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What would you do if...?

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“What would you do if I kissed you?” classic Frerard one-shot .Edited by my MCR writing buddy killjoy247

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Edited by my MCR writing buddy killjoy247. Lov Ya' XD Please read, enjoy and review X) .XOXO.

“What would you do if I kissed you?”

I blink at the TV screen as the question finally registers in my head. I turn my head to face the random Frank with disbelief at what he just asked me. What the fuck did he just say?

“What?” I ask completely confused, eyes wide and body frozen in one place. One minute I was just sitting on the couch, holding a big bowl of hot butter popcorn, next to one of my best friends watching some old horror movie when out of nowhere he asks me a question like that. What does he expect me to say? I would stuck your face off? My heart smashes itself wildly inside my chest and I’m not too sure why. Frank slightly smirks but his expression seems to be quite sincerer. How can he just sit there normally after asking something like that?

“If I kissed you, what would you do?” he asked simply like it was the most common asked question. I just sit there staring at him with my mouth gaping open. I have no idea how to answer this question. That's not a question you just ask your friend out of the nowhere. I got that same feeling in my gut like you get when you’re in a test and you just don’t know the answer, you search every corner inside your brain but just can’t find what you’re looking for and you end up staring at the white page hoping and wishing that it would answer itself. I'm quite an expert on that.

“I don’t know.” I answer lamely. Frank just smiles a soft smile beaming with innocents. What would I do? Would I kiss back? Would I run away like a sissy?

“Okay” he chirped happily as he turned back to the movie like that conversation never even happen. What? I’m still staring at the side of his face, my brain refusing to let me understand what just happen. But...he...I....dammit.

“Gee, quit starin’ at me…especially when we’re watching a bloody horror movie. It’s fucking creepy.” He tells me without taking his eyes off the screen. I blink a few times then slowly turn my head towards the TV again but I can’t concentrate on the movie. You asking me that out if the nowhere was fucking creepy! It's like asking what would you do if I butt raped you?

We watch the rest of the movie in complete silence. I guess you’re meant to watch movies without talking. I nearly jump 50 feet in the air when Frank reached over to grab some popcorn from the bowl I was holding tightly but other than that it was uneventful. Frank switched the TV off as the movie finished then got up and walked to the kitchen.

“Want a coffee?” He asked over his shoulder. I practically jump off the couch and run straight pass him into the kitchen to the coffee maker.

“Hell yeah!” I answer excitedly as I switch the machine on. I wish coffee was a person. If it was, I'd fuck the shit out if it. Frank just shakes his head and smirks as he sits at the table. We both remain quiet as we wait for the coffee. I feel a bit awkward as the question from earlier keeps replaying in my mind over and over. What would you do if I kissed you?, What would you do if I kissed you?, What would you do if I kissed you?…What would I do if Frank kissed me? I look over to the clock hanging on the wall.

“It’s 1 O’clock in the morning.” I point out. Frank looks up and turns toward the clock.

“So it is.” He replies than looks back down at his hands. Stupid observation Gerard, Stupid!

It feels awkward now. I don’t wanna feel awkward around Frank. I watch him sitting at the table as he absentmindedly picks at the black nail polish on his bitten down nails. My eyes look over at his lips as he gently bites on his lip ring out of boredom. Suddenly I wanna know what his lips feel like against mine. I slowly walk towards the unprepared Frank in a trance like state. Don't look up. Don't look up. When I’m about a foot away he finally notices me moving closer to him and looks up.

He looks completely oblivious to what I’m about to do to him, he looks too cute. I place one hand on the edge of the table and the other on the back of his chair.

“Gee…?” he nearly whispers as he stares into my eyes with concern and a flash of something more. I stare back and can’t stop the smirk that curves on my lips as I begin to close the gap between us. I see his eyes fall shut as I closed mine. Just millimeters away from his kissable lips I stop and slightly turn my head to the side to better claim his awaiting lips. Then the distance between us is gone as I connect our lips.

It was just a soft simple kiss….but it felt so good, slightly firm, warm and gentle. His metal lip ring was cool against my lips as I gently moved them against his, it felt nice and different. The kiss wasn’t lust filled, it wasn’t hard or sloppy, no groping or moaning. We simply pressed out lips together. After a moment I pull back and stand up straight, I feel like I’m glowing as a smile stretched widely across my face. I look down at Frank who is looking up at me with the same smile. His cheeks are slightly colored with a tingle of pink. Aw, he's blushing. He's so cute!

