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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

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Sarah and Jareth were married and happy. Then she died. Immortality was the only thing he couldn't give her. Now a new girl is attempting to solve the Labyrinth. Can she solve Jareth's heart as well?

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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Disclaimer: I do not own anything associated with the Labyrinth....But I can sure wish!

A young woman sat at a desk in her small apartment, bent over a paper, her hand on her forehead. She appeared to be concentrating hard. A look came over her face of complete understanding. But before she could move to write what she remembered, the shrill cry of a baby erupted in the next room. She laid down her pen with a sigh and rushed to the baby's room.

The young woman stood in the door way, looking at the crib with the writhing baby. This had been happening all week. She took the child to the doctor, but they said nothing was wrong. Lillian was usually such a good baby. What was wrong with her?

The young woman, who also happened to be her mother, walked over to the crib. Aurea was a caring mother. More so than most women at her age who had a baby and hadn't planned on it. She was careful in high school, but once she was free of her parents for college, passion got too strong a hold of her. She thought it was love. But she hadn't heard from Lili's father since she was born. That was the last time she saw him.

Aurea walked over, fighting frustration, and picked up Lilli, "Oh, darling, I wish you'd stop! I have exams this week in college, and you're not helping at all!" She gently sat the baby down in her crib once more, once she had stopped crying. She walked wearily into her bedroom and sat down at the desk again. She had been working the whole evening, and decided it was time for a break.

Aurea loved fantasy books and movies. In fact, before she moved out of her parent's house, her old bedroom was decorated in fairies and flowers, with the occasional dragon or two. Fairies and dragons could also be spotted in her new apartment, if you looked close enough. Her eyes searched the books on the shelf of her desk. She pulled out a small play book, The Labyrinth written in gold letters on the red cover of the book. She was almost done with it. About 15 minutes later, as she read the last few lines, the baby was crying again. She hurriedly finished the last line as she rushed in the room again.

Aurea looked down in the crib at Lilli. Nothing seemed to be wrong with her. She picked up the baby and held her. But her crying didn't stop this time. Aurea held her out, visibly frustrated, "Oh, what's wrong with you? If only you could talk and tell me," she laid the baby back in the crib and turned her back, "As much as I love you, sometimes I wish the goblins would come take you away, like right now."

As soon as she got done speaking, she heard the clap of thunder. "I don't remember there being any storms in the forecast for this week," she mumbled as she walked to the nearest window, in her room. She didn't realize Lilli was no longer crying until she had got done looking out the window at the pouring rain.

"Lilli? Lillian, dear?" Panicked, she ran to the crib, and a shaky hand reached down to the covers, only to pull them back to see nothing.


This is my first attempt at a Labyrinth fic, so please excuse any crappiness or OOCness (later on in the fic). Please R&R!!! Any and all criticism and suggestions are welcome. But please do be kind, and don't flame. I want constructive criticism, not insults.
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