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Tooth Fairy

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Mini Frerard-Oneshot. Frank wants to prove the tooth fairy exists.

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“Geeeeeeee!” Frank squealed as he barreled over the threshold and straight into Gerard. They were knocked to ground, but Frank was quickly up and straddling Gerard, bouncing up and down on his stomach.

“Oof-Frankie what’s-oof-up?” Gerard asked. Frank grinned, showing him a toothy grin. Gerard just looked at him, not understanding.

“I lost another tooth!” he exclaimed, bouncing more. He pointed to a gap between two of his farther back teeth Gerard hadn’t noticed before.

“Oh! Now I see it!” he smiled. “Congratulations!” Frank’s smile widened.

“Thank you!” he squealed, rolling off of Gerard. Gerard sat up, huffing a little from the force of Frank’s impact.

“Do your parents know?” He asked curiously. Frank shook his head.


“We should go tell them!” Gerard exclaimed, pulling on Frank’s arm to stand up.

“No!” Frank cried, grabbing Gerard’s arm and pulling him back down. Gerard’s expression turned to one of confusion.

“What? Why?”

“Because! Mikey and Ray and Bob were all saying that the tooth fairy isn’t real and that it’s just parents! I want to prove them wrong! If my parent’s don’t know, they can’t be the tooth fairy!” he said triumphantly. Gerard looked up a little worriedly. He didn’t believe in the tooth fairy either, but he couldn’t let Frank be disappointed. Frank saw Gerard’s expression and his head tilted to the side.

“Don’t you believe in the tooth fairy Gee?”

“Uh, yeah! Sure I do!” Gerard nodded vigorously, hoping his terrible lie had convinced Frank. Frank appeared to think for a moment before smiling widely.

“Yay! At least my best friend knows I’m right!” He giggled, poking Gerard’s cheek. “You are my bestest friend EVER!” Gerard smiled at him, trying to think of a way to make sure that everything went well for Frank. Suddenly he got a idea and his grin widened. Frank giggled and bounced away towards the kitchen, calling for Gerard to follow him. Gerard stood up quickly and dashed after Frank, running to go play.


Later that evening, Gerard went up to the parents who were chatting while Frank was distracted by a new toy he’d found. He tugged on his mom’s sleeve until she bent down and he asked for a few quarters. She looked at him a little curiously, but was kind enough not to question him, and simply handed him the small amount of money. Gerard thanked his mom and kissed her cheek before running back over to Frank, stuffing the money into his pocket.

They played together for a little longer before Frank’s mom came over and said it was time to go. Quickly Gerard ran over to his mom and begged to go over to Frank’s. Donna looked to Frank’s mother and she shrugged.

“I don’t see why not.” Donna then turned to her son and nodded at him to go ahead. Both boys squealed and ran out the door together, they practically lived at each other’s houses as it was, and thus didn’t have to pack. There was a bag of overnight things at Frank’s for Gerard, and a similar bag for Frank at the Way’s home.

Before they knew it they were at Frank’s and his mother was ushering them to go to bed. They changed quickly, Gerard yawning hugely and putting on a big show about how tired he was. Frank was doing a similar thing and made a show of putting his tooth under the pillow while his mother was gone, their reasons different though connected.

As soon as the lights were out Gerard pretended to fall asleep, waiting until he was sure Frank was asleep before carefully creeping out of bed. He hurried over to his pants on the floor, being sure not to make a sound. He fished the change out of his pocket, cringing slightly when there was a small jingle from the change clinking together. He paused, holding his breath and listening for signs that he had woken Frank. When there were none he slowly let out the breath, ever so carefully pulling the change from the pocket. He smiled at the coins, the ones that would soon make Frank happy. He tiptoed over quietly, peering down at Frank in the darkness to check if his eyes were closed. They were, and so he slowly slid his hand under the pillow, groping for the tooth.

Suddenly he was being tackled to the floor, landing with a rather loud “OOMPH!” He squinted up to see Frank looming over him, staring down at Gerard quizzically. Suddenly his face broke out into a huge toothy grin and he giggled, hugging Gerard tightly.

“So YOU’RE the tooth fairy!” He laughed, hopping off of Gerard. Gerard sat up, rubbing the back of his head.

“Alright, you caught me!” Frank was practically beaming.

“You brought me money for my tooth?” Gerard nodded, opening his palm to reveal 5 quarters. Frank squealed again, giving Gerard another hug. He kissed Gerard’s cheek (as such was natural for them, being the good friends they were it was their way of showing affection and thanks), pulling back and grinning at him. Frank’s smile was enough to get Gerard’s own mouth to lengthen into a grin.

“So you aren’t mad?” he asked curiously, hoping the answer was no, he wasn’t. His wish came true, Frank bouncing on his heels and saying

“Nope! I think it was sweet.” He giggled, giving Gerard another hug before tugging him up and pulling him back over to the bed. A small yawn escaped him as he lay down, Gerard falling beside him. Frank curled up into Gerard, smiling up at him and whispering, “You really are my bestest friend ever.” Before falling asleep in Gerard’s arms.

Gerard smiled down at him for a little bit before his own exhaustion got the better of him and his eyes drooped closed, his last thought being ‘Mission Accomplished’.

A/N Hooray for fun little mini frerards! Tell me what you guys thought, I really loved this idea myself. Finally got around to writing it XD R&R please! xoxo
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