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Dreams that become reality

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One-shot based on a dream I had

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I looked at my phone at a text I just recieved:

/Hey Amy,
It's Mikey, me and Gerard have been invited to the hobbit premiere and I was wondering if you'd like to be my plus one?/

Mikey wants me to be his plus one?

I then typed in my reply


I ran down the stairs quickly.
"Mum! Mum! Mikey's taking me to the hobbit premiere!" I squealled.
My mum looked at me.
"What are you gonna wear?" she asked.
"Um, this," I said looking at my Black Veil Brides t-shirt, jeans and converse.
"Oh no you don't, no daughter of mine is gonna walk down the red carpet like that!" she yelled grabbing my wrist and dragging me to my room.
She opened my wardrobe and pulled out a black dress.
"Um, mum thats not mine," I said.
"Yes it is, I just bought it for you, now put it on," she said.
"I'm not wearing a dress!" I yelled.
My mum got her hands ready to strangle.
"Okay! Okay! I'll wear it!" I exclaimed grabbing the dress.

2 minutes later...

Oh god, I look like I'm wearing a bin bag.
I think I'll be better wearing an actual bin bag!
I feel over exposed!
So much skin showing!
I kept my converse on so I could run out the house without being seen.
"Taxi!" I yelled.
The taxi pulled over and I got in.

5 minutes later...

The car pulled up outside and there was a huge crowd.
I slowly got out and managed to not be seen by the crowds as they were too distracted by the actors.
I walked into the reception looking for Mikey and Gerard.
People were starting to go in.
I started to loose hope that they weren't gonna turn up.
Suddenly I saw Mikey with his Misfits t-shirt and Gerard wearing a bright orange poncho.
"Why are you wearing a dress?" Mikey asked.
"Yeah I know it's ugly and horrible-" I started.
"No, you look beautiful," he said.
I felt myself blush.
"Mikey is that a new belt?" Gerard asked.
Random question.
"Yeah it is," Mikey said.
"It's nice," I said.
Mikey smiled and held my hand.
"Thanks," he said.
Why is he holding my hand?
We stared into each others eyes for a while then he kissed me softly.
Are we together?
Did I hit my head on something?
Gerard looked at both of us.
"I have an idea, how about I go to the premiere and you two go and have some alone time," he said.
"Great idea," Mikey said.
Wait! We're missing the premiere?!
Gerard walked in and Mikey smiled and kissed my forehead.
"Let's go," he whispered.
He led me outside and there was a random wardrobe there.
"Whys there a random wardrobe thats suddenly appeared?" I asked.
Mikey grinned and put a long blue silk cloak on me.
Okay are we playing dress up?
That's cool I can do dress up.
Mikey opened the wardrobe door took my hand and led me inside.
Okay we're playing hide and seek.
Suddenly the darkness of the inside of the wardrobe turned white.
I gasped.
"Oh my god! Is this Narnia?" I asked him.
He grinned, picked me up and spun me round.
I giggled as he did so.
He put me down and kissed me softly.
"I love you," he whispered...

I sat up awake.
I haven't seen him in years...
He and the guys left me behind to go on tour.
I don't think they'd remember me.
I got out of bed and got changed into my clothes.
I paced around my appartment trying to replay the dream inside my head before I lost it forever.
I heard the phone ring and I picked it up.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Um, is this Amy?" the voice asked.
"Yeah it is, who's this?" I asked.
"An old friend" it replied.
I froze.
"Can I come in?" it asked.
I slammed the phone on the holder.
I stopped for a moment longer then put on my converse and jacket and ran down the stairs.
I opened the front door and the person was walking away.
"MIKEY!" I yelled.
He turned around and we stared at each a few feet apart.
Then I broke into a run and dived into his arms.
"I missed you so much!" I cried.
I felt tears of hapiness fall down my cheeks.
"I missed you too!" Mikey replied hugging me tightly.
We stopped hugging and stared at each other.
He stroked my cheek gently.
"You're still so beautiful..." he whispered.
I blushed.
"Amy...I've missed you like crazy and its taken me so long to realise how I felt about you," he said.
"Mikey...I feel the same..." I whispered.
He moved towards me slowly.
Suddenly I felt something cold hit my nose.
We both looked up.
Mikey looked at me and smiled.
He took my face into his hands and kissed me softly.
I felt the fireworks explode inside me.
My first real kiss and it was even better than I imagined.
He pulled away slowly and looked at the snow that covered me.
"You're my beautiful snow angel," he whispered.
I blushed and he hugged me to his chest.
I guess dreams really do come true...
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