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taking time

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Baisically a cute lynz and gerard fic ,in lynz's POV

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Hey guys ^-^ so this is my cute one shot for lynz and Gerard . I wrote it a while ago , and I just thought I would put it on here . R+R plz, it would make me happy , I never get reveiws :(

Gerard : Ready to go ? XO

Me: yeah , were u at gee ? XOX

Gerard : out side , I've brought the car . Haha , mikey , frank , and the 'fro are here too , just a warning babe XOX

Me : k , I'll be two seconds :D XO

I hummed to my self , pulling on my black doctor martens and lacing them up .

'Were did I .... Ahhha'

I grabbed and shoved my cell in the pocket of my misfits bag and smoothed my tartan skirt out ,scooped my bag up off the bed and walking out onto the landing , locking my door behind me . My mother was a bitch, she would always try to snoop in my room . mother fucker .

My parents were still in bed , as usual, so I just grabbed my green day hoodie and slammed the door . They probably wouldn't be up by the time I got back , either that or they would be so drunk , they will have been passed out . Either way I didn't give a fuck anymore .

Gerard leaned over and opened the door when he saw me , patting the seat .

"Gee , babe , I can do that my self you know," I laughed

"And ? I'll do anything for my girl," he replied simply

"Anything?" I asked him , a smile tugging on my lips " I like that"

"Mmmm" Gerard leaned over and kissed me , a sweet burst of passion , hot and loving . He tasted like coffee and cigarettes.

"Euuugghh ! Jeez , guys , get a room !"

It was Mikey , with a look of disgust on his face .

"Shut up you lanky shit , you can't talk !" Gerard said ," Alicia must only have half a face now , you've eaten most of it"

"PPffttt," he slumped back on his seat Ray and Frank laughing at him .

We drove off , gee lighting up two cigarettes and handing one too me

"Thanks Gerard," I thanked him , taking a long drag " which ones are these ?"

"JPS, I managed to get them at a shop," he winked at me .

"Duuuuuude , lend me ya lighter ?"

"Frank , what happened to yours ? You always have one ," Gerard sighed and dug it out of his jeans pocket and handing it to him over the seat . Damn , his jeans were tight .

"My Dad found it"

That explained it , franks dad was a prick .

"Thanks Gee," he lit up , exhaling the smoke and smiling . "Can I keep it ?"

"Ugh , I suppose so you cheeky midget. I have more"

Frank grinned ," thanks, you sassy mother fucker"

"No problem , midget boy"

I took another drag, laughing at them arguing, flicking the ash out of the window , my hair ruffling in the slight wind .
"Gerard !"

"What, mikey ?!"

"Frank won't save me half of his fag"

Gerard sighed ,"Fuck , mikey , you shouldn't be smoking anyway"

"I don't give a fuck! It's your fault anyways , I'm the influential little brother after all," Mikey pointed out," and you WERE smoking before me"

"Oh , for gods sake , here , have this," Gerard leaned over and handed mikey half of his cigarette .

"Woo , thanks gerard ... love youuuuu "

"Yeah , yeah , yeah , every one loves Gee when he's giving out fags "

"I know we do Gee , " I smiled at him , leaning over to him and kissing him on his cheek before chucking my fag end out of the car window, " But ya know you love it hun"

Gerard laughed , his amazing green eyes flecked with hazel twinkling ," lynz , this is why I love you"

I blushed , hiding my face with my short black hair . I wish I hadn't had to cut it , but I my friend had tried to light a ciggy behind me , and promptly set my hair alight . Safe to say that we aren't friends anymore . Bitch .

We turned into the school parking lot , Gerard's monster of a car vrooming loud in a "move or you die mofo's " kinda way(and I'm not exaggerating) We got the spot at the back , like we always do ,just cos no one else ever seems to want to park there . It's a mystery to me .

"Alright guys , load out," Gerard announced , cutting the ignition and opening his door I followed suit , slamming the door behind me. Straightening my skirt out , I walked round the other side of the car. Gee held out his hand , and we entwined them together and went over to the guys, who were standing at the front of the car.

Suddenly , Mikey darted over the parking lot like santa at disney land on prozac ... getting laid !

"What the ...." I looked over to were he was , and saw that he had something attached to his face ... No , wait , it was Alicia .... Jesus , he couldn't live without that girl for more than 12 hours . As soon as they detached from each others face , they walked over to us , were mikey they proceeded to make out again . Just a little bit more ....

"Fuck , Mikey , Alicia . You're both worse than Gerard and lynz ... " Ray laughed .

"Hey!" Gerard exclaimed , swatting ray around the face ," we kiss properly thank you very much"

Mikey stopped kissing Alicia

"Properly ? And how is what you do 'proper' ?" He asked , raising and eyebrow.

"Because , little brother , we do not slobber . And we do tongues correctly . Observe," he grabbed me at my waist , placing his lips on mine . His tongue grazed my lips , requesting entry . I let him , our tongues fighting for dominance .

"Mr way and miss balatto ! What do you think you are doing ? " It was Mr Drayton, the deputy" and on school grounds !"

"Erm sorry ... Sir ... We .... Ummmm," Me and Gerard let go of each other , looking around for help , but the other guys decided to scarper to form , and I could see them just going through the main entrance ... Cunts ....

"Well , I can see .... Oh , just go to your home room ! " He exclaimed, flushing red ,"And I WILL be contacting your parents"

We walked off across the parking lot , which was nearly deserted by now. Oh ... We must have spent more time making out than we thought. Shit .


Me , Christa , Jamia and Alicia all sat at the back of our home room, even though we could have had the whole room as we were the only ones in our form ... Mrs Dean requested us at the start of the semester , so that we could all practice our music (she's the music teacher) the others don't really play , but she already told us that honestly , we're her favourite students .

