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I'm sorry for "spamming" but i'm in a great mood

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I am so fuckin' happy

Cause a while back I met this guy off tumblr; I liked him cause he was a male trencher (rare shit bro)
We talked, and exchanged skypes and began trying to get other people in the group

This resulting in a huge ass skype group, where only 4 got close

Us four got really close (shipping two of the guys, who damn near dated at one point) then BOOM

We didn't talk and the guy who started it with me got really fuckin popular and too cool for us

Tonight though

Omf, I love those guys (and girl)

I'm sorry...their amazing; and were there when my "IRL friends" ditched me

Serious though,
Like one day we're all going to meet
(Except the the two who live in ontario, they met already)

But my one friend (lets call him B)
Well B and me got really close (texted all the time, and shit)
The horrible thing is while I'm chilling here in canada, he lives all the way in florida

But really,
-when we meet, we're gunna like tackle-glomp each other screaming marianas trench lyrics
-i'm gunna teach him to snowboard
-Eat poutines
-A lot of shit(including hunting down Josh Ramsay)

Legit; I love those 3 weirdos, their amazing....
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