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We're Going To Die In The Firefight But This Isn't Suicide

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These killjoys story with begin with the end. You will know the end and then walk with them threw their stories. The Helium Apocalypse and the need to survive binds them to a scary fate.

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   ~~~Authors Note: Lettuce is a plant that likes to be in the shade with sun only during half the day for it to grow best. The poor plant can get sun burn. It would never survive in the desert. But the radiation mutated it so it is able to grow. This radioactive lettuce is edible and when rubbed on the skin it can stop sun burn. It taste like shit unless it cooked though. That takes out most of the nutrition.~~~
Everyone in the room had their minds occupied with some sort of mind distracting entertainment. They were in a underground bunker dubbed "Helium Apocalypse" for the irony of why the bunker was even needed as shelter. It was crowded with six people. There were four doorways, on the west wall next to the over crowded book shelves was the exit. It lead to the above ground lovely en heavenly -sarcasm- land above of a desert called Zone 6. The north wall held a small table with a radio on top of it, a couch, and the two doors that lead to the small ass kitchen and almost worshiped storage room. Damn room held all our food, water and medical shit, so you bet your ass we cared for it like it was a god of storage, cuz it was in the end. East wall was the lovely and wonderful cramped bathroom -oh look, more sarcasm-, while along the same wall a nice and comfortable -dare I say? Tis sarcasm I find- bunk bed modified to fit three people. Another modified bunk to fit three more people and a ratty red lounge chair was on the south wall. Lastly a big table that fit everyone and was skewered with maps, old letters, pictures, books, songs and storage lists.
In the bunk it there was no noise, save the hum of quiet working voices and a fuzz in the background. All the killjoys trying to make as little sound, waiting for an anticipated moment. Lavlia aka Hope Apocalypse, a tall four eyed and brown haired woman, was sitting on the couch oddly-sense she suffered a war injury to her right leg and knee- silently trying to feed a mangy pug puppy she found and named Slaughter. No one told her the pup was going probably going to die soon. Across the room Mae aka Bulletproof Ghost, second oldest who has green eyes a black hair and about the loudest in the room currently, had parts of a broken laser gun splayed across the mid bed of her bunk tying to explain how to fix the triggering system on a laser gun to ditzy Nicolette aka Narwhal Explosions (sounds quite gruesome, no?), a pink haired air head . Alexandria aka Toxic Renegade, one of the sassiest youngin here with long dark brown hair, sat over in a dim corner of the the room, gazing at a fading picture. The oldest and only male in the group, Levi Oliver, stood in at the table in the middle of the beautifully oh so stuffy room. He had wavy reddish brown hair down to his shoulders (he was voted the sexiest man in the bunker last month, cuz the was really hard to achieve) and was currently trying to find places on a map he thought he might find supplies to fill a list he kept glancing at. Cleodora aka Cleo(if you like your arm not stinging(intact, unharmed)) aka Insanity Reaction laid on the un used bunks middle bed reading the only book from her favorite author she has seen sense 2019, two years ago.
The bunker was stuffy as fun and everyone was waiting for the soft fuzing sound to stop. For the sound to break from it's endless cracking to break and his voice to fill the room. We wanted Dr. Death Defying. We wanted his pirated radio station to play and we were scared it wouldn't. 109 used to always play music and he would be on by now. But things have been changing, at first his show fuzzing out here and there. Now it will go hours and a day but its been three days sense we've heard anything, the longest so far, it's never been past a day if being out.
It's killing us, waiting. Yearning, trying to not be to despera-'Thats it' Insanity thought 'fucking time to kill this depressing air. "Hope Apocalypse" she barked sharply standing up. 'y-yes Insanity?' she answer jumping slightly like everyone else in the room at the sudden loud voice that had spoken. 'I think it's time to release the fresh carbon dioxide and let in some brand new-poisonous air, don't you agree? Bulletproof Ghost put on your acid hat. Look out the kitchen window and tell me if it's needed then report back and get ready to open the doors a vents. 'Got it' Rusty how much water we got?" "About, the list says, oh about 14/15 gallons, I think we could do with some more harvest lettuce if its doing ok up there" he said scanning his list quickly before responding. "Alright then Narwhal, Toxic, Apocalypse, and I are going out for lettuce and water plus anything else we find. Rusty and- "There's no mist or acid rain and nobody outside here" interrupted Bulletproof. "Good your staying with Rusty, I hope you finish fixing and and please see how much helium we have left for the guns." Insanity finishing her commands.
Everyone suited up or got ready for opening the doors, we needed new air down here pretty bad. Bulletproof opened the exit while Apocalypse stood with her at the top of the stairs and made sure there weren't any radiation spikes going on sense it was only a bit after 1 pm and the sun was still hot.
Leaving behind Rusty and Bulletproof, we walked out into the cruel world to laugh in it's face. And to get lettuce. It was only a bit of a walk and Hope Apocalypse had brought the pup to run him a bit to him to eat so no one minded the sudden blast of the suns radiating heat, the safest radiation around here. While Narwhal and Hope was cutting up the lettuce plant like crazy people, nice crazies though, and harvested it effectively without killing the plants both Toxic and I stood watchin for any weather changes and dracs.
We nearly shot Rutsy when he came running out of the ground (bunker door really) and yelled in his sweetly deep voice "it's on, it's on!! Woe hey there now, don't shoot and get down here!!." Everyone grabbed their stuff and ran to the door, flying down the stairs. I grabbed the door and slammed it shut and launched myself down to stand next to the radio, noticing Narwhale had flung the lettuce on the table onto Rusty's map. He hates food on those-
"Look alive, sunshine. 109 in the sky but the pigs won’t quit. You’re here with me Dr. Death Defying. I’ll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter, pumpin’ out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you alive. A system failure for the masses, anti-matter for the master plan, louder than God’s revolver and twice as shiny. This one’s for all of you rock’n’rollers, all you crash queens and motor babies. Listen up! The future is bulletproof! The aftermath is secondary! It’s time to do it now and do it loud!
"WHOOOOOOOOAAAAA WE'ER THE KILLJOYS KEEPING THE REALITY REAL" screamed our group with retarded pride, cuz yeah, we'er retards and proud.
"Today before I get to the music I have a present for everyone, their the heros in the pretty colors Poison Party, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star and Kobra Kid. They got a message to spread and I approve. Listen up little kiddies." Dr. Death said before turing over the mike to Poison Party. "This is Poison Party and I gave a message for you all. This world is large. It's dangerous. Deadly. At times: You will feel alone. You will be alone.
But even when it's dark Even when everything seems lost Turn your eyes to the stars and remember this YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
In the desert, In the trenches, In the cities, We fight alongside you.
When you are injured, we'll care for you. When you are weak, we will give you strength. When you can't go on, we will carry you.
We are with you. And we will never leave you behind.
Continue to fight on Killjoys!!"
We all sat in silence for a moment, and that's when the emotion broke free to our faces. We smiled like fucktards and maybe even a few tears dropped. Our heros where out there and they cared for us. They were looking out for us and it was the best feeling ever. Dr. Death Defying started playing Back Against The Wall by Cage The Elephant and Insanity Reaction yelled "Common bitches what you sitting around for? You're killjoys around you? Move your asses and sing with your lips!!!
A week an a half later Dr. Death Defying announced in a voice barley autable and grieving that Gerard Way aka Poison Party, Frank Iero aka Fun Ghoul, Ray Toro aka Jet Star and Mikey Way aka Kobra Kid had fallen and no longer walked the road killing the dracs. They died facing off with the S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W.s. They died proud like true killjoys, facing and bring the reality to everyone, not matter how harsh it may of been.

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