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thought I'd do a school chapter and reasons why it is rubbish,plus a detailed description on some of my classes..

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Hello,people of earth.
You have just clicked on my next blog post.
I'm going to talk about the WORST place for me,like,EVER..

(No,not a One Direction concert or Justin Beiber concert,what are you on?)

I'm talking about SCHOOL!

Now,every day for like 5 days,I have to get up at 7am and drag myself out of bed.
I put on this shit school uniform,then go to get breakfast.
after about 30 mins of getting ready for school,I head out the front door,headphones in blasting My Chem.(that's the only good bit about going to school,my chem)

When I get to school,I talk to my very few friends,then the bell goes for tutor period.
Now,I'm like the only kid in my tutor,or should i say ENTIRE year group,who loves my chem.
So,anyways,the end of tutor is when my living hell begins.
2 hours of sitting in the back of the class,staring at the clock thinking


So,then break arrives.I just put my headphones back in again and sit in the hall,frowning at everybody.
Sometimes an annoying dickhead comes over and talks to me.
Here is the usual conversation:

me:takes out headphones what?
person:what are you listening to?
me:passes them on of my headphones
(20 seconds later)
person:who are they?
me:my chemical romance
me:gets a picture of them these guys
person:they look like emos
person walks away

See what I have to live with each week?

Did I mention my whole school listens to shit music like Gangnam Style,One Direction,Nicki Minaj etc?
Right,onto my lessons:

An hour of listening to a boring teacher talk about old poems and shit like that.
Though,I kinda have to thank my english teacher..
I mean,without english,how in god's name would I be able to write such great fics?

Yeah,I hate maths.I sit at the front of the classroom and the teacher can clearly see me.
Plus,everyone in my class takes the piss outta me.
So I hate maths.

The one lesson I fangirl over the word 'Chemical'.
Good times.
But,other than that,I just look at the clock every 10 miniutes.

It's a pile of shit.
First,I'm in a room of girls,who always gossip.
Second,I can't do any sport.At All.
Third,I don't bring a drink or money for a drink to school so I get tired easily.
So,I fucking hate PE.

I really like art now.
I can draw a lot better
(Thank you Gerard)
I take pride in my work.
And,it's something I love to do.

Music's cool.
I get to play either a keyboard,guitar,xylophone etc.
But,I never decide to sing.
I actually have massive stage fright.
It feels like people are staring into your soul.
In junior school,I always loved singing in front of people.
But,then secondary school started and my confidence shrunk.

I love drama.
I get to act and be myself.
I can get given a character,and turn it into a work of art.
Because,that's what drama is.Art.

8)Food tech.
It's ok,it's just the ingredient bit that i hate.
They make you write down the ingredients,and bring them in the following week.
If you don't you get a Detention.
Yeah,it sucks.

9)Resistent materials.
The second part of the Design technology part of my school week.
acouple of weeks ago,I was looking at the display board for DTRM,and it was CD covers.
I saw a My Chem one!
It looked great.
I nearly screamed

'who made that awesome CD cover?!'

But,I didn't.
I didn't wanna get bullied.

I kinda like RE.
Whenever we do an assesment,we get to watch The Simpsons after.

The place where I have My Chem fantasies.
Yes,I have read your's too.
There's one about Mikey carrying this kid outta French.
and another about Bob.
Plus,someone wrote about a dream involving 20 ninja turtles and Gerard.
coughs awkwardly

Where some my chem songs fit with specific topics.
such as:

I never told you what I did fora living -- Jack the Ripper
The ghost of you -- D-day

Those are the only two I can think of at this time.

Geography is ok,I guess..
We did a lesson on Obama..
Because America is England's "Sister Country".
Other than that,we learn about rainforests,oceans,all things Geographical.

I've talked too much.
Fave lesson?
Worst lesson?
and other genreral shit about school.


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