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Ficwad Secret Santa

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It's christmas and I want everything; I just can't wait

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Happy Holidays!

To the character: Raquel Lima
13 almost 14 years old (happy early/belated birthday!)

From: Sam41

Christmas Wishes

Letting out a soft sigh as the song changed from Fall Out Boy's Grand Theft Autumn to My Chemical Romance's /I Don't Love You/; a very bored, and overtired Raquel sat on her stool at her sister's connivence store.


" 'Kay Quel, I'll be right back..RIGHT back." Her sister assured, running out of the store and hopped into her friend's truck.

Yeah, right back for sure

-End Flashback-

That's what leaves her here; working her sister's shift at their family's store; when it's passing 10 PM.

"GEE I'M SORRY B-BUT I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE!" A voice sounding strangely like Frank Iero's called out from the street, followed by a string of half drunken giggles.

"FRANK NO! I LOVE YOU." Gerard called back, chasing the boy up the street, both crossing by the small store's large windows.

"Okay then." The confused girl droned, clicking through the songs as But it's Better If You Do by Panic! At The Disco came on.

"You want some of this?" A male voice called out, as he strutted by the window; wearing nothing but a pink sparkly mini skirt and a feathery boa.

"What?" The girl asked, creeping her way up to the window.

"Ryro, don't tease me like this!" Brendon came walking up slowly, treating Ryan as if he were his prey.

"But you like it, right?" Ryan's voice lowered to a seductive tone as he waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh, of course. But not on a dark street in the middle of the night! Do you know what happens to sexy, innocent boys like you in the dark?" Brendon asked, his white dress shirt pulled open, hair ruffled and pants wrinkled.

"Mm yeah, but it's so much fun doing this to you." Ryan whispered, backing away.
With each step his pink sparkly skirt shook, causing Raquel to have mixed reactions.

He is hot, but Brendon's all over him. He seems like a slut and what is he doing out there?
No good artists visited the part of the UK she lived in, except tonight it seemed.

"Oh, your gunna regret that." Brendon picked up his pace, hoisting a drunken, giggly Ryan over his shoulder and continuing to walk down the sidewalk.

"What? Did that really happen?" Raquel leaned her head against the cool glass, thinking of what events just happened before her eyes.

In what seemed to be a second, someone tapped on the window only mere inches from where the girl rested her head.

"Huh?" Bolting up she was amazed to see Pete Wentz standing outside looking at her.

He pulled up a paper and pressed it against the cool glass.

Hiatus over it read.

Arching an eyebrow, Raquel watched; interested in seeing where this would go to.

In seconds the rest of the band seemed to emerge from the sidewalk, smiling at the overtired girl before playing Grand Theft Autumn

"Where is your boy tonight I hope he is a gentleman." Patrick's voice played through the speakers in the back of the shop.

Turning to shut them off, the girl had a strange feeling that she was once again alone.

"What? NO DON'T LEAVE ME!" She called out to an empty street, watching as indeed there was no Fall Out Boy emerged from the street, nor did they get off their hiatus.

"For crying out loud!" The girl screamed, leaning her head back against the wall as she slid down.

Tonight was becoming horrible, first she was forced to work her sister's shift; then she began hallucinating, thinking she saw her favorite bands.

"Great, perfect. Amazing." She growled, as the bell above the door rang, signaling a customer had entered the store.

"Now don't forget me this time!" A familiar voice joked, followed by a series of laughs.

"We weren't there, blame your band." Another all too familiar voice chuckled, causing a dejected Raquel to look up slowly, being greeted by 4 guys, all being in a band she obsessed over.

"Oh hi? Do you um work here?" Mikey asked, more awkward than a turtle.

"Well um..uh yea-yeah." Raquel nodded, biting her lip to hold back a smile.

"Are you gunna get off the floor?" Spencer asked, gesturing to her current seating arrangement.

"Yeah, of course." She hopped up, fixing her shoulder length, silky black hair; while tugging at the hem of her Fall Out Boy shirt.

"Where's the coffee at?" Mikey asked, eyes darting around the room.

"Over there." The girl pointed towards a station, complete with coffee makers with cups!

"Thanks, and you guys sell skittles right?" He asked, as Raquel nodded.
Gotta fulfill the obsession

Smiling to herself as the 4 boys went and shopped through her store, she began sketching the rough outline of a personalized My Little Pony for her friend Dawn.

It was an odd hobby, but it was what she did.

"Is that a unicorn named Dawn?!" Mikey looked over her paper, coffee in one hand, 5 packs of skittles in the other.

"Um no, it's a /my little pony/.."

"Named Dawn?"

"It's personalized.."

"For Dawn." Mikey interrupted once more.

"Let her answer, interrupting will get you nowhere." Jon explained, setting down various candies and a coffee on the counter.

"Well, Raquwel?" Mikey squinted, trying to pronounce her name.

"Raquel, but call my Quel." She corrected

"Can you draw me a unicorn?" Mikey bobbed in his spot, smiling like a 3 year old on a sugar high

"Um sure, but it'll take a bit." Drawing these didn't take 3 seconds, it took an hour minimum (drawing, outlining and colouring).

"I'll wait! Um I could go to the coffee shop next door and then come back later for it." Mikey excitedly rushed out.

"Fine." Dreading the thought of being alone the girl rang up their orders and began drawing Mikey's beloved personalized unicorn.

After a mere 10 minutes her eyes began getting heavier, harder to keep open; the lines swirled together until it was a big black blob and the world kept collapsing in on her.

Allowing her eyes to close and resting her head against the counter Raquel let sleep take her.

-Hour and a half later-

Awakening with a jolt, the girl looked around.
The store was quiet, except for the buzz of the lights overhead, the fridges holding the pop, her heartbeat even made an appearance once or twice.

"Oh god! Mikey's personalized unicorn." She scolded herself for allowing sleep to take her under before she finished her favorite band's bassists order.

Looking at her sketch book, she saw a finished unicorn. Complete with messy brown hair, skittles and coffee in hand topped off with a Smashing Pumpkins tee; all in full colour.

"Woah." She whispered, wondering how she finished all this while she slept.

"HEY QUEL! I'll be right back okay." What? Her sister had already left by this point, yet she was coming back.

"No! You left already." The younger of the two fought; her sister would leave then I Don't Love You would come on; then everything would happen like it did in her..dream?

"Quel, I'm leaving now." Her sister countered.

"Yeah, who leaves at midnight?!"

"It's only, 9." Her sister pointed to the digital clock.

"No! You left and Frank and Gerard break up, Ryan teases Brendon by dressing like a prostitute, then Pete walks up to the window with a sign saying "hiatus over" then Fall Out Boy emerges from the freaking ground! Right before Spencer, Jon, Mikey and Ray walk in right as i'm drawing then Mikey asks for a personalized unicorn!" Raquel was all over the place at this point, arms flailing.

"No, none of that happened Quel." She re-assured

"Yes it did! I'll prove it." Raquel grabbed her sister's wrist and dragged her outside and into the Starbucks.

"I don't see Mikey anywhere." Raquel's face dropped; maybe she was wrong. Maybe it was all a dream.

"You said this was all after I left right? Maybe your phsycic." Her sister grinned, hopping in her friend's car like planned.

Maybe I am phsycic
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