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The Deed of the Two Assassins PART 1:

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Part 1 is of course introducing you to the beginning of two assassins very well trained. Both of the ages 16. And their mission to Assassinate a long time enemy of there's...Blade.

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"I'll be back soon!" Raven says. She quickly grabs her bag, props it up on her shoulder, and rushes out the door. "Raven! Wait up!" Justin says as he quickly sprints out the door and catches up to Raven.
"Justin what time did Father say we had to be back by?"
"I didn't hear him say anything but he won't worry if we're out later then expected."
"How do you know?"
"I don't know..."
"Wow OK..." Raven says as Justin goes elsewhere.
"Justin!" Raven calls out. "Where are you going!"
"Don't worry about it! I'll meet you in about half an hour when I'm done OK?"
"Ok...DON'T late." Raven yells.
With Justin already nowhere to be seen, Raven continues to walk down the sidewalk for a while. 15 minutes go by.
As she arrives to her destination she hears something softly whisper in her ear "Hello dear assassin..."
Raven quickly spins around with fear all over her face. With nothing said..she looks around slowly with full caution. Nothing to be seen. "What the hell..?" she says to herself.
Raven continues her way into the forest and comes upon the tallest tree in the forest.
Brushing what had just happened off her shoulder, she climbs up the tallest tree and sits on the highest branch and peers over the dampened, tortured woods.
There had been a fire a couple weeks ago that struck nearly half the forest. Nobody knew and nobody knows what had caused it.
"It looks so..depressed now" Raven thought to herself.
Something then shuffles in the bushes below. Raven looks down and stares over where the noise came from, startled.
"RAVEN!" A voice yells out.
"What! Who said that?" Raven whips out a knife prepared..even though she's perfectly safe way up in that tree.
"It's me dumbass. Your brother Justin!"
"Oh...." Furiously Raven yells "Don't ever scare me like that!"
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't even do was your got scared."
"Oh shut up.."
"hey.." Justin says as he climbs up the tree to sit next to Raven. "It's OK."
Raven sighs and opens her bag to put her knife back in.
"Look at the blood moon..It's!"
"You don't say?" Justin sarcastically says.
Raven giggles and rests her head on her brothers shoulder.
"He's out there..and we're going to find him and kill him." Raven says.
"Eventually...for the past couple days we've come out here and sat on this very tree. No sight of him. When do you think he'll show?"
"When there's a half blood moon..which is two days from now. Not long..."
"We should hop back down and get some rest okay?"
"Okay. If anything alarms you, IMMEDIATELY wake me up. I will take care of it."
"You're a girl..but OK."
While climbing down the tree, Raven says "What does being a girl have to do with anything?"
They had reached the bottom and Raven had quickly taken out medicine from her bag and gave herself a shot in the arm.
..."I hate it when she does that..uses a shot to make herself fall asleep. Why cant I do that? Oh yea...I'm afraid of needles. Damn I'm a pussy."
Without anything further said, Justin kicks back and rests his head on his hands soon enough to fall asleep.
~Later on in the night~
...."Rest well my little assassins. For when you wake up..expect a"
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