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Silver-tipped Tonuge

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She could get anything she wanted. Even the blood of the people she hated.

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I sat back on my knees as she walked in a wide circle around me. "You know what
I want from you, Madison." I nodded silently. "Go now. Do it." she purred, her fingers curling under my chin.

Her lips were pulled back into a smile of joy while her lavender eyes flickered over my face. She let go of me and backed away, allowing me to stand.

I left the dark house and wandered the streets until I found him. He was hiding again. Hiding from me.

When I finally got him to come along, the sky had darkened and he was swaying on his feet from all the vodka I'd slipped into his drink. I pulled him by his hand to the house.

He tried to scream as he saw the large structure of the porch in the dark distance, but I covered his mouth. His teeth sank into my palm in his attempts to free himself, but I didn't loosen my grip

His screams turned to sobs as I forced him into the house and kicked the door shut behind me. "Mother." I said her name softly.

She emerged from the doorway in a knee length black dress that looked like it should have been on a pinup model. Her blindingly white smile lit her face as she spotted the man in my hands. "Put him on his knees, Madison."

With a slight nod, I kicked the backs of his knees, making him drop the the wood with a thud. His teeth sank deeper into my hand, making me grit my teeth. "Good girl." her hand tucked a strand of long platinum hair behind my ear.

It rose bumps along my neck and arms. I expected her to strike me for taking so long. So the almost loving gesture confused me.

From the bodice of her dress, mother pull a long knife out. I tipped her ex-boyfriend's head back and locked his wrist in place to keep him from struggling. Mother grabbed a handful of his thick hair and gestured for me to move away with the knife.

I forced his jaw down and freed my bleeding hand. Backing away silently, I wrapped it with the loose end of my shirt and watched.

"Helen, please." he begged quietly. His lips dripped my blood, making me narrow my eyes in slight anger. "I'm sorry. I never told anyone else, I swear." She lifted his head further.

"Please! I have a wife and children! Please don't kill me!" he sobbed. I blinked.

"Why would you tell my mother you loved her if you have family?" slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it. Mother looked at me, her eyes glowing with pure excitement.

"She makes a good point, Steven." she held the knife to his throat, pressing it against his skin. "Why is it all men are after one thing?" She asked of no one, tapping her foot slightly.

"I-" she slit his throat before he got more out. He sputtered and choked on his blood as he fell to the floor.

"Here Madison. He made you bleed." she held the knife toward me. I hesitated, making her mad. "Make him bleed child!" she shoved the knife into my hand.

I knelt next to where he lay bleeding and closed my eyes. With a deep, blood scented breath, I ran the knife into his neck, going all the way through and stabbing the hard wood of the floor under him.

He gurgled and went still. Mother's hand rested on my shoulder lightly, making me jump and look at her. "You did well." she moved a strand of my hair, pausing to see it stained with blood. "How would you like to go to school?"

"But I'm already smarter than college students." I sat back on my heels. "High school would be wasted on me." I stated.

"Not a total waste. I want you to have a taste of what you are NOT missing. The idiots I saved you from." I nodded. "So, we will enroll you at the high school here in town and you will start next week. On one condition." she took my chin in her hand.

"Yes?" I asked carefully.

"No speaking in other languages and no speaking of what we do in our house." her fingers tightened painfully.

"Yes, Mother." I looked at the bloody knife in my hands. "I'll start cleaning." I said before she could order it.

She left me alone with death. Father wouldn't want this for me. Nobody would want this for anyone.

So, there's a shit ton of drama and I really just need to write a slasher at the moment. So R+R if you want

Or not. It doesn't really matter. But school starts tomorrow and it's my last semester of high school.

You'd assume I'm all nervous and freaking out, but I'm just fine. There's a lot of stupid drama at school too.

So I'm happy to be almost done with all of the double drama and then I get to look for a job and an apartment and.....

Rambling about personal issues done! I gotta go!

Hugs and Bristles,

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