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Ares informs Xena of a catastrophic prophecy. What is it?

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It was a gloomy day. Fog rolled over the land. Huge mountains towered over anything that stood below them. The trees were still, no wind to create a sound or movement. A long stream ran downward toward the plains far below. In the misty hills stood a figure. It was a woman. She rode up from on a horse. As the fog began to clear away, the horse came into full view. It was a golden colored horse with a white diamond shape on its forehead down to its muzzle. Its tail and mane where long and white flowing in the wing as the horse gracefully ran. Argo was its name. The woman on the horse was beautiful. She was a tall, dark woman with long, raven hair that flowed down to her mid-back. She had beautiful crystal blue eyes that could make any man fall for her. But she wasn’t just a woman, she was a warrior. She wore her usual armor, a black leather tunic that hugged her every shape and form. It had a skirt with frayed strips that went down to her mid-thigh. Over her tunic, she wore a golden metal breastplate and backplate with the same type of metal for her shoulder-pads. Her sword at her back and a round weapon, her signature weapon, the Chakram, at her side. She had knee-high leather boots, suitable for any type of movement or terrain. Her name was Xena, she was known throughout the world as the ‘Warrior Princess’ or ‘Slayer of Gods’. Some formally know her as ‘Destroyer of Nations’, while warlords and some warriors know her as ‘Ares’ Chosen’ or ‘Ares’ Favorite’. She rode with no emotion, seeming expressionless since departed from her best friend, Gabrielle and daughter, Eve. Xena didn’t stop riding, fore she knew she was being watched, stalked, and followed. She rode far and fast, covering miles of land in minutes. She was heading to again, defeat the Persian army. Only she has defeated them, which she did alone because Gabrielle's life had been slipping away. She was dying then, like she was dying now.

Chapter 1 - Poisoned
The three women had made camp that night. It was late and they still had a five hour ride to Potedia, Gabrielle’s birth-town. Both Eve and Gabrielle had fallen asleep after they put their bedrolls down. They were exhausted from the long journey they’ve been taking. Xena fell asleep last, thinking, always thinking.

Xena had waken up first, around six in the morning. Again, she had been sitting for hours, thinking about Gabrielle’s sister and how she would react. After all, Gabrielle’s parents weren’t too fond of Xena before they past away, because she was the one who made Gabrielle a warrior in the first place.

Hours later, Eve and Gabrielle wake up to find Xena gone. Argo was too, missing.

Xena had scouted ahead, Argo at her side. She was about half a mile away from camp. She took slow steps, not making a sound. She was listening to the forest, for any sound of attackers. She heard a crack of a branch, then was replace by gasping and hyperventilating. She turned her head to the sound. A tall curly-haired man came running through the bushes. He was limping badly and bleeding with cuts and bruises on his body. He halted and fell back. He rolled over to face her, “Run woman, they’re gonna kill us all.”

She bent down to help the man with a badly bleeding wound on his chest under his shirt. She ripped open his shirt and touched the wound. He screamed and she looked up. “You broke 3 ribs.” She did a pressure point to his chest around the wound. “What did you do to me?” “I blocked your nerves. Now, you can’t feel most of the pain that will have to be done in order to heal you., but you will feel some pain.” He nodded and closed his eyes. She looked at him as if to say she was sorry, then she looked down. She put both hands on his rib cage. She pressed down and started feeling around for where the broken ribs were. She found them but one was puncturing his lungs, that’s why he’s hyperventilating. She found the edge of the bone. She reached to her right boot down to where her ankle is, pulling out a dagger. “Ready?” “Yeah.”. She put the dagger under the rib, and slowly pushed down. At about an inch deep she started cutting a half circle in his skin. He winced, and throughout the whole time had his mouth open, trying to hold in cries of pain. She lifted up a huge flap of skin and again looked at him, feeling sorry. She stuck her hand through the hole and into his body. He screamed constantly. She grabbed one of the broken ribs, making sure she had the right grip. Again she glanced at the screaming man and back down. She tightened her grip on the rib, and put pressure on his chest. She pulled the rib up to where it was now in place. He cried in pain, screaming worse than anyone ever could.

One by one, the same thing happened. She took her hand out when she was done and closed the flap of skin. She started sewing it back together. After she tied it off, men came running toward her with swords in their hands. “That’s them. They did this to me,” the man said. The men looked at Xena, then looked at her right arm. It was covered in blood, trickling down her arm and off her fingers. They looked back at her. Some ran, but two stayed.

They charged. She bent down, and picked up the bloodied dagger. She threw it at the bigger man, hitting him in the face near the lower left of the forehead. He fell to the ground, blood oozing out of the wound. She ran up to the other man that charged at her. Just before they collided, she ran up him like a wall, kicked him in the face and flipped off him onto the ground. She heard the scream of two women and instantly knew who they were. The man got back up and took out a dagger from behind her. Xena, facing the other direction, took out her chakram. She applied pressure to the center and making it split into two. He charged at her dagger in hand. With one part of the chakram in each hand, she turned around and swung one hand out, cutting the mans dagger. He staggered in shock. With the other hand, Xena swung the chakram at his head, almost fully decapitating him. She ran over to the other man and pulled her dagger out of his face. She ran to Argo and took out a black cloth from her saddle-bag. She wiped the cloth over the bloodied blade of the dagger, cleaning it off. Then put the dagger back where it belongs. She got on Argo and rode to camp.

When she got there, Eve and Gabrielle were being attacked. A group of 13 Persian men pounced. Xena got off her horse and helped them with the battle. Eve and Gabrielle battle with the strength of many, but Xena stood out. Soon, both Xena and Eve were too busy performing a series of flips and kicks to notice Discord, the one out of many Greek gods, that would help the Persian army get back at Xena for beating them in battle many years ago.

