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Cracks and imperfections

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-Wolf starts to get himself together after prison.He contemplates the difference between Fox McCloud the Fox,and Fox McCloud the legend.Flashback of a bar fight between Fox and another patron,the a...

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Author's note:There was an error with Italics on the last chapter,the boxes are still there.I', really sorry about this,I'll try to fix it next time.Also,let me know if you want longer chapters,I was thinking of it.

Chapter 1



It's been just over a week since I've been released from prison,at least that's what I was told.I don't really keep track of things like time anymore,it's not important.Time is only important for people who have things to do and I have nothing.

I'm sitting in a room with my parole officer ,some cat guy with annoying orange fur and green eyes.He adjusted his glasses looking at something on the computer.I know him too well.

"So Wolfus Lyca O'Donnelly is your real name.Don't really sound all that menacing",he said.I crossed my arms and glared at him.

"You know,it's ironic that you're in here again.I can say now that it's officially been ten years since you've been in the system.You're 28 years old",he said.

"So what's the deal,Mr.Burges?",I asked.He sighed and shook his head.

"Nothing.All of your charges were dropped",he said as if he himself didn't believe it.I sure as hell didn't.

"What?",I said confused.

"Besides those misdemeaners and that recent assault case you won ,nothing in the system ",he said.I looked at him skeptically.

"There's nothing for Wolfus L. O'Donnelly,but just those few charges for Wolf O'Donnell.As long as you report to me every thirty days and don't commit any crimes,you;re alright.You're free to go",he said,almost sounding too cheerful.

"Mr Burges?",I said,hesitant.

"Yes?",he answered,not looking up.

"Thank you",I said.

He nodded ,smiling at me the same sad smile he's been giving me for years.


I contacted an old friend of mine to get a place to stay in Corneria City

And it was a shit hole.Dead of autumn and raining out here,this damn place leaks,the floor creaks and the water's sometimes cold.But there was food in the fridge ,I had my own shower and I could do what the hell I want ,when I want.It feels like luxury compared to where I was for the past year.The first thing I did was crawl into the bed and lie there.The springy soft bed was ecstacy.Hell,it was so good I was wagging my tail.I fell asleep instantly and there were no dreams that haunted me at all.

When I awoke,it was still light outside,but that's because it was 7:05 am the next day.I still didn't want to move from the bed so I stayed another hour before getting up.

I went to the bathroom and saw that there was only cheap soap,no coonditioner or flea shampoo and nocombs,brushes or dryers.When I looked in the mirror,for the first time in a year,I was ashamed of my appearance,I looked like a filthy stray.At least my hair had grown long enough to fall over my eye,or at least the eye that use to be there.I don't wanna think about it so I left the bathroom.

I didn't have much money with me so I knew I'd have to steal.I gauged the size of my pockets and counted my credits and headed out.As much as I wanted to pull on my hood to hide how filthy I looked, but I knew I couldn'r because then I would look like a crook.There was a store around the corner that I managed to get my stuff from.Brought a cheap dryer and stole everything else.

When I got back from the store I found a package at my door.It said 'from Catz and Liz with luv'.Panther and Leon are savy enough to know I can't get caught seeing them so they create aliases.They should've been more creative.I hope they at least changed their appearance.

When I opened the package ,I could actually feel happy for once.They sent my blaster ,a shit load of credits,gloves (the kind you use when you're up to no good) and my favorite knife ,along with several pairs of glasses.There was a note that I know was from Leon.

'The glasses make you look harmless and take from the eyes.Also,try brushing your fur back over your cheeks to hide the scars.Stay sharp,keep your head down',it said.

Even he know's somethin's going down and he's nowhere around me.Last I knew ,he was swinging by Zoness .That was over a year ago.

After cleaning up,I realized a few things,one I needed to find out who's toying around with my life.I mean really,all the shit I did doesn't just dissapear over night (not over night,but still).Somehow,I had a sneaking suspicion he had something to do with it.

Fox McCloud.

His name leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes my heart hurt.To this day,I can't figure out where I went wrong.What did I do? There was a time when we were so happy,so perfect.Perfect because we were imperfect.

