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Just a Poem i thought you might wanna see, based on one of my fics :)

Broken wings and unopened books,
Cast your line, misplace your hook.
Carry on, like your father told you.
Ignore the pain, you're accustomed too.
I'm not upsetting myself,
Hard times and ill health
And two families, with no place for the hopeless like me.

At first I thought I was just paranoid,
So I tried to fight and fill the void.
But it didn't slow down or stop,
The pain carried on to come out on top.
A shattered smile,
Running for nothing, bruising my feet.
And my soul, breaking piece by piece.

Now frost laces my shaking hands,
Losing my head over my old man.
The places we'd go, closed down and cold,
But the haunted mess still not far gone.
Fifty years, still no career.
Broke off from my kids.
Should've known better, posted a scarlet letter.
And with one last kiss,
Never let yourself, find your ending like this.
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