The Coffee machine clicks as it’s finished. I beam and practically dance over to the machine. What time is it?! Coffee time!

“Coffee’s ready.” I chirp in a sing song voice as I pour two cups. We walk back into the lounge room and sit on the couch. We both sit quietly with the most stupid looking grins on our faces as we sip our coffees. We don’t look at each other but it’s defiantly not awkward. I feel like bursting out in laughter.

“Good coffee.” Frankie comments smirking into his mug and taking a long sip.

“Mmmm yeah, really good.” I reply smirking into my own cup. I'd like to dip you in coffee and lick you all up.

We barely even realize that were sculling our drinks. We both finish at the same time and place the empty mugs onto the coffee table in front of us and sit back into the couch. We sit there just staring at the turned off TV with huge smiles slapped across our faces. My heart was racing excitedly and it wasn’t due to the coffee. A minute passed then both Frank and I sat up in a flash and wrapped our arms around each other and connected our lips together again like our lives depended on it. Like out of a dramatic movie or something. We kissed like it was our last moment on this earth, fingers tangling in hair and chests pushed firm against each other. Moans and groans escaped passed our mouths as we held each other tight.

Frank jumps on top of me, straddling my hips. I buck forward and we both moan a deep throat groan at the friction. He lovingly pulls my hair in desperation to make the kiss deeper. I run the tip of my tongue around his lips and bit his shiny silver lip ring. Frank grinds his hips into mine and moans in my mouth. I practically rip his shirt off breaking the lusted filled kiss for a millisecond. I run my hands over his velvet like, naturally olive tanned skin as our tongues twirled around one another in an open mouth kiss. We thrusted our groins together, frantically wanting and needing the pleasurable friction.

Frank pulls back gasping for air as he tangles his guitar playing fingers deep into my raven locks. He looks down at me with half closed eyes while I look up waiting to see what his next move is going to be, I feel the ghost of his lips on mine that begin to crave his contact again. He grins a small crooked smile than roughly brushes my hair back with both his hands. The younger collides our lips together forcefully and I moan deeply into his coffee tasting mouth.

“Fuck…Gee…” he moans against my lips. I feel Franks hands move down to rest on my shoulders while he grinds his hips down on mine. Dear mother of god!

“Ahh, Frankie!” I groan loudly and slam us both onto the lounge so that Frank’s on his back and I’m hovering closely over the top of him. I thrust my hips repeatedly into his. I smirk at the most adorable faces Frank pulls as wave after wave of pleasure washes over us both. His mouth forms a perfect ‘O’ shape as he flings his head back and crashes his hips up to meet mine. I run my tongue up the center of his chest and he digs his fingers into my shirt pulling me closer. He is officially the sexiest man alive.

“Gee…,” he pants under me “take…your…fucking shirt off.” He demands out of breath. I willing obey my order and frantically rip my shirt off over the top of my head. As soon as my abandon shirt hits the lounge room floor Frank pulls me down on top of him so we're chest to chest, naked skin to naked skin. I could feel his heart beat hysterically from behind his ribs as I am sure he could feel mine. Frank wraps his arms around my neck and tightly hugs me. I melt into him like ice-cream in front of a burning flame. He tenderly kisses my neck just under my ear, his breath washing over my skin like a waves washing up onto the shore. Our movements slow as we are absorb in a moment in time. We share our body heat and burn like one flame together.

I lift my head up and flick my hair out of my eyes as I look into his hazel, honey brown, golden eyes that always seem to change colour depending on his mood or the light. Fuck, I love his eyes! He’s so fucking sexy with his parted lips and disheveled hair. He smiles warmly at me as our eyes meet. I swear it feels like we can see each other’s souls. Time slows and stops completely for less than a second. I feel my breath been taken away while my stomach tightens as angel wings brush against its walls, there are no words to describe the feelings this incredible boy beneath my body makes me feel. It’s surreal, incredible, magical, a dream. I gaze into his eyes and hold onto him as time starts again and I continue to breath.

“Gee…” He softly whispers as he delicately rubs his hands down my back, over my shoulder blades, down to my lower back then back up along my spine gently.

“Yes…Frankie?” I ask in almost a trance like state. I can stare into his eyes all day, every day.

“Would ya’ quit staring at me and just kiss me again already?” me smiles then moves his hands to push my hair out of my face as I lean down to cover his lips with my own. Pushy motherfucker.

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