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Audition Your Stories

by OhmyGee 16 reviews

If you have any stories or fics that you want to be added to a rec list, come here

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Spam, yeah, I get that. Whatever.

Anyway, I am creating a Rec List. I want it to have about 50 - 100 fan fictions on it. The point is, I need more fics on it. If you want any of your stories on here, then fill this out below.

Quick Summary:

Note, you may submit ANY amount of stories you want. They can be yours, or they can be someone else. Just don't get too hyper, only submit the stories that you really, really like. Be prepared to take criticism. If your stories are just awful, then I may give it a bad review. (I never give out bad reviews though, so don't get too scared. If you need to ever contact me about this because you are shy commenting, then my email is on my profile. Or you can just review here.

Thanks for readin'
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