The other gods, including Zeus, knew Xena was too dangerous. The only reason is because she had the power to kill gods. Knowing her reputation, they didn't want to take a chance. They saw her in battle. She defeated an army of over 300 soldiers by herself, resurrected from the dead over 3 times, Killed some gods, almost took over most of the land with Ares help, and even has a God on her side.
Discord shot an arrow at Gabrielle’s shoulder while she was fighting. After Xena and Eve killed all the others. They ran over to Gabrielle. Xena blocked her nerves. Xena looked at Gabrielle and Gabrielle nodded. Eve started a fire and Xena got a thin metal bar she kept on Argos harness. She put it in the fire until it turned an orange color. Xena pushed the arrow through Gabrielle’s shoulder until the arrowhead came out the other hand. She broke the arrowhead off and pulled the arrow out. Then she got the orange bar and stuck it through the wound, twisting it to clean it out. Then she pulled it out. Gabrielle screamed throughout the whole time. Xena looked at the arrow head to to find a strong smell. She brought it closer to her face to get a better smell of exactly what it was. After she smelled it, brought the arrow down slowly in shock and looked at the arrow design. It was a Persian arrow. A poisoned arrow.

Chapter 2 - The Gods Plans
Discord only did that as a consequence of Xena for having been the God of War's obsession. It wasn't her fault Ares had fallen in love with her. It had been many years since Xena and Ares had parted from being lovers. Though Xena was somewhat over him, it was obvious that he was still falling for her. He'd been trying to get her back ever since she'd left him, trying to seduce her back over to the dark side. But this was before he knew how he felt, he'd eventually came to admit that he'd loved her. He'd try to tell her loads of times, only coming to find her either disagreeing or leaving before he could finish. So he eventually wanted her by force. He then tried seducing her for a child of his own in exchange for his love loyalty, and protection.

Of course she turned it down. She had a good reason to. Last time they were together, He turned her into a heartless monster, killing anyone that questioned her, got in her way, or when she just felt like shedding blood. He turned her into a ruthless, evil, Warlord
She and Eve took Gabrielle to her sister, Lila, and her niece, Sarah’s house. They hospitalized her and soon after, Xena left to get the antidote. Eve stayed behind with Gabrielle for support and company.

It was a gloomy day. Fog rolled over the land. Huge mountains towered over everything that stood below them. The trees were still, no wind to create a whistling sound or movement. A long stream ran downward toward the plains far below. In the misty hills stood a figure. It was a woman. She rode up from on a horse. As the fog began to clear away, the horse came into full view. It was a golden colored horse with a white diamond shape on its forehead down to its muzzle. Its tail and mane where long and white, flowing in the wing as the horse gracefully ran. Argo its name was. The woman on the horse was beautiful. She was a tall, dark woman with long, raven hair that flowed down to her mid-back. She had beautiful crystal blue eyes that could make any man fall for. But she wasn’t just a woman, she was a warrior. She wore her usual armor, a black leather tunic that hugged her every shape and form. It had a skirt with frayed strips that went down to her mid-thigh. Over her tunic, she wore a golden metal breastplate and backplate with the same type of metal for her shoulder-pads. her sword at her back and a round weapon, her signature weapon, the Chakram, at her hip. She had knee-high leather boots, suitable for any type of movement or terrain. Her name was Xena, she known throughout the world as the ‘Warrior Princess’ or ‘Slayer of Gods’. Some formally know her as ‘Destroyer of Nations’, while warlords and some warriors know her as ‘Ares’ Chosen’ or ‘Ares’ Favorite’. She rode with no emotion, seeming expressionless since departed from her best friend, Gabrielle and daughter, Eve. Xena didn’t stop riding, fore she knew she was being watched, stalked, and followed. She rode far and fast, covering miles of land in minutes. She was heading to again, defeat the Persian army. Only she has defeated them, which she did alone because Gabrielle's life had been slipping away. She was dying then, like she was dying now.

As Xena was looking in the distance, she felt a surge of energy go down her spine and closed her eyes. "Come out, Ares, I know your here." He appeared out of thin air as a flash of blue light. He was tall, dark and handsome. the kind of man any woman could fall for, and a woman would die if he fell for her. Anyone except Xena. He had a very short but dark Van Dyke beard and short black. His dark brown eyes stared at her while she looked forward and not at him. He wore his usual black vest, sword at his side, and black leather plants that were soon covered by his long black boots. "Your still the only mortal I know who can do that," he said walking toward her horse with a smirk. All she did was stare into his eyes coldly, "what do you want?" "You always have to get straight to the point, do you?" he sighed, "I know why your here." "Oh, spying on me now are you?" she said agitated. Ignoring her question, he went on with what he was saying, "Your after the Persians. You know that they're just gonna keep coming 'till your dead." She looked away. "Discord wanted revenge so she poisoned the annoying blonde. Your going because you know they are the only other people with the cure. The only other people with the antidote is Athens and by the time you get there, she would be dead. You know I'm right," he said looking at her, the smirk on his face completely faded. Xena darted her head back over to him and sneered, "what do you care?" It was quiet for what seemed like a century but only lasted minutes. Then he answered, his voice tender and soft, "Xena, you can't even begin to imagine how much I care. I don't like seeing you like this, Xena." She looked down at him from on top of her horse. His eyes showed pain, sorrow, and regret for things he did to her in the past. She also saw something in there that she thought was never possible for the God of War. She saw compassion, she saw love. "I love you, Xena." She was surprised he actually admitted it, but she couldn't take it, not now, not with Gabrielle in the state she's in. After getting no response from Xena, who was looking down at her horse, he vanished in a similar way he came. All the other gods, but Aphrodite and Cupid, thought it was a trick. They thought Ares was faking this just to get Xena back into the warlord she was. But Aphrodite and Cupid knew the truth, it wasn't just regular old love, it was true love.

