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The Man Who Heard Revenge

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"Revenge"...and Sorrow awakens from his deep slumber.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012-12-29 - Updated: 2012-12-29 - 512 words

Thanks for the support guys. Apparently it's no one-shot, though it seemed like it last chapter.

The Leader watched in fascination as Sorrow attempted to wriggle free from the chains that held him to the chair. The poor fellow thought of standing up, thinking he could lift the chair off the ground. But oh, even the chair was nailed to the floor. Like a prisoner (but a prisoner he really was), he squirmed and stretched and shook in his seat, as if it were an electric chair; the currents penetrating his entire body. He gnashed his teeth and screamed, for he was a man in anguish. The Leader began to regret mentioning the magic word.

“Stay calm, my friend” the Leader urged, “We ought to be quiet and – “

With clenched fists, Sorrow was able to break free from the chains that held his arms. The rusty links flew on the floor, producing tinkling sounds. The Leader was surprised and lifted his arms also, trying to see if he too could do the same. But he could not. The links were too strong. How did Sorrow manage to break free from his chains?

And as he watched Sorrow break his other chains, the Leader realized the obvious.

“You’re a vampire” he told his companion.

Sorrow ignored him; he continued to fuss about the chains that held his abdomen. And with powerful force, he yanked the heavy links free from their fastenings and sent them flying beyond the darkness. The vampire stood up and looked around him, looking for a way out.

“There is no way out” the Leader told him, “This prison can only be opened from the outside.”
The vampire glowered at him. His friendly behavior from before now seemed lost in those piercing hazel eyes. The Leader felt the vampire’s strong grip around his neck. The vampire’s nails pushed against his soft skin.

The Leader felt something warm ooze out from where the nails punctured his neck. He tried to stifle a loud cry, but he could not help but react vocally to the pain it brought. Slowly he felt his grip tighten. He could feel the strain around his jaws, and his head began to hurt from a lack of oxygen. He was being strangled to death. In his last attempts to save himself, the Leader stared at the vampire’s eyes – Sorrow’s eyes. He pleaded without talking.

Suddenly the vampire’s eyes opened wide. His grip on his neck began to stiffen, and then loosen. The Leader watched the vampire fall to the floor on his face. An arrow was pierced into his back, straight into where the heart was located.

Feeling his head feel much better from the asphyxiation that almost took place, he stared at the arrow that brought down his friend. It looked familiar.

The Leader looked up to see a familiar face in the darkness. Faces, actually. Two familiar faces. There was a black mask over their black beady eyes.

They emerged from the darkness to present themselves before the Leader.
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