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Hey Thanks.

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Thank you, guys.

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Before I joined, I was a girl who gave a fuck. I gave a fuck about what people thought of me, and I didn't know how to stop. I wanted to please everyone and be the girl everyone wanted me to be. When I first joined this site, I was so worried about what you guys were going to think of me. Quickly, though, I learned that you guys didn't give a fuck about what others thought of you, and I was taught to go in with an "I don't care." Attitude.

Also, another thing:

Did you guys know that I used to HATE writing. HATE it. But I started to write because I wanted to get out an idea, an idea that started me writing it all.

I also used to not listen to MCR much, and I started here in the Panic! Section, originally. You guys were the reason I went into the MCR column.

There are a few people I'd really like to thank, so bare with me.

Hozzie- Dude, you were and are the sweetest person ever. I thought that the moment I read one of your stories. You, Penina, and Raven always were the three musketeers, and I was shy at first because I didn't want to interfere with that, but I discovered that you went so beyond that and helped me feel welcome.

Penina- I remember thinking " Dude, how are she so fricking nice?!" . You were one of the many that I thought about when I heard "popular authors". Thanks for being so nice all this time.

Raven- You're so awesome! Your stories are incredible, have thought put into them, and have so much heart! I really admire you, as both an author and friend.

Sam- You were one of my first friends on here! You're the awesomest person ever! You're so incredible at writing and in being awesome. You are so great! I'm glad your my friend. I'm glad I ever met you, because you are truly, and most definitely awesome.

Miranda- I love you! You're so great, and funny, and are also awesome at writing. You helped bring my Abstinent Ryan Ross to life. You're amazing.

Mazy- I can never thank you enough. You took a chance on me and my first story, and you gave me my first review! I'm so glad you did, because that review led to an army of stories and lyrics and reviews and friends made. Whether you know it or not, that day you gave me my first review really made all the difference. You truly gave me a gift.

Ellie- You are another amazing girl. You review everything I write and the more I got to know you, the more awesome you became to me. See you in two years.

Ash- You have truly been such an amazing person. You are an amazing person, both inside and out. Your lyrics are beautiful and deep and you're just so awesome.

Kristi- I wonder if I spelt your name right...? I started in the Panic! Section first. I was originally a part of that section. Your writing is so amazing and it inspired me to really get into Panic! More and to write. You, too, gave me a gift.

Lauren- You're such a funny person! I absolutely love you and to have you as a friend is such a fucking honor.

Ryan- You are so great, seriously. You're one of (ONE OF) the best homosexuals I know! You're just so great.

Abbie- You produce such amazing poetry and you're so frickin great. I absolutely adore you.

Liz- You need to listen to MCR more! You're so great, and you offered me help when I needed it the most. Thanks.

Amy- You're such a great person, a great writer, and I hope you never change for anyone.

Mia- You are such a great friend and having you as one is so great! :D BROWN ALLIANCE!

Mel- You write amazing stories, and have such astounding ideas. You're so great!

Jazzy- You, too, have great ideas. I love your ideas, and you're such a great friend!

And to the rest of FicWad: thank you for making my year an incredible one. Keep writing, reading, rating, reviewing, and I'll see you all in 2014.

Happy new year.
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