Xena just sat there on her horse, looking at where Ares once stood. Two arrows came out from the trees behind her. She turned around and about inches from her face, she caught one with her right hand and the other with her left. She turned to face forward and one last arrow came out of the trees. As it came she leaned over ever so slightly to the left and caught the last arrow in her teeth. She took the arrow from her mouth and held them all in her left hand, putting Argo to a sprint toward the trees where she saw a small group of Persians. While Argo was at a gallop, she flipped off Argo and onto the one of seven men, knocking him unconscious. Seven, now six Persian men stood before her, the ones that had shot the arrows. She flipped off the guy onto the ground. Before anyone was able to react, she took two of the three arrows she held in her hand. She smelled the tip, "poison just like Gabrielle," and threw it at two of the men. She put the third arrow on her belt next to her chakram. There were four guys left, but only three charged at her. She got her chakram and thew it at one of the mens faces. It bounced of his face to the next two and back to her. She caught it as they fell to the ground, dead. The biggest of the man stood there starring at her. He didn't run because Persians don't run, they stand and fight to the death. Finally, he charged, sword in hand. Xena flipped over his head and kicked him in the back, making him fall to the ground. As she landed she turned around and took a step so that she was over him. He turned and tried to crawl away, but she turned him around by the collar, and did a pressure point to his neck. She held his head up by holding his hair and suddenly, it was a whole lot harder for him to breath, his face turned red, his veins swelled and his nose started to gush blood. "I've just cut off the flow of blood to your brain. You'll be dead in thirty seconds unless I release you. Now tell me, who's your leader," she growled. He was in real pain, but he didn't respond. "Ten seconds," she said seconds after. "Discord, Discord is leading our army," he finally said. "What does she want." "You dead." She undid the pinch, but took the arrow from her belt. She plunged it deep within his stomach, red blood slowly pouring out. He cried out in pain, "I'm going to let you die slowly, but with much more pain," she growled. She let go of his hair and kicked him to the ground, letting the arrow run through his body like a spear.

She got back on Argo, and followed tracks that were leading to the Persian camp. She looked at her chakram and thought to herself, ' Ares gave this to me as a warlord when I murdered billions of innocents every day with his help. Pain and death to everyone around me, screams of horror and agonizing pain. I use it everyday. If I claim to hate him so much, why do I still have the one thing he gave to me? Do I still have feelings for him?' She shook the thoughts out of her head. Instead she thought about how she was going to take over and victor the Persian army. Simple, beat the leader. It was a simple task, not an easy one.

Chapter 3 - Getting the Cure
Around sundown, she saw the camp. She waited until it was completely dark to head out. She didn't bother putting up a fire because all it would do was get the Persian's attention to ruin the whole thing. Once it was dark, she let Argo go, "Argo, I want you to go as far away from here as you can, do you here me?" she said gesturing Argo to leave. Argo road up the hill then turned to look at Xena. "Go!" she yelled. Argo left her sight. Xena didn't want Argo to get hurt. Xena knows the Persians and they would have killed Argo if they found her.

She sneaked into the Persian camp, hidden by the dark. There were about 600-1000 Persians in the camp. It had to be the main camp. She saw the leaders tent because it wasn't that hard to spot. It was big and red and in the night it seemed to glow because of the light inside.

She sneaked in without anyone noticing her and took her sword quietly out of it's scabbard. The tent had bricks on the inside walls and the fabric was blue instead of red. There were two soldiers talking to Discord and Xena could clearly make out what they were saying. "We found Xena's horse just beyond the perimeters of the camp," the soldier on the right said. "Good," said Discord, "that means she's nearby. Set up a mount of soldiers on the perimeter at the..." "East, that's where we saw it last," said the soldier on the left finished. "Damn you, Argo," Xena muttered under her breath. "Tell them that next time they see the horse, kill it. That will break Xena's little heart. Now leave," Discord to the men. They bowed their head and left the tent. Discord sat on her chair.

Once Discord was alone, Xena came out from where she was hidden before. "Hello, Discord," Xena said, taking out her sword and holding out in front of her. Discord just looked at her with a smile on her face. "Xena, so you know. Poor, Gabrielle. She's probably dead now." They clashed swords and fought for minutes. After about 20 minutes, Xena gained the upper hand. With her strength, Xena pushed Discords sword down the her neck. Then Discord, with a godly glow, moved Xena's sword toward Xena and kicked her square in the stomach. Xena flew across the tent and onto a chest of Hephaestus's metal, unbreakable by man nor god. Xena's head hit the chest, hard and being only a mortal, got into a concision and fell into a coma. Discord got up and stood over Xena, who had a huge gash on her bleeding head. "Well, well, well Xena. Looks like Gabrielle wont be getting her cure after all," Discord said holding her sword above Xena's heart. Just as she brought the sword down before hitting Xena, a blue fireball hit Discord hard in the side, knocking her out.

Just as Discord fell to the ground, Ares ran over to Xena and picked her head up holding her unconscious body in his arms. "Xena, I'm sorry. This is all my fault," he said moving her ravin hair from her face. "If I hadn't been so obsessed with you, if I hadn't loved you, you would be in a better state and none of this would've happened. You wouldn't be in this near death state and Gabrielle would still be okay." He looked at her bones to see if any bones were broken. In fact, her skull had been cracked open. He saw that she was internally bleeding in the head. He put his fingers to her neck, checking for her pulse. It was slow, but still going. He unintentionally put one of his hands on her stomach, and looked at his princess, then looked down. Her breath was slow, going up and down. She released another breath, and it was longer than the rest. Her stomach didn't rise again. He perked his head up at this, and check her pulse again. Nothing. "Xena?" After about half a minute, he started to panic, "Xena?!" He shook her violently. Nothing. "Xena!" He pounded on her chest trying to restart her heart. Again, nothing. Ares can't heal her because he doesn't have that power. Only Athena does, and you have to have her blessing to do so. If Ares tried asking, Athena wouldn't except because if Xena lives, Xena would be able to kill her. He did mouth to mouth, it still didn't work. He lifted his head to the skies and screamed, "Xena, No!"

His screams shook the very earth, and all of Olympus. All the other gods heard and winced at the sound, all except Aphrodite. "Ares, I'm so sorry dear brother," Aphrodite said to herself, tears dripping down her face.

