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Right. My mind is wrecked right now..

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I write to you all this to be possibly the final chapter of my online diary.
My parents don't want me to be on here so much.
I just tried to kill myself.
They want to take this life,my life,away from me.
So I say goodbye,for a while.
I may just give my laptop back to my parents.
Never to write again.
Or,I could tell them how I really feel.
Tell them I need to decide on my own.
I'm ready to just give up.
No use in fighting so much anymore.
I'll never win.
But before I leave.
I want you to know.

The World Is Ugly.
But you're beautiful to me.
Are you thinking of me?
Like I'm thinking of you?
I would say I'm sorry
Though I really need to go
I justwanted you to know..

I will never forget any of you my friends..
I promise that..

xxx Sadie xxx
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