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Most of the people I wanna thank are on this website :') I hope you don't mind me writing this and posting it in the MCR category but that's where the people I wanna thank are :3

FIRST OF ALL I wanna thank the policeman I spoke to over the phone on Sunday... I was really scared and not making a lot of sense but you were so kind. When the police showed up and my brother ran for it, I was kind of shocked and I can't remember if I even thanked you. I remember saying bye when you did and hanging up. I think I said thank you beforehand. I like to think I did. Thank you so much. Even though you'll never read this :L

Penina - Just recently we've become even better friends :L We quite literally talk all the time! We're talking to each other right now... I'm pretty sure you pop-up the moment you wake up and we don't stop talking over Facebook until I say I'm going to bed because you always stay up later than me but I get up earlier in the morning ;D I wanted to thank you for being my best friend. That's basically what you are. My school best friend has kind of abandoned me but you haven't and you always put up with me complaining without ever telling me I complain a lot... You don't mind the fact that I fangirl over Gerard and I don't mind the fact that you fangirl over Frank :') I hope you get a dog one day by the way :D

Raven - Your stories never fail to brighten my day. Not just the ones I auditioned for. I loved 'You'll Never See Him Again' and I read 'Age Is But A Number' (That's what it's called right? :L) but I never reviewed because I was kinda shy :') You're an amazing writer and an amazing person because your reviews always make me smile :3 I'm so glad that I'm friends with you :) You, me and Penina are like the three muskeeters of Ficwad :D (Did I spell muskeeters right 'cos I have a feeling I spelt it wrong...?) Thank you for always finding a place for me in your fics, thanks for auditioning for my fics and thank you for basically being an amazing person :)

AJ - Thank you for adopting me! :D You always review on my posts where I ask for advice. And even if you don't offer me advice, you write me a one-shot that always makes me happy :3 My favourite was the tutor one ;D Thank you for auditioning Jennifer for my stories, I love writing her character so much :')

Mia - Thank you for writing me that one-shot! :) It was actually the best one-shot that's ever been written for me, I loved it SO much :D You should post more stuff because you're actually one of the best writers on here but you don't post much stuff ;/ Thank you for auditioning for my stories, I love writing you as Frank's daughter or little sister :')

Ash - I will never ever forget the things you did for me. When I posted that goodbye note, we'd barely spoken but you still asked me to email you. I am SO glad that I did because I might not have come back otherwise :') You're like my big sister, you were always there for me and even though you don't come on this website anymore I know that you'll still always be there for me. I know that all I have to do is email you with any of my problems and you'll do whatever you can to make me feel better. And I'd do the same for you. Thank you so much for being there for me.

Shayla - I don't think we really talk much but thanks for auditioning for my stories :D I love writing your character in My Little Girl so much :)

Sam (My Real-Life Friend :D) - I'm so glad we're seeing We Are The In Crowd together next year instead of me and Raechel. We shall meet them, I promise! :D If you'd replied sooner, we might've been able to get VIP tickets -.- You're probably my favourite person to see bands live with, Evanescence was awesome :) I love how you're not scared of anyone and you act like you don't care what people say when I know that deep down you do care. You're so strong and I wanna thank you for trying to make me strong too.

Rob from We Are The In Crowd - Thank you so much for not getting mad when I attack hugged you when you said you had to go. You were so nice even though you were probably exhausted. Thank you for tweeting 'We have the nicest fans/friends in the world' when you went back inside after talking to us. You have no idea how much that mean to all of us. You were so nice and didn't get mad at me and my friend when my camera died, you kept your arm around me which I thought was so nice :')

Jordan from We Are The In Crowd - Thank you for having a hugging photo with me even though I'm unattractive and awkward :3 Thanks for accepting my AWFUL book that I gave you even though I completely regret giving it to you and if you remember it when I meet you in May, I'll probably die :3 But thanks for coming out and being so nice to all of us. Also, thanks for recording that message for my friend, you have no idea how happy you made her :)

Hope this wasn't too cheesy, I just owed some people some thank yous for the year :)

Love Hozzie
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