Ares looked back down at Xena, tears filling his eyes. "Why did you leave me? You were the one thing in the world I care about. Why did you leave now forever alone, Xena?" He put his hand and brushed her face. "I love you, Xena," he leaned over and brushed his lips with hers. A tear rolled down his cheek as he pulled away. A tear drop landed on Xena's face near her closed eye. It rolled down her face and fell on the ground as if it had been her own tear. He widened his eyes remembering something. He held his hand up and a small, round container with an imprint of Xena's chakram on it with an X engraved in the center materialized in his hand. It was filled with a red liquid, Gorgons blood. It is said it could revive the dead only minutes after death with one drop as long as the god gives up his immortality, but it's never been proven to work. He put a finger over her lip, opening her mouth. He opened the cap of the container with his thumb. He poured a drop of the liquid in her mouth. Nothing. He dug his head in her chest, eyes closed and tears dripping down his face. All of a sudden, he heard 'thump... thump...thump... He opened his eyes and darted his head up so that his face was feet from hers. Her eyes shot open and she gasped. Her blue orbs, once again, filled with life. She caught her breath and realized he was there and that he saved her. He looked down at her his last tear sliding down his face, hand on her cheek. He didn't care about his reputation at the moment, not after what just happened. She smiled and put her hand on his in return, wiping the tear away before it fell. Before she put her hand down he grabbed her hand and held it in his. "I thought I lost you," Ares said smiling back. "You almost did, but no, Ares. Not yet, not for a long time." They fell into a long, tender kiss.

While they were catching up, they forgot all about Discord. They didn't realize that Discord had awaked at the sight of the kiss. Jealous that Xena was now with Ares, she charged at the couple, sword in hand. Xena pulled away from Ares embrace, got upon her feet, picked up her sword and plunged it deep within Discord's stomach, "I win." As Xena pulled her sword from the mortally wounded god, Discord gasped for air and fell to the ground. "Ares... all... I wanted... was to have you... back. Not to have... you fall in... love with... her," she said, voice fading away. He kneeled down by Xena next to the dying Discord. He grabbed Xena's hand and put it on Discords wound. "Sister, I don't love you, I never did. Can't you get that through your damn head," Ares growled, "I love her." He looked at Xena lovingly. Xena's foot was now touching Discord as Ares leaned in and kissed Xena.

After a few seconds, Xena pulled away to find a dead Discord jealously staring at the kiss. Ares closed Discord eyes and took the vail of the cure from her belt. He handed it to Xena who took it from him with a thanks. Xena looked at the vial, then to Ares. "Xena, I can't take you to Gabrielle. I gave up my immortality to save you." "Ares..." Xena brought her hand to his face. "Thank you for..." but before she could finish what she was saying, Ares locked her lips in a loving kiss. Xena pulled back and said, "now let's go cure Gabrielle." Ares took out his sword and chopped Discords head off. He took it and went outside with Xena.

The soldiers looked up and found Xena and Ares there. "Look, it's Xena. Get her!" But before anything happened, Ares gave Xena Discords head and, holding it by the hair, held it up. The soldiers gasped at the sight, fore they hadn't known that she could kill the gods. The soldiers got on one knee, "Xena, we are at your command!" Ares smirked behind Xena, fore he longed to see this sight again. "Go to your homes and family, defend your villages from harm. If you kill one more innocent, pray to the gods that I don't find you." They did as she told. Xena whistled and soon Argo came galloping out of the trees. Just as Xena put her sword in her scabbard and get on Argo, Ares stood sitting on the horse with a hand out. Xena smirked grabbed his hand and got and behind Ares. She wrapped her arms around his chest and leaned in his back to rest after the past events. Ares smiled at the feel of this. And they were off.

Chapter 4 - The Words Have Been Spoken
They got to Potedia just before sunrise. Xena got off Argo and Ares put Argo in the stables. Xena ran into Lila's house, seeing Eve waiting for her, and ran into the room Gabrielle was in. Eve told Xena she was unconscious for twenty minutes before she gotten there. Xena saw her blonde sidekick and friend laying unconscious on a bed. She ran over to her and poured the cure in Gabrielle's open mouth. Her eyes opened. "Hey," Xena said. "Hi," Gabrielle replied, "you made it." "Yeah, I guess I did." Xena smiled at Gabrielle and looked over to Eve who was smiling, and Lila and Sarah, who were both teary eyed. She looked back at the doorway to see Ares leaning on the doorway then leave. "I got to go. Eve, Lila and Sarah have been dying to talk to you." "Bye," Eve and Gabrielle said. Xena smiled and left after Ares as the three women walked over and talked to Gabrielle.

She went outside to see Ares on a black horse riding away. Xena got Argo from the stables and followed Ares trail. She came to a old looking temple dedicated to Ares in the middle of a abandoned city. She quietly gasped as she got off Argo and led her inside. She looked around occasionally picking things up from off the ground to refresh her memory. This was the temple she made her first sacrifice to Ares when she was fifteen. That was over 40 years ago. He remembered and she couldn't believe it. She looked around to find Ares sitting on his throne. "Xena, I needed to talk to you in private, that's why I brought you here." "You remembered." "Yes, how could I forget? Xena, your the most important thing in my life." "Ares..." "No, Xena, listen. The Fates told of a prophecy that tells on an great evil. One more evil than the Evil One god, Dahak. He’s called the Dark One. Only one can defeat him, one who has a daughter of pure heart and a friend of peace. One with long ravin hair and sky blue eyes. One who was ugly at the heart but has now changed to the most beautiful heart. One who can be light at the touch or hard. One with godly powers, strength, rage and fiery. One gentle, caring, soft, and loving. She will defeat the Great Evil that threatens this land as long as she gives up something, the man she keeps closest to her heart. If she doesn't fight or doesn't give up that man, the woman will die. He will keep the woman's body, destroy the world and slaughter everybody, except the woman's dear loved ones, and use everyone else's blood to create his own world on the earth. Bloody roots will grow over the ground, and human blood will replace the water and air we breathe. He will lock the woman's body up and revive the woman's soul to the body and torture the woman's loved ones making sure the woman dose everything the Great Evil tells the woman to do, including birthing the Great Evil's million children, who will feed on the flesh of the people who live and grow on the earth," Ares said looking the long ravin haired beauty in the sky blue orbs Xena has.

