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“What’s wrong?” Jennifer’s best friend and band mate Penina asked.

Jennifer was pulling a disgusted face at the computer screen. She’d googled a picture of My Chemical Romance. Her band had finally gotten their big break and was going to go on tour with My Chemical Romance so she’d decided to google them to see if they were any good. And admittedly she wanted to see if they were cute. But when she saw the picture of them, she was astonished to find that her childhood best friend Bob Bryar.

They’d been best friends for ages. Nothing could tear them apart… Well that’s what Jennifer had thought. Until Bob had got a girlfriend. Jennifer didn’t know what happened to him but he started acting like a dick to her and acting like they weren’t best friends anymore. They were more like worst enemies. She’d lost her only friend and she didn’t see any point in staying. Jennifer graduated early and was on the first train out of there.

Now she was in a band with four of her best friends and she loved life but secretly she’d never quite gotten over Bob. She’d thought that going on tour with her band would distract her from Bob and maybe help her get over him. But now she was going on tour with him and she’d have to see him every day. What if he and his girlfriend were still together? Then what would she do?

“Nothing.” Jennifer replied. She knew what Penina was like. If she told Penina that she was uncomfortable going on tour with Bob then Penina would go over the top and it would probably end up in them pulling out of the tour. Jennifer didn’t see why her friends should suffer just because she was slightly uncomfortable with hanging around with Bob. She’d just have to grin and bear it.

It finally came to the day where Jennifer’s band was going to meet Bob’s band. She woke up, brushed out her hair and teeth then went into the kitchen. She shared a flat with Penina in the middle of London “Oh my god we’re finally meeting My Chemical Romance today!” Penina shrieked “That Frank guy is so adorable.”

“Whatever.” Jennifer laughed nervously but Penina didn’t pick up on how nervous she was because of her fangirling over Frank. She helped herself to a poptart out of the cupboard and started chewing “Are you nervous about meeting them Penina?” Penina shrugged her shoulders and Jennifer didn’t say any more about it.

Bob pulled his drum sticks out of his bag and started banging out a random beat with them on the sofa he was sitting on “Do you have to?” Gerard asked, shooting him a look. But Bob ignored him and continued tapping the sticks “Bob, come on. I’ve got a headache.”

“You always have a headache.” Bob grumbled, shoving the sticks back in his bag.

They were nearly at the place they were picking up the support band from. Bob didn’t like meeting new people and he was pretty nervous about it. He’d be sharing a bus with these new people for the next few months and he was scared that they’d be rude or something. Bob rarely showed that he was shy on the outside though. He was slouched in his seat, tapping his fingers on the seat and pretending not to give a shit.

The bus pulled up and Bob took a deep breath. The first couple of girls came on the bus. They introduced themselves as Penina and Raven. Two more girls came on behind them and said they were Becca and Jess. And then the last girl got onto the bus and Bob’s eyes widened. It was his best friend Jennifer.

Jennifer smiled nervously at the guys and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear “Hey, I’m Jennifer.” She grinned and then looked directly at Bob “Hi Bob. Remember me?”

“Remember you?” Bob stood up “Of course I remember you. You were that bitch that went to my school.”

Jennifer flushed bright red and Gerard glared at Bob “Bob, she’s not a bitch.”

“You don’t know her!” Bob yelled, storming off to the bunks.

“Just ignore him; he’s always in a bad mood at the start of the tour.” Frank said gently, smiling at Penina who went bright red.

“So you guys went to the same school?” Ray asked.

Jennifer nodded “Yeah but I guess we don’t really like to talk about it.” She sat down and pulled a comic out of her bag.

After a couple of weeks of tour it was easy to see that Jennifer and Gerard were making really good friends. He’d noticed the comics that she was reading and had recognised them as ones he enjoyed himself. Every night they’d stayed up talking comic books all night and Gerard had shyly shown her a comic she’d been working on herself. Each night Bob had stared at them and felt a pang of jealousy inside of him.

In the end he finally couldn’t stand it. After both their band’s sound checks, Bob took Jennifer’s arm and took her down the corridor “What are you doing?” He hissed “Are you and Gerard dating or something?”

“No, we’re just friends.” Jennifer pulled her arm away “What does it matter to you anyway? You hate me. You’ve made that pretty clear. So why don’t you just leave me alone and at least let me try to be happy?”

Bob shifted his weight from one foot to the other “I was wondering. Jennifer, why did you randomly leave school in the middle of the year? I really missed you.”

Jennifer looked at him. His voice was gentle and filled with honesty. Jennifer sighed “I didn’t have anyone. All I had was you and you treated me like a piece of trash so I left to be by myself. Why did you treat me like that anyway? Yeah you had a girlfriend but that shouldn’t have meant you treated me like that.”

“I know.” Bob sighed “Wanna know the truth?” Jennifer nodded “I loved you. Still do love you. But I knew you’d never feel the same way about me so I got a girlfriend to make you jealous and acted like a dick so I could hide my feelings.”

“Bob!” Jennifer cried “I always loved you. You didn’t know that?”

Bob shook his head “You probably don’t anymore, do you? I’ve been a total jerk.”

“I know you have.” Jennifer smiled and suddenly kissed him. When she pulled away she laughed and said “I’ll probably always love you.”

There was shouting from down the corridor. The others were looking for them. Bob laughed and took Jennifer’s hand and they walked down the corridor together to their friends.
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