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lavis mistake

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I DO NOT OWN D.GRAY-MAN lavixallen kandaxallen Lavi and Allen have been in a relationship for 2 years but Allen is accused of cheating how will this effect kanda

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Allen and Lavi have been in a relationship for 2 years. Lavi just came back from a mission to hear people talking about his beloved Allen. Lavi walked over to the finders and asked them what was going on. Lavi then heard really disturbing news from the finders that he was taking to. he found out alien was cheating on him. Lavi could not take the news and quickly ran to his room to confront Allen.

Lavi was storming through the halls of the black order until he reached his door and stopped in front and took a deep breath before barging in.

"ALLEN WE NEED TO TALK" Lavi was furious and Allen could tell he took a deep breath before starting to talk. "sure why are you so angry" Allen was sure Lavi was mad. "I heard from one of the finders that you were cheating on me so who the fuck is he" Allen hesitated he was not sure what finder did so but who ever it was they were lying.

"Lavi I cant believe that you think I cheated on you I love you for god sakes" Lavi was now even more angry that Allen was lying to him or so he thought. "Allen don't lie one of the finders told me why would you" Allen was on the brink of tears. "Lavi..I love you I would never" Lavi was sort of sad and turned his head away. "Allen I want you to pack and be gone from this room starting in the morning".Allen was now begging for Lavi not to do this and was now sobbing what was he going to do Lavi was his life.

Allen had packed his things and was leaving the room when he was stopped by kanda. "damn moyashi get out of the wa-" kanda stopped because he could see that Allen was crying and he was generally concerned. "why the fuck are you crying" Allen looked up and saw kanda and was wondering why kanda cared at all. "if you are just ..sniff.. going to ..sniff.. make fun of me ..sniff.. don't please". kanda was now sure he new what the moyashi was crying about...Lavi.

"moyashi was it that usagi" Allen could do nothing but nod. kanda quickly reacted knowing the answer already. kanda grabbed Allen's hand and let his boxes fall. "k... kanda what are you ..sniff.. doing let ..sniff.. go". kanda said nothing and kept on dragging Allen to his room. witch by the way no one has been in. once they got to the room kanda put Allen on the bed and sat down on a chair near his bed. "what happened" Allen was put back at what kanda had just asked him. why did kanda care?

"why do you care?". Allen waited for a second to hear kandas response. "because, now are you going to tell me or not". Allen decided to tell kanda so he could leave. "well Lavi he came in and ..sniff.. accused me of cheating ..sniff.. on him because he heard it from a ..sniff.. finder so he kicked me out and we broke up ..sniff.. he was my whole life i would never cheat on him"

kanda gave a very concerned look and then angry look. "I'm going kill that usagi" Allen stopped kanda. "no, no matter what you think if you kill Lavi you kill me". kanda stopped knowing it was probably true and he would stay here with the moyashi and take care of him.

later in the day after telling Allen he would stay with him. Allen was in the bathroom now throwing up. Allen had been doing that for an hour now and barley had anything left in his stomach. Allen had been in kandas arms from that time on and is now just giving out big heaves because there was nothing left in his stomach. kanda was breaking at the seems he had to hear Allen calling Lavi's name and to sob uncontrollably.(sorry this part is kind of choppy)

kanda had offered food to Allen but Allen just rejected it. Allen had planned to leave kanda that afternoon and go to his own room. kanda had tried to get Allen to stay by his side but gave up because he knew Allen was going to go to his room no matter what he said. Allen went to his room and collapsed on the ground right when he walked in.

a week has passed. no one has seen Allen everyone now is concerned and went to go check up on Allen. when they gathered a team consisting of komui, lenalee, and kanda they headed for Allen's room. once at the door lenalee knocked "Allen you need to come out and eat". there was no response. they tried and tried but nothing happened. kanda was now furious that the moyashi would not open the door that he broke it down.

when the peered in all they saw was a passed out allen on the floor. lenalee quickly ran to check up on allen. she checked his pulse and turned to komui and said "WE NEED MEDICS RIGHT NOW HIS PULSE IS DYING". komui quickly ran to the rescue and came back with a medical team. they carefully took allen to the infirmary. when he reached there they started working on him immediately.

Lavi was walking down the corridor when he saw lenalee running towards him. somehow Lavi was taking this breakup way to easy witch was still a mystery to all of them."Lavi you jerk you broke up with allen and now he's in the god damn infirmary". Lavi stopped he did what there was no way his allen was in the infirmary because he broke up with him wasn't he the one who cheated on him. : why is he in the infirmary he cheated on me if anyone should be there its me". lenalee was now close to Lavi and she smacked him.

"Lavi allen didn't cheat on you all he is doing now is suffering because you heard a stupid rumor" Lavi finally let things soak in and ran past lenalee to the infirmary. Lavi reached the infirmary in record time to be stopped by kanda. "damn usagi you got allen hospitalized are you happy now". Lavi wasn't listening he was more concentrated on allen. he was trying his best to look over kandas shoulders to see allen but kanda was to tall to see over.

Lavi decided the best move right now was to apologize to allen so he pushed kanda away and ran to Allen's side. kanda was furious but let this one slide because Lavi started crying and Lavi never cried. Lavi begged allen to wake up. "I'm so sorry allen please wake up please I love you I believe you". kanda put a hand on Lavi's shoulder and said "you know he's in here?" all Lavi could do was nod and kanda sighed but continued. "he's in here because he did not have enough food in his system and because he was so dehydrated he didn't even leave his room for a whole week."

it took two weeks for allen to wake up but when he did Lavi was right by his side to apologize. "allen I'm really sorry I didn't even think to ask yo-" Lavi was interrupted by Allen's lips touching Lavi's.

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