Chapter 5 - What?
Back in Potedia...
Gabrielle sits up draping her legs over the edge of the bedside. “Hey, Eve, do you know where Xena went?” asked Gabrielle. Eve looked at her in shock, “no, I thought you knew.” “Xena didn’t tell us,” Lila said looking from Sarah to Gabrielle. Gabrielle got up out of bed. She looked around the house. She wasn’t there. Everyone helped and looked around town. No Xena.

Gabriele tried to remember the last thing Xena said to her. ‘I got to go. Eve, Lila and Sarah have been dying to talk to you,’ was the last thing Xena said. “Did I see Ares by the doorway when Xena looked back,” Gabrielle said to herself. She tried to remember.

A long time ago...
Xena and Gabrielle are walking in a field of grass. “Xena, when did you first meet Ares?” Gabrielle asks looking up at Xena. “Why do you want to know?” Well after all these times you two fought and... made up, I want know how it all started? There was a pause for a moment.

Xena thought back. “I was fifteen. After Cortese’ raid, Lyceus’ death, and my mother banishing me from my home. I went south, about 4 miles north of Potedia. I went into a temple. Yes, Ares temple, and I prayed to him. In the middle of my prayer, he appeared in front of me. He made me a deal and said with his help, I can get back at Cortese. But I will have to become his chosen and give my heart and soul over to him. Even if I later want to cut back on the deal, I will have to keep my part of the deal. I foolishly agreed being lost, and blinded by hatred. To seal the deal I made a human sacrifice to Ares, cutting out a mans heart and then crushing it in one fist over his body, while Ares, with his godly powers, kept the man alive to the end.” Almost throughout the whole story, Gabrielle notice the small half-smile on Xena’s face.

“Wait,” Gabrielle said to herself, “Xena said, ‘I went south, about 4 miles north of Potedia.’” She went to get Lila, Sarah and Eve. She found Lila and Sarah. She couldn’t find Eve. “Have you guys seen Eve?” Gabrielle asked. “She said she was looking for you,” Lila said. “Ok, thanks. I got to go after I find Eve. I’ll see you soon.” Gabrielle hugged her niece and kissed her sister on the check embracing her as well. “Bye,” Sarah and Lila said waving to Gabrielle. “Bye,” replied Gabrielle. Then she ran off in search of Eve.

Gabrielle ran through a big crowd. she eventually made her way to the front. Demeter, the main goddess of Potedia, was hovering over her temple. “A new prophecy has befallen on us. You are all in grave danger,” Demeter says looking around. Gabrielle sees Eve, and walks toward her. Demeter then spots Gabrielle. Gabrielle grabs Eve’s shoulder. Then they both look up at Demeter who stares at them and disappears. The crowd staggers and goes back to their homes, frightened. “Gabrielle, did you see that?” asked Eve in horror. “What?” “Demeter was talking about some prophecy, then she looked down at us. She wasn’t even finished with what she was saying and when she saw us and she left.” “That must mean,” Gabrielle says in horror. “Mother,” Eve said, “we have to find my mother.” She turned, but Gabrielle gently grabs her shoulder. Eve looks back. “Eve, I know where she is.” “Where?”

With all their stuff together. They ride 4 miles up north, to Ares temple. They’re right outside it. Everything around it is rundown. Ashes and dust everywhere. “What is this place,” asked Eve. “I don’t know,” Gabrielle replied, “All I know is that Xena came here once when she was lost.” They saw the temple and went inside.

In the temple...
Xena and Ares are violently yelling at each other, Xena’s face was red holding back tears that started forming in her eyes. They were standing only feet apart, their heads less than a foot away from each other. They didn’t notice Eve and Gabrielle walk in. “Why should I believe you, Ares?!” “Why shouldn’t you?!” “I’ve already been through enough with these prophecies! I missed 25 years of my child's life that was spent agelessly sleeping in an ice cave you put me in for 25 years. I killed 7 Gods and the Furies, all because of some stupid prophecy about me and my child!” “Xena!” “For all I know, this could just be another one of your sick mind-playing games!” “Xena, this is no joke! Try to get your mind to understand that!” “Ares, I’ve had enough of this!” She turned to the door, head to the ground, still not knowing Eve and Gabrielle standing 15 feet away from her. Ares walked to her and abruptly jerked her shoulder to face him. “If you don’t do this, all of us, including you will die, but if you do fight this, I will die! You have to kill me and fight the dark one! It’s better to give up my life than the world isn’t it, Xena!?” She was looking at the ground so the former God of War couldn’t see her face. With his finger, he lifted her chin up. He saw 2 tears roll down her cheek. Then he realized he had caused those tears. He steeped back, “Xena, I’m sorry.”

She turned and walked forward, head down at the ground. He turned and went back to his chair. Xena walked right passed Eve and Gabrielle and straight out the door. Xena didn’t make a sound as she walked out.

Ares sat on his throne watching his chosen leave, crying because of him. He then glanced off to the side seeing Eve and Gabrielle, looking from him to Xena and back again. He then looked back at the doorway to find no one there. He closed his eyes.

Eve and Gabrielle looked at each other. “What’s going on?” Gabrielle said. “And why were Xena and Ares yelling at each other?” asked Eve. “And why did Ares say Xena needed to kill him or she and everyone else will die? asked Gabrielle. Gabrielle ran out the door followed by Eve. They looked around and saw Xena getting on Argo. “Mother are you okay?” asked Eve looking at her mother with worry. Xena’s tears were gone and her face looked hard. “I’m fine.” Xena, what was that all about?” asked Gabrielle confused by what she had just seen. “Why don’t you ask the cause?” Xena said. Before anything else could be asked, Xena clicked her tongue making her horse run away from the temple. “Where are you going?!” yelled Gabrielle. “A mile north! Find me, I’ll put up a fire so you know where I am, but I know you two well enough to know you guys wont need the fire to find me!” Xena yelled across the land expanding between them.

