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Minstrels and a fic

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Whatto say in this summary.. *shrugs*

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Hi guys.
I am currently eating my galaxy minstrels.
Who wants one?


me:whats the magic word?


me:yes..but the other one

gee:kisses me there is no other one

me:UGH! FINE HERE! passes gee a minstrel

gee:Thank you sexy hairflip then walks out the door

Men these days.


I just read the SADDEST FIC EVER!

posted here:

Props to the author:Chemical 30

Do you have any fics on here you wish for me to read?
I don't care weather it's a Frikey,Frerard.
Just as long as I'm awake all night..

xxx Sadie xxx

gee: (inaudiable to you guys)

Oh,and Gee says bye too!
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