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(ONE SHOT)X say their last goodbye's to their fallen guitarist, but he can still hear them

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This was it he guessed. He hated seeing so many people crying over him and mourning, It just made him feel so bad for what happened. He looked over at the casket where his body laid and sighed before turning around to face the faces of his band members.

First it was Toshi, who walked over to where the pink haired man laid lifelessly. Hide smiled to himself when he thought of all the brilliant times he spent with toshi doing random stuff on stage to being there when he was depressed. Toshi’s once smiling face projected sadness as he thought of his deceased friend. “I hate it when your sad.....” Hide whispered but toshi couldn't hear him. No one could.

“Sleep well my friend there will be another moment we'll meet again, Though I still wish you were here” Toshi voice cracked with sadness as he thought back tears that were streaming down his face. Hide almost didn't notice the white rose he slid under his death white hands as he went to sit down.

The next person up was heath. His eyes were puffy from countless times of crying over his fallen friend. The bass player was a fun person to hang around with and drink with. Hide still smiled over the memory of when heath auditioned to be in the band whilst nursing over a bad hangover.

“I'm not gonna say goodbye cas I know we'll meet again so for now i'll say thank you” Heath croaked as his voice faded into the silence of the muffled sounds of crying. He them went and sat down next to Toshi

“Don't cry....please” Hide choked back trying to fight back tears over the fact that he was never going to see them again. Pata came up after heath and looked in a sorry state like toshi and heath. Pata's eyes were dark from lack of sleep and his voice was faint from remorse. Was always the calmer one of the group and was always hide's drinking buddy. Not only that he would listen to problems like hide did and didn't judge what someone as saying.

Pata slid a bottle of jack daniel's into his casket and whispered “Keep that safe for me so that when I see you again we can drink again” he smiled quickly before it turned sad and pata joined the rest of the group.

And finally there was yoshiki. This was the one hide was dreading the most. Tears streamed down his face as his blonde bangs stuck to his face from all the tears dripping down his face. During all the time in X and when they disbanded hide and yoshiki stayed close to each other from sharing a room on tour, to supporting each other when they had breakdowns. He never judged hide for who he was and always supported him in everything he did.

“No matter how hight the walls were, we surpassed them together didn't we? Thank you pink spider you can sleep now because I think I can walk on my own for now. I still believe we'll meet again so for now i'll say so long and good night, but i'm not going to say goodbye yet” Yoshiki whispered in a crying tone. Tears streamed down hide's face as he saw yo-chan sit next to the rest of the band.

Hide felt his soul getting lighter and lighter but gathered up all his strength to send a telepathic message to all his band members saying “Although i'm no longer with you in person I want you to know that if you ever feel alone, sad or depressed about anything just know that I will always be by your sides no matter what to get you through the days until we meet again”

He smiled as he saw the shocked reactions on his friends faces as they got the message and looked at each other in disbelief and hope. Hide saw a light coming from the open door which was the sign that he had to go. He walked over to the door and before fading from the earth to the afterlife he looked at his grieve sickened friends and whispered “Goodbye” before fading from the earth to the afterlife.
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