See,poster boy Fox McCloud wasn't who everyone thought he was.I've seen him slip up many time.A benevolent liar with malevolent honesty,two sides of the same coin.I've watched his moods change before my eyes

[/"C'mon cat-boy,think you can catch me?",Fox said to his opponent.They were both ready to fight it out.It was in a bar on Corneria,dim lit ,the smell of cigarettes in the air,mixed with alcohol ,perfume and cologne.Fox ,Falco and Slippy had gone out to a bar and had a few drinks.While Falco just mellowed out and threw more profanity in his speech ,Fox was having fun,the same kind of fun Slippy wanted to avoid.

[/Fox being cocky damn near to the point of arrogance got into it with another patron who lost a game of billiards to him and agreed to fight him only he raised the stakes; they were weilding knives.After a scuffle in doors that ended in a draw ,they took it outside.It was in the alleyway when it happened,Falco cheering him on,Slippy feeling nervous and Wolf O'Donnell was blended in with the crowd.He locked eyes with Fox for a brief moment before Fox went back to the fight.

[/"You little shit! I'll gut you!",the tiger said charging at Fox.Fox dipped away from him with ease.The tiger missed every single hit as Fox was too fast.Fox let out a sadistic laugh and then swung back,cutting the tiger a total of six times,five on his arms and one on his chest.The cat howled in pain and Fox kicked him down.

[/"You've got claws don't you? Why don't you use em'!",Fox called.The tiger took his word and drew his claws.He manage to scratch Fox's shoulder and Wolf stiffened as if ready to strike on call.

[/"Don't let that pussy cat get you ,Fox !",Falco called.Fox nodded and licked the blood off of his knife.

[/"Alright pretty kitty,you want a dog fight? I'll give you one!",Fox said.The next few minutes was a fury of claws and knives and kicks and punches ,the two stumbling around and slamming each other down between the crowd.

[/It was then that Wolf saw it.

[/It was that predatory glint Fox got when he was on his Arwing shooting Starwolf and all his opponents down.Fox drew his claws,growled,and threw himself against the tiger.Despite being bigger ,the tiger was no match for Fox McCloud.He moved fast,kicking his weapon away,dancing around in circles taking stabs and cuts and scratches at the Tiger.The Tiger was now on the ground in pain.Fox was declared the winner,money was exchanged from those foolish enough to vote against Fox.

[/Wolf wasn't one of them.

[/Wiping his bloody blade on his pants,Fox helped the Tiger up .

[/"You'll be alright,I didn't hit anything vital",he said softly enough that only a few heard.Wolf was close enough to see the glint of sympathy in Fox's eyes.The Tiger was shocked and nodded in thanks.

[/Wolf was awed by this.

[/After the ambulance arrived and when asked,nobody saw a thing,Wolf was walking down the street ,cigarette in his mouth.

[/That's when he was slammed against the wall of a building.He whipped out his blaster and came face to face with Fox who was laughing and stumbling back,completely unphased.He lowered Wolf's weapon and leaned in close.

"Fuckin' scared me Pup,don't do that again",Wolf said and Fox ignored him
"So,did you like the show?",he asked ,a mischievous glint in his eye.
[/"You always this aggressive ,McCloud?",Wolf asked.Fox just pinned himself against Wolf,backing him into a wall.

[/"Not McCloud.Just Fox.You always fall this hard or am I just that good?",he asked.

[/"You'll be the end of me",Wolf said.Fox began to nuzzle the fur in Wolf's chest.

[/"We could end each other.Now that would be ironic,but strangely romantic",Fox said.Wolf had no idea what to make of the comment.

[/"Wolf?",Fox said,looking into his eyes,or at least the good one,the eyepatch was over the other.

[/"Yeah?",he sad softly.

[/"Stop taking contracts from Andross",he said.Wolf frowned.

[/"I wish I could",he said.Fox's eyes went hard.

[/"I'm serious.I know some people who can hook you up.Sling some money your way that'll be easier on your soul,easier on us.We can keep in touch ,even work side by side",Fox said,rubbing Wolf's arm.

[/"Fox I-"

[/"I don't want us to be the death of each other,Wolf.One of us might survive it",he said .


Everything after that was a bit fuzzy,maybe from drinking.I do remember him asking me to lick his wounds to make them feel better and bandaging him up .Suddenly,I feel alone,not solitary ,but lonely.Even now,I'm practically waiting for him to walk through the door ,but I don't think he ever will.It makes me feel pathetic.

It was the beep from my communicator that broke me from my thoughts.I looked at the name on it and for a moment I was paralyzed.

It was Fox McCloud.


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