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more auditions for a new story i'm going to start working on. It's going to be very different from some of my others.

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Alright so I'm starting a new story about a post apocalyptic world. Pretty much the Earth is done for, everything is pretty much frozen over and most of humanity is either dead or has turned into 'creatures.' There are a few humans left, a group of teenagers, who are traveling through the wilderness trying to find something, anything.

So there is already three character, Rain, who is kind of like the leader of the group she's used to living off the land and having to fend for herself. There is also Frank who has known Rain pretty much his whole life. Then there is Gerard. He gets picked up along the way and is kind of whiny.

Anyway I'm going to need:
- about four or five people who are also going to travel with the group
- the wild men (they can be boys or girls) I'll need like three
- a rich city girl who is not at all used to living in the wild (her and Rain will kind of butt heads, she might also have a think with Frank or Gerard I don't know yet)

Here's what I'll need from you:

Age(no older than 18):
Weapon of choice:
One skill that you would bring to the group (tracking, hunting, fishing, etc...):
Appearance(eyes, skin, hair, etc..):
What is one trait you have that would bring down the group(don't like the cold, not used to living off land, etc...):
A brief background of the character:

I'm really looking forward to writing this one and wish you all luck. Remember, the more creative and interesting the more likely you are to get picked :)
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