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Dreams can be the worst killers

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16 year old Autumn ends life leaving everyone puzzled as to why... the answers are in the diary left to her long term crush.

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I'm sorry guys... it's been like 2 years since i've uploaded anything... things have been hard so uploading wasnt really the first thing on my mind.... but now things are a little calmer i can get back into it all....
Hope yous all enjoy it.. Sophie Louise x
oh.. The story will be in Mikey's P.O.V and a diary.

She's gone...
My best friend, gone.
We didn't see it coming. It wasn't something anyone every would have thought of her doing. She was a beautiful, creative and imaginative girl, so happy, made everyone's day brighter, helped us all out if we had trouble's.
High dosage of pills and some deep cuts on her wrists that did it.
She looked so fragile when we found her. Me and Ray found her.
We couldn't find her for most of the day, she didn't answer her calls. She wasn't at home, so there was only one place that she could of been.
The hill with a cherry blossom. It was her favourite place. She said she felt peaceful there, She could open her eyes up and let them absorbe the beauty of nature.

I should have seen it. I should have stopped her.
The clues were there now thinking of it.
Autumn, ray, gee and myself were sat a the blossom tree, just lying down making pictures out of the clouds. Everything was silent, then she quietly said "Isn't it beautiful? I'd spend my last moment here"
We just agreed and didn't think anything of it.
I should have realised.

When we saw her lying there, Ray found her diary next to her with a note on to me..

when you read this i will have made my peace.
Please don't blame yourself for this. It wasn't your fault, or Ray's or any of the others.
I realise that you may not understand why i have ended this now.
I wish i could have told you in person, but no-one would have understood.
I managed to cover up the flaws so well. I'm amazed myself.
So i have left you my diary. Hopefully it will shed some light into my reasoning.
All my love, to you all
Autumn xx'

So, here i am, sat on my bed staring at the diary, tears already welling up.
but i have to know...
I open it slowley, and carefully, and begin to read...
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