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A Temporary Note

by YoshikiHide182 1 review

for all the people who read my fanfic's

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Hi people

i'm sorry i haven't been on here much but whilst were on this note i'm just here to inform you that i'm going to stop writing till at least February

it's just the demand of all the fanfic's i need to finish and all and it's getting too much to cope with

as soon as I've had time to write new chapter and deal with all the shit that's going on in my life right now i'll start writing again and post new chapters

i may post a couple of chapters of different stories but i don't think it's likely

BUT i'm not leaving just to clarify so you don't need to worry about that
i'm just taking a break to re-valuate my life and where it's going...

yours truly

XxX YoshikiHide182 XxX
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