Eve and Gabrielle walked back into the temple. Ares was still sitting on his throne, eyes closed, “What do you want?” “What happened to Xena?” Gabrielle asked. “You mean why were Xena and I fighting when you came in? I told her that the fate of the world rests in her hands and she takes it all out on me?” “Prophecy? Wasn’t Demeter talking about a prophecy earlier?” Eve asked Gabrielle. “Ares, what prophecy?” Ares sighs and opens his eyes. He gets up and walks over to a mirror. He recites a poem in a Godly language. He puts his hand through the mirror, and pulls out a scroll. He hands it to Gabrielle and walks off back to his chair, leaning his face into it. Gabrielle looked at the scroll and read it. It read what ares said to Xena sometime ago. “Godly powers?. Xena doesn't have powers.” “Ares what happened while Xena was getting the cure.” He turned around and walked toward Gabrielle. “Discord shot the arrow at you. Xena went to get the cure. Discord knocked her head into Hephaestus chest. Xena got critically injured, she cracked her skull and internally bled. Xena died. I gave her a cure to make her come back with the cost of my powers. She killed Discord and I made sure she was touch her while Discord died transferring Discords powers to Xena. That’s what happened. Ya happy?” He looked outside his temple. “Discord?” The prophecy somehow mad the gods come back. All the gods Xena killed in the past, including Discord, came back.” “Where is Xena anyway?” Ares asked. She rode up north. Why?” “Gods no.”

Chapter 6 - Up North
It’s dark now, the sky black with gray clouds helping the surrounding look bleak. Xena rode forward, it’s been a mile now. At first following a rode, but she soon started trailing off it. There was a forest to the left of her. She rode on through the dark trees, that stood over her. She came to a clearing in the forest and got off Argo, she let the horse ride away, fore she knew she’d come back.
She took out her sword putting the tip of it on the ground. She looked up putting both hands on the knob of her sword and got on one knee. “Eli, you know I’m not much for praying, but I don’t know what else to do. The one man in the world I love is telling me to kill him to save the world. My mind tells me yes for the sake of mankind, but my heart tells me no for the sake of the one man I’ll ever love. I know the right answer, but I can’t do that, I can’t kill Ares. Please, find me another way.” She put her head down to her hands.

The ground barely shook beneath her, though she felt it. She looked at the ground trying to figure out what just happened. It shook again but more rapidly. She stood up. A crack opened in the earth with a red glow coming from inside. A hand appeared from inside. It was a demon hand once it hit the atmosphere of the earth, the hand formed into a human hand. It grabbed Xena’s ankle tightly. It put all it’s body weight on her ankle pulling it’s body up. Xena pulled her ankle away from its grasp. It slipped, but held on to the soil. Once it was fully out of the crack, the crack closed. The body stood up. Because of the crack a fire appeared behind her. “Xena, Xena, Xena. You should know by now, you can never fully get rid of me. Not even with the Hinds Blood Dagger.” A fire ball appeared in her hand. “What happened to you? You were an angle when I saw you last.” “Well when you die as a God, you come back as a God. The Archangel, Michael forced me out of heaven and into hell after your child was born. I met the dark one and he brought me back on earth to find you.” She threw the fire ball at Xena. She flipped over it, dodging it. “Callisto, don’t do this. I saw the good in you once. Try to overcome the evil that I caused you.” “Stay evil and become an unstoppable minion to the Dark one, or side with Xena and most likely die in battle. I’ll stick with being evil.” Callisto threw another fireball. Again, Xena dodged it. “Stay still!” Callisto took out her sword. “Let’s do this the old fashion way shall we.” She took out her sword. They clashed. Xena knocked Callisto down, but Callisto tripped Xena in the process. Callisto started laughing. Just before Xena hit the ground, a huge hole with the red glow appeared in the ground under her. She fell in, but grabbed onto the mouth of the hole. She looked up trying to see where Callisto was. Callisto walked up to the edge laughing. Callisto stomped her foot on the fingers of Xena’s right hand. She winced, but clung on. Then Callisto started twisting her foot on Xena’s fingers. Her fingers came off one by one, bleeding because of her will to stay alive on earth. “Bye, Xena.” Callisto said holding a fireball in her hand. Xena looked up at her, hurt in her eyes.

Callisto threw the fireball. Xena screamed and slipped. Her screams were loud, and agonizingly painful. “No!” Xena, still in pain, looked up and saw a man jump on Callisto. Callisto grunted in a scream like way while being knocked on the floor. Ares got on top of an enraged Callisto. “Ares, I hate you!” “I don’t care!” Ares punched Callisto in the face heard knocking her out. “Xena!” He ran over to the mouth of the whole. Xena used all her strength screaming in pain. She slipped and let her hands go. “Xena!” Ares grabbed Xena’s arm before she was out of reach. She clung on to Ares bringing her other arm up to his. “Xena, I got you.” He pulled her up and out of the red hole in the earth. Ares and Xena looked at the hole, which closed up.

She sat down on the ground and put her face in her hands. “I have to tell you something, Xena,” Ares said looking at her. She perked her head up, but kept her head in her hands. “Remember when you killed Discord the first time around, when Eve was baptized?” “Xena looked up, “Then I killed her again, now.“ “The Gods you killed are back. Don’t ask me how, all I know is that it’s all because of the prophecy. When you killed Discord, I made sure you were touching her.” “Why?” “So her powers would transfer to you.” She looked up at him. “Ares, I don’t have powers.” “No, they will come with time. Just try to avoid getting into trouble.” “I can take care of myself, thank you very much.” “I’m serious, I not going to be there every time, Xena. Especially without my powers.” Her face is down, but her eyes are eyeing his.