"I can't believe you all left me this morning ," I glared at Alicia , my arms folded over my chest ," now I'm in the shit with that perv Mr Drayton"

"Well , If we had stayed , me and the guys would have been in shit too!" She shot back,". its not my fault you and gerard decided to have a little ... Big ... Make out sesh in the parking lot"

"That's so not the point!" I cry

"Then what is the point lyn ?"

"Erm.... I .... You .... Shut up !"

They all burst out laughing , so I got out of my chair and walked into the storage closet , and began to rummage around for my base . I left it here , otherwise my mother would probably get rid of it.....

I walked out of the closet , bass guitar in hand , and plugged it in to the amp .

I began to play manically , running around the room and singing to the radio in the corner , playing Van Halen's "when it's love". :-

how do I know when it's love?
I can't tell you but it lasts for ever
How does it feel when it's love ?
Its just something you feel together


I rounded off with my famous back bend , my head nearly touching the floor . All the girls were cheering , and I was flushed red , but I loved it , even if it was just in front of my 3 best friends .

"Thanks you ! Thank you !" I cried, as if addressing a huge crowd "encore? I -"

I was cut of by the bell chiming , signalling 1st lesson.

"Shit!!" Alicia muttered , and we all grabbed our crap and walked out of the room , waving to Mrs Dean on our way out .

"You guys go ahead" I called to them, " I need to go to my locker"

I walked towards my locker , scrabbling in my hectic bag to find my key .

"Oi, you fucking whore !" A girls voice sounded behind me . Suddenly, I was being dragged down by my hair , but the girls didn't notice , they had walked ahead like I had told them to ," faggot !"

The corridor was empty now, so it was just me and my attacker.
Then I recognised her voice.... Its was Victoria Motley , the high school slut . We're in the same year , but I'm shorter than her and weaker .

"Aaaarrggghh," I screamed , hoping a teacher would hear , but no luck .

"Shut the fuck up you cunt, " she snarled in my ear,yanking my head back, " or I swear , I'll kill you"

She pushed me to the floor , and began to kick me any were she could , and she was wearing fucking stiletto heals ... Who the hell wears stiletto heals for school ?!

"Frank, I'm telling you , we could all totally ........Oh my fucking God , LYN-Z !!!!!!! "

I heard several thudding foot steps behind me , and victoria ran for it .

Frank and ray chased her down the corridor , shouting " you slut " and "bitch" . While Gerard kneeled down next to me , placing my head in his lap, and stroking my hair .

"Babey , are you okay ?" He was nearly crying

"Gerard , I'm okay , just my head hurts a little ... " I hissed , the pain was like my head was being repeatedly bounced of a brick wall .

"No , you're not okay , lynny ," he replied," we're taking you to the nurse"

"No , Gee , I'm fine, rea - ooowwwwww"

"Nope , come on , now, " Gerard insisted , but when I still wouldn't , he picked me of the ground and carried me there .


"See , that wasn't so bad ,babe," Gerard soothed

"No ... But , you nearly fainted at the sight of the needles, gee gee "

" They were huge ! "

"They weren't that bad , and you weren't the one getting it stuck in you're arm !"

" Oh , yeah .... "

I had been told to go home by the nurse , and Gerard was aloud to come with me to "care for me" . Gerard had called Donna , asking If I could stay , and she had said it was fine, so long as I asked my mom . I had left her a text , but by now she was probably so boozed up that she couldn't tell her ass from her elbow so I had just told Gerard's mom the she said yes .

Donald said hello to me , and asked if I was okay . I told him what had happened , and he had hugged me and told me it was all okay . I loved Gee's mom and dad , they were like my 2nd parents .

Gerard tugged laced his hands through mine and led me down to his basement bedroom , locking the door behind him , like we always did . He picked me up - again- and layed me on the bed .

"Sleep for a while , lynz , you're head must still be hurting ," he stroked his fingers over my face.

It was , so I gladly took the offer of laying down ....

" Lay with me ?"

"Okay , lynz "

I moved over , and gerard layed in the bed next to me, pulling me into his arms and kissing my forehead.

"Sing to me gerard ?" I whispered , cuddling into him .


* when the lights go out , will you take me with you ?
And carry all this broken bone ,
through stitches and crowded rooms , and highways I called home,
something I can't go to now , till you pick me off the ground ,
with a brick in hand ,your lip gloss smile , you scraped up me ,
said if you stay , I will lead away your mind , or until my heart explodes out ,
until we find our way , in the dark and out of heart ,
you can run away with me .....
anytime you want

He finished the song, and tears were silently flowing sown my cheeks.

"That was beautiful Gerard "

"I wrote it for you lynn"

"Gee ?"

"Yeah babey ?"

"I love you so much"

"I love you too lynz"

"Can you promise me something?"

"Anything lynny"

"Don't ever leave me .... "

"I Won't "


"I promise lynz , I promise"

"Can you sing to me again gerard ?"

Now this could be the last of all the rides we take ,
so hold on tight, and don't look back ,
we don't care about the message or the rules they make ,
I'll find you when the sun goes black .....
[*And you only live forever in the lights you make ,

When we were young , we used to say ,
That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break ....
Now we are the kids from yesterday

All the cameras watching that action and the stars you hate ,
they only care if you can bleed ,
does the television make you feel the pills you ate ?
Or every person, that you need to be .
[*Because you only live forever in the lights you make .

When we were young we used to say ,
that you only hear the music when your heart begins to break
.... We are the kids from yesterday

We fell asleep , in each others arms , knowing that we would have each other , and that we would always love each other.
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