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Chapter 11

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hmm.... Just random stuff I guess.. more comedy!!

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Chapter 10.
Doing ok with this story.
So,I'mma add some comedy in there,maybe a bit of romance..
Let's just see where this takes us,eh?

Chapter 11

That night wasn't like any night Sadie had before.
But,she didn't have sex with Gee.
It'd wouldn't feel right,to either of them.
So,they just made out and slept together.

That day though,they craved eachother.
They needed eachother.
But,they were in the middle of a crowded room,trying to hide the feeling.
Luckily,they made an excuse.
"I just need to get something from my room quick"Gee said,getting up and leaving the room.
Sadie waited for Gee to text her the signal,then excused herself to go to the 'bathroom'.
She followed the directions to the closet.
She entered then shut the door,switching out the light behind her.
"Ready?"Gee whispered to her.
"Yeah,you know I am"She replyed and they forced their lips together.
Their tongues later entwinned together,and a smile appeared on Gee's face.
He wanted to go further,but he couldn't.
So,he pulled away.
"Hey,why'd you do that?"Sadie asked,sitting next to him.
"I just,can't start making out with you if we're not gonna do it."Gee confessed.
"Oh.."Sadie sighed,before getting up and going to the door.
"Where you going?"Gee asked.
"They're gonna wonder where I am,and plus,if you don't wanna do it with me,like I want with you,what's the point in doing this then?"Sadie nearly shouted.
"You want this too?"Gee asked as a smile appeared on his face,teeth glinting in the light from the window.
"You know I do,remember?"Sadie said calmly.
"Meet me back here tonight then,if you wanna do it"Gee said,pretty excitedly.
"Ok"Sadie smiled then left.
"Hey,kiddo,that was a long pee you just took then!"Frankie joked when Sadie got back to the lounge.
"You know how girls are these days,Frankie"Sadie laughed as she walked over to her friends.
"I really need to talk to you outside,guys.It's a secret"Sadie whispered to her friends.
"Ok"Shayla smiled warmly and Lauren,Kendal and herself got up and all four girls walked out the room.
Sadie shut the door behind her,then let out her secret.
"I may have,kinda,kissed Gee"Sadie blurted out quietly.
"And?"Lauren said.
"Lauren,you don't get it.I kissed Gee!"Sadie said again,putting emphasis on the word 'kissed'.
"Oh!"Lauren then caught on.
"Your sister's gonna kill you,ya know?"Shayla warned.
"Shay,I know that!"Sadie answered.
"What'd it feel like?"Kendall asked.
"Perfect!"Sadie giggled,making everyone else giggle too.
"So,that's where you went just then?"Kendall giggled.
Sadie replied with a small nod.
"You girls gotta swear down that you won't tell anybody else,especially not Tiara!"Sadie warned.
"We promise"All the girls swore on their lives.
"Friends for life?"Sadie asked,putting out her hand.
"Friends for life"All the other girls said,putting their hand on top of Sadie's and they did the secret 'Friends for life' handshake.
Then,they all walked back into the lounge,smiling widely.

Ok,this was kinda short but I was battling Writer's Block so please forgive me..
Now,I know I said absinence was in this story for my character,but I am dying to write another smutty scene so,I thought,just this once.
Also,R&R,as you guys usually do..
I want more R&R's before I update this story
Love you guys,you're the bestest friends I have ever had!
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