Xena whistles to call Argo. Minutes later, Argo comes out from the distance. Xena walks over to Argo, taking a rope out from the saddlebag. She went over to a thick tree, and threw her chakram into it. She went back in the saddlebag and took out a ring, “I hand my hands on the reigned once long ago. I crafted two rings, not one. I gave one back to the reign maidens and I kept the other. It says that only one that has forsaken love can hold the power of the ring.” She looked at Ares, “It can also restore the power of a god.” She through it to Ares. “But only for a certain time. I need you to use it now. Can you turn this rope into one made of Hephaestus metal?” Ares put on the ring. He felt the power he had before surge through him like electricity. He nodded and turned the rope into a rope of Hephaestus metal. “Thank you.” She hung the metal rope around her neck, then walked over to the unconscious Callisto. Xena picked her up and hung her body over her shoulder. She then set her down by the tree with the chakram lodged on the other side. She tied one end of the rope to the chakram and walked around, looping the rope around the tree twice. Then she put a cloth around Callisto’s wrist and looped the rope four times around the cloth on her wrist. Then she looped around the tree one time and did the same to her other wrist. Xena looped around the tree two more times, tying the end of the rope to the Chakram. Xena then took out her chakram and twisted it twice to the right and flipped the chakram horizontally. She did that 10 times then split the chakram having the roped now tied together, come off.

She walked over and held a hand out to Ares. Ho took the ring off and grabbed her hand. She helped him up. They stood face to face. “Ares, I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier. I was wrong to..” Ares put a figure over Xena’s lips to silent her. “I forgive you,” Ares said calming all Xena senses. He leaned in to kiss her lips. She responded passionately, cradling the back of his head. He held her waist, bringing her closer.

Chapter 7 - Under The Earth
Gabrielle and Eve came running in on horseback. Xena and Ares were sitting on a burned log waiting for them to come. Gabrielle saw Xena bleeding on the shoulder. “What happened?” Xena looked over to a chained Callisto who was still out from Ares blow to her head. Gabrielle and Eve looked to where Xena was starring. “How is that possible?” “Long story.” “Mother, who’s this?” “Callisto. An old enemy, friend. Well whatever, she’s evil now.”

Xena and Ares told them the long story. Soon after, telling the story, Gabrielle and Eve were speechless. They didn’t know how it was possible, how the prophecy could have started so fast, when they least expected it to. They couldn’t believe how Callisto went from an angle to a devil so easily. Especially how the Arc Angle Michael would let Callisto leave so fast. They left, leaving an unconscious Callisto to fend for herself.
Later that night, Callisto awoke. She looked down at the metal rope that held her tightly to the tree. She lifted her head to the skies laughing. “Oh Xena, you forget. The Dark one gave me back these powers, which are stronger than the Olympian gods. Therefore I can escape from your other gods pathetic chains.” Her irises turned red, along with the chains. They bursted out of the tree and threw the chains off of her. She looked at the ground, waving her hands over it with the red glow in her eyes. A crack, glowing of the same color opened in the earth. Demon hands started forming reaching up for her. Callisto hovered on the pathway leading under the earth.

Hercules was watching this from a distance, starting from when Xena began to pray. “What in Tartarus is going on here, Xena,” he muttered under his breath before Callisto was fully gone. She turned her head. Hercules moved his head, shaking a branch, making it make a small sound. Callisto turned round and headed out of the crack back on the earth. It was left open behind her. “Hercules, I know your here. Callisto said. He ran back into the dark forest. Callisto took out her sword, about to follow. A dark, deep voice stopped her from doing so. “Don’t waste my time, Callisto. I need Xena. Hercules is of no use to me.” Callisto turns around, obviously annoyed. “A girl should have some fun you think?” “Come down here, we need to talk about our plan.” Callisto walks down the pathway in the crack. Once her skin touched the red glow, it turned to a devilish tone. She went fully down in the pathway and looked back up. the crack closed behind her. She looked forward again, a devilish smile across her face.

It looked even worse than Hell. Only the people that at first or completely wanted evil revenge on Xena that were killed were sent down here. All of them looking worse than they ever did. Memories of Xena’s were on the wall. Memories of either dark, unpleasant or painful ones of her past. Things including her death, the death of her loved ones, her killing the innocent, murdering helpless people, or hurting her friends and family. All around men and some women were laughing at the torture that had been done to her. Different rooms were separate into different groups: revenge by someone else, revenge by themselves, and ones who need no part in revenge. The first group included Pompey, Agathon, Monlick, Milo, and lots more. The second category has more of a meaner bunch than the first, Julius Caesar, Alti, Chesnik Morloch, Discord, Kal, Ming T’ien, Ming Tzu and so on. The third group is of the people Xena killed that now forgive her, like Mark Antony and Cyane. Callisto went into the second room and sat down. “So, what does he have in mind.” “He’ll tell us in a matter of time,” Caesar said, sitting down with a glass of wine in his devilish hand. “I want to know, Now!” Callisto yelled having the whole group of people stare at her. “Don’t we all,“ Caesar said taking a sip.

Hours later, Hercules is still running away from the last thing he saw. He’s sweeting now, sprinting, trying to find Xena and the others. He’s been hearing Callisto’s laughter all around. He looked back to see if she was following. He couldn’t see her, but he saw bursts of fir coming from all directions behind him. Ahead of him a cracked opened up in the earth. Still running and looking backwards he fell into the red atmosphere. It seemed like 100 foot, but was only his mind playing trick on the brain. He fell on his stomach hard, but not hard enough to kill him. He kept his head down and got up. His hand was holding his forehead as if he had bumped it. He looked down at his arm, his skin turned the color you get when you burn it. The red glow seemed to burn the surface of his skin. He didn’t pay too much attention to that though. He finally looked forward, his eyes widened. He sees the images of Xena’s memory of her death on the cross. “Xena?” He looks to his side seeing more images of Xena’s memory of her son, Solan’s death. “Where am I?” Hercules says confused by all he sees. An unexpected voice from behind answers him “Under the earth.” He turns around standing ten feet from one of his wort nightmares. “Hello Hercules,” Callisto smiles with everyone devilish form of Xena’s dead enemies behind her.

