit the ground they enchant everyone.

It’s almost dark outside, evening is approaching fast. No more people bustle about, only a few procrastinators are buying Christmas gifts in a rush. Otherwise everything has halted and the usually noisy, dirty streets are now taken over by peaceful serenity.

And through these empty alleys walks a girl. She’s short and has wavy brown hair. She slouches along the roads, watching her surroundings with attentive eyes. But there’s nothing but the odd straggler hasting from shop to shop only to find it closed.

She silently sneaks up to a shop window showcasing some electronic devices nobody needs and presses her face flat against the cold surface of the glass. She smiles deliriously and rotates her eyes until she can see the owner of the shop hide behind the counter, his skin an unnaturally green color.

‘Mission accomplished’, she thinks to herself, detaching her freezing nose from the window.

Stepping back she tries to think up something to do that doesn’t involve going home. Because of all the days she could have possibly chosen to have a fight with her family, it had to be Christmas Eve. And Mel’s just too stubborn to return home after the dramatic exit she made earlier.

Sighing she pulls her jacket closer around herself, trying to fight off the icy, bone chilling cold invading her body. It’s no use; the frosty wind still blows through the narrow gaps between the buttons on her chosen item of closing.

Mel curses her carelessness. She could’ve easily grabbed her scarf on the way out, but no…

While following her train of thought she aimlessly wanders around the streets, until a little sign catches her eyes. She almost missed it, since it’s quite small with faded writing on it. It’s barely readable and therefore hardly able to catch one’s gaze would it not look so out of place with the antique handwriting scribbled down on it.

Reading the ornate letters adorning the wooden sign she realizes she stands in front of a café.

Had Mel just now been thinking of returning home, crawling back like a kicked puppy to relocate herself into her comfortable room, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of coffee warming up her chilled insides, she now aborts all previous plans and instead strides single-mindedly towards the shop.

A grin forms on her face, spreading over her features and morphing them into a pure display of happiness. She fucking loves coffee.

Trying to shorten the distance more effectively and thus picking up the pace she half runs half walks, probably looking downright retarded, but the heavenly reward of a cup filled to the brim with dark brown liquid brightens her spirits to the point where she just can’t care about that.

As she stalks over the icy, frozen underground, hardened snow crunches underneath her soles, pressure transforming it into little chunks sticking underneath her shoes. She can already feel how it’s staring to affect her, her footing beginning to dwindle down until she ground is as slippery as a muddy field during a hurricane.

Finally the door comes into view. Full of anticipation she pushes it open, the old wooden material squealing as it swings back to give way to the passage to the golden, divine liquid called coffee. The rich aroma of coffee beans immediately infiltrates her nostrils and takes over her olfactory center.

She inhales the aroma deeply, trying to take as much of the falvor in as she possibly can. The scent is intoxicating, really.

Omnomnomnom coffee…..

Quickly Mel walks up to the reception, ordering the heavenly and most desired coffee. After having received it, she scans the shop for a place to sit. Only now she realizes the place is pretty much abandoned. The walls are dark and need a new panelling, a thin layer of dust covers the windows, causing the little light breaking through the clouded sky to be dimmed so that only the odd ray makes it into the room.

‘Maybe it’s family run’ thinks Mel as she makes her way towards the back of the building.

But then she discovers something or rather someone that makes her drop her coffee in shock, spilling the scorching hot liquid all over herself, causing her to emit a pained shriek and several expletives.

Then the person looks up

And Mel just wants to die to escape this severe humiliation.

Because Gerard fucking Way is staring at her.

Now there’d be a lot of questions that could be asked, but all Mel can think of is the degree of embarrassment she just underwent. She feels the blood rush to her face before she can even realize she’s blushing like mad, a bright red flush spreading over her cheeks.

On wobbly legs she approaches him, knees knocking together in rhythmic spasms due to the tremors running up and down her spine. She feels like choking, suffocating on nothing but air as her windpipes constrict painfully, a lump forming in her throat hindering her breathing. She probably feels twice as dumb as she made herself look.

Mel wants to hit herself in the head to knock some sense back into her disobedient body and maybe rehabilitate some of her dignity. And shortly afterwards she can feel the cold, slightly sweaty texture of her hand pressed against her forehead while a loud smack resounds in the café.

She just facepalmed

Even more blood now rushes vigorously into her cheeks, painting them an even darker shade of red. Now Mel just wishes the floor would already open up and swallow her whole, never letting her shameful presence resurface from a pitch black pit.

Still pondering ways to end her existence she flinches as a warm hand is closed around her shoulder. A way too familiar voice speaks:

‘Hey, you okay there? That looked like it hurt…a lot.’

He probably refers to the coffee burn on her leg. (Or maybe the facepalm, but she refuses to think about that.) If Mel shed her pants she’d be faced with an angry burn decorating her thigh.

A few seconds pass before she can comprehend and actually process the sudden onslaught of information, because first off, yes that did fucking hurt, it burns like hell! and secondly, Gerard Way is talking to her!

Enough reasons to freak out.

As Mel continues to stare goggle eyed she is directed to the table her role model was seated just minutes ago. Now she can finally mutter a mumbled ‘thank you’.

Then something strikes her. ‘Shouldn’t you be with your family?’

She didn’t mean to blurt it out like that, but the thought hit her so suddenly she couldn’t prevent the words from slipping past her lips. As soon as they’re out she regrets ever opening her mouth, because the instant she uttered them Gerard’s eyes glaze over and he turns to stare at nothing in particular, a faraway look in his eyes.

‘Uh…sorry’, Mel adds hastily.

‘Na…it’s alright. You’re right. I should be with my family, but know what? Some dim witted idiot cancelled my flight so now I have to wait till god knows when. Sucks, but at least there’s coffee.’

He smiles a bit at that, the sadness from moments ago seemingly forgotten.

‘Anyway, I suppose you’re a fan…’


She’s still a bit gobsmacked. All this information at once tries to wriggle its way through her neural system and into her brain mashes together, withdrawing all coherency so only little snippets reach their destination. The rest is just gibberish. And a lot of fangirl attacks.

It takes a few deep breaths to regain composure and gather her concentration, but it is soon eliminated because she moved her coffee burned leg. It makes the raw, agitated flesh rub against the scratchy material of her jeans. She winces visibly but speaks anyway.

‘Yes…definitely yes.’

Just when she thought she couldn’t look more moronic. But then her ears pick something up: A light chuckle coming from the person next to her. Soon the previous tension flows out of her body until Mel feels encouraged, even compelled to laugh along. Maybe it’s because this situation is so absurd, or maybe her nerves finally got to her, but she laughs, totally at ease.

‘What about you? Shouldn’t you be with your family?’

The questions brings Mel back to earth, forcing her to remember why she way in a dingy café and not at home in the first place.

‘Uh…had a fight with my parents.’

To her surprise she feels herself being pulled into a short, awkward hug. The angle her knees are bend underneath the table makes her pants rub against her burn again, sending waves of pain up her spine, and she has to twist herself around a bit, but she still feels fucking ecstatic, because she’s just being hugged by Gerard Way and that’s enough to make this great. She can’t seem to get over that.

Not long afterwards the encounter had ended, the two of them parting ways after wishing each other a merry Christmas. After some convincing of her role model Mel had decided that going home to apologize was the best option.

And that’s where she’s headed right now, the smile angling her lips upwards lighting up her whole face. She doesn’t mind the freezing temperatures anymore, can barely feel the frost nagging at her.

‘This is the best day ever’ she thinks to herself, before entering her home.

Merry Christmas, xo K

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