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Becca was frantically throwing things into her suitcase while she sobbed and every so often winced because her bruises and cuts were hurting. After the massive 'arguement' between her and her boyfriend Andrew, he'd stormed off to the pub and she was packing. Packing so that she could leave this hellhole and never come back.

She was sick of being used like Andrew's punching bag. She knew he was stressed due to work and family and other things but that wasn't an excuse. Not anymore.

When she was done packing, she started making her way down the stairs towards the front door. She froze when she heard footsteps outside, thinking Andrew had come home earlier than usual. It was okay. It was just their next door neighbour. Becca dared to breath out then opened the door and pulled it shut. She didn't bother locking it. Served him right if it got robbed.

Becca knew where she was going as she walked down the street, her vision blurry with tears. She just hoped he'd understand.

Mikey sat in the living room watching TV, slumped down low in his seat. He was fed up. Another Friday night alone watching the same old crap on TV. He couldn't wait for him and his band to go on tour again. At least then he'd be doing something. Anything.

His eyes started to close and he nearly drifted off to sleep due to boredom when suddenly there was a loud knock at the door startling him awake. With a yawn, he got up from the sofa and went to answer it. It was his best friend Becca, standing on his doorstep with a suitcase in her hand and tears trickling down her cheeks. Without saying a word, Mikey moved out of the way and Becca stepped inside then dropped her suitcase to the floor. She went into the living room while Mikey shut the door and then he followed her in there. Becca sat down on the sofa and Mike sat next to her. He held his arms out. Becca fell into them, sobbing her heart out "It's okay..." Mikey whispered, hugging her tightly "Everything's gonna be okay now, I promise..." He had no clue what was wrong. He just knew that his best friend needed comforting.

When Becca finally managed to catch her breath and stop crying so hard, she sat up a little and started telling him what had happened. He hadn't needed to ask. Him and Becca told each other everything "I've been keeping this to myself for a while now." Becca whispered "I-I'm not happy with Andrew. He gets mad at me about everything. Even the most simple things set him off. It was okay at first. I used to just apologise and apologise until eventually he'd calm down. But now I don't know what to do. I can't calm him down when he gets angry. H-He starts hitting me." Becca started crying again "That was it tonight Mikes. I couldn't take anymore. So... So I left. And I was wondering if I could stay with you?"

"Of course you can stay with me." Mikey kissed her forehead comfortingly "Stay with me for as long as you want or need. I won't let him come anywhere near you."

"He'll come looking for me." Becca said worriedly "He'll think I'm with my parents. What if he hurts them?"

"He wouldn't dare. Have you met your Dad? He's terrifying!" Mikey smiled but Becca was biting her lip.

"And then he'll see that I'm not there. He won't stop until he finds me. I need to move out of the country or something-"

"Don't be ridicilous. What you're gonna do is go to the police. And they'll sort him out."

"Yeah, they'll lock him up for a little while. Then he'll come out and he'll be worse than ever. And what about his friends?"

Mikey sighed "Well... He won't find you yet. And listen. My band's going on tour next week. You can come with us. We're doing a world tour. We'll be gone for six months. That's ages. Maybe he'll have moved on by then and you'll be free to do whatever you want..." Mikey couldn't help but add wistfully "Be with whoever you want."

Becca smiled through her tears "Thanks so much Mikey. You always know what to say and do. Not like me. I'm hopeless."

"You're not hopeless Becca." Mikey hugged her again "You're perfect just the way you are. I can't believe that guy hurt you. Why didn't you tell me?"

"What would you have done Mikey? No offence but he'd have kicked your ass."

"I wouldn't have done anything like a fight. But I could've helped you." There was a long silence before Mikey asked "Becca? Can I confess to something?"

"Of course you can."

"Well... I love you Becca. I could never stand to see you with Andrew because it broke my heart." Mikey sighed "Had I known what he was doing, I would've... I don't know. I'd have done something."


"Of course I would've. You're my best friend."

"Not that part. The part about loving me. Do you really?"

Mikey sighed again "Yes, I'm in love with you Becca. Pathetic, right?"

Becca sat up and shook her head "Of course not. Did you not know that I only settled for Andrew because I believed you'd never love me back? Had I know that Andrew was a monster I definitely wouldn't have picked him but still..."

"S-So you love me back?"

"Of course I love you back!" Becca cried.

Mikey put his hands on her cheeks, leaned forward and kissed her. He'd been wanting to kiss her for as long as he could remember and now he was finally doing it. It was everything he dreamed it'd be. He pulled away and whispered "I'll never let him hurt you again. I promise."
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