Chapter 8 - They're Gone
Back on earth...
It’s dawn, the sky still dim and slowly glowing brighter. Four horses were riding in the hills, each a different color. One rider was atop of each one. Ares on a black one, Xena on Argo, Gabrielle on a brown one, and Eve on a white one. Xena was in front, just ahead of Ares. Gabrielle tried to catch up with Xena.

“Xena, where are we going?” yelled Gabrielle. “Amphipolis, Gabrielle. I need to gather my family and friends. Otherwise...” “They’ll be beaten and tortured by the Dark One, we know, Ares told us.” Xena looks from Gabrielle to Ares. “Who are we going to get from there, Mother?” Eve said as she caught up. “Come, on we got, at least, a days ride ahead of us.” Xena whipped Argo’s reigns to make her go faster. “My mother, and Toris if he’s there. Hercules said he was going to visit me there also. So we were going to be going there anyway.”
Xena kept her eyes forward. Ares looked at Xena this time. He had a dab of anger in his his eyes. He hated his younger brother, especially since he was the one that took Xena away from him long ago. Hercules was also the one the guided her away from her dark past, therefore Ares had a respect for him in a way.

They rode on, but both Xena and Ares knew that once it started, there was no stop to it. They knew that they had limited time before the Dark One would strike again.

Under The Earth...
Hercules is locked up and badly beaten. He was barely even conscious when he saw a shadowy figure in the dark stand before him. “Who are you?” Hercules said in a voice barley over a whisper. The figures voice was deep, “That’s none of your concern. What is, however, is your friend, Xena.” “What do you want with her.” “Tell me where she is, Hercules.” “Or?” “Or you will pay with your life.” “You don’t know much about friendship, do you? I would gladly die for Xena than to tell you where she is.” “Very well then. How about you tell me or your friend's soul will suffer eternity in my realm.” The figure holds up a human figure by the neck. It’s struggling and says in a choking voice, “Hercules.” Hercules looks up recognizing the sound of his voice. “Iolaos?” Hercules struggles to get out of the seat he’s locked up in. He can’t. “Tell me where Xena is Hercules.” He tightens his grip on Iolaos’s neck. he hesitates then says it, “She’s on her way to Amphipolis.” “Thank you Hercules.” The figure makes the steal cage Hercules is in twice its size. He opens it, still in the dark, and throws Iolaos inside.

In the darkness, the figure calls Callisto over, “Xena’s on her way to Amphipolis, I want you to send some of the self revenge people over to her and to take her and her friends down here. Don’t kill anyone, yet.” Callisto nods, and does as he says. She looks over to Hercules and laughs. She goes into his thoughts and talks to him there. “Hercules, the woman you love is going to die today, and you can do nothing about it. How does that feel?” He curses to himself hearing Callisto’s obnoxious laugh as she walks out. He jerks up in his chair as he hears Callisto laugh.
The figure waves his hand and Hercules chains are gone. Being now fully conscious, he runs to the bars of the cage full of anger towards Callisto. He hears is name being called again by Iolaos. He runs over to him and sees him bleeding. “Your mortal,” Hercules says surprised. “How?” “I don’t know.” “It’s so good to see you again.” “You too.” Iolaos gets up, “Where are we?” he asks. They hear a bang and turn around. On the white wall behind them an image of Xena’s memory is being played. She is tied on a cross with Caesar and his men standing before her. “Break her legs,” Caesar said. One of his men who was holding a huge hammer, walked up to her. The hammer was behind his head, and when he got close enough, brought the hammer to her legs. There was a loud crack and a agonizing scream. “Xena?” Iolaos said. Hercules turned away. It was long and loud. It soon went to black. The room across from them was the ‘Revenge By Themselves’ room. The heard Caesar laugh followed by the laughter of others. “Hercules?” “We are in a place far worse than hell. It’s a place where the warriors Xena killed come, and plot revenge on her. They only have bad memories of Xena’s playing on the walls for amusement.” “Oh, gods,” was the only thing Iolaos could say.

Back On Earth...
It’s nightfall, they’re at Amphipolis. They quickly put the horses in the stables. Xena knocked on the door of her mothers tavern. No answer. She opened the door and found no one inside. She walked by the table in the kitchen and saw a glowing red crack. A wind blew in Xena’s face.
She reached down to her boot, drew a dagger, spun around and threw the dagger. Gabrielle stepped back and Callisto appeared. It went through the dead woman. She looked down at it as it hit the floor. “Now, now, Xena. I didn’t come for this,” Callisto said looking at Xena. “You shouldn’t have come at all,” Xena said snarling at Callisto. “You know what? Your right.” She walked in the crack and it closed behind her.

Xena went to get her dagger. When she turned the whole room was glowing red. Three people were rising from the ground, each one got behind, Eve, Gabrielle and Ares with knives to their necks. Xena froze, she couldn’t believe it. Caesar stood behind Ares, Alti stood behind Gabrielle, and Discord stood behind Eve. “Bye, Xena,” Caesar said laughing along with Alti and Discord. “Xena!” Ares and Gabrielle yelled. “Mother!” Eve screamed. Ares went under first. Followed by Gabrielle. The ground closed over them. 4/5th of Eve’s body was under the ground. Her hand was the only thing out of it. Xena jumped on the ground and reached for her hand through when Xena grabbed her hand. “Eve, She tried to pull Eve up, but Alti stabbed Xena’s wrist with the knife. She screamed and let go, the knife lodged in her wrist. Alti laughed as the portal closed over her.

She took the dagger out of her wrist and dropped it on the ground. Blood all over her arm. “No!” She looked at the dagger. Poison was on it, a poison with no cure. She stood up, nothing but anger and hatred showed in her eyes. “The Dark One will pay. From now ‘till my death...” She take her chakram off her hip, now with her blood on it, “I will make sure the Dark One doesn’t live to see this world.”
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