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The Deed of the Two Assassins PART 2:

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Last time Justin and Raven head out to the woods to wait for Blade, but no sign of him. This time they both encounter something mysterious...

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~The next morning~
SETTING: the woods
"Justin, wake up." Raven says as she nudges Justin on the shoulder.
"WAKE UP.It's morning!"
"Your point is.."
"It's time to get up."
"Raven, you've known me your whole life. I never get up this early. Im going to go back to bed."
"NO.. we've got to keep moving."
Frustrated Justin says "Fine."
Raven got her bag and looked around for anything unusual when she noticed a box on the ground entitled with both their names on it.
"Hmm..I wonder what's in store for us in this box. Justin! Get over here and check this out!"
"I don't feel like getting up."
"Get your ass over here!!!"
"Calm yourself I'm moving!" Justin said as he got up to go see what Raven was bitching about.
"It's a box.."
"You don't say?" Raven sarcastically says.
"I do say.."
"Just shut up. I'm going to open the box and be prepared for whatever is inside."
Raven slowly began to remove the lid off of the box.
"What! I want to open the box!" Raven said as she stopped removing the lid.
"I've got to get my glasses out.."
"You have glasses?"
"Oh my--YES I HAVE GLASSES DUMBASS I got them last year!"
"My bad for asking..Ok can I open it now that you've got your glasses out?"
"Yeah go ahead."
Raven then began to remove the lid off the box, hoping for no other interruptions.
"OH MY FUCKING GOD! WHAT!" Raven says as she stops removing the lid again.
"Are you sure you want to open the box? It seems very strange."
"Yes I am sure or else I wouldn't be so eager to open it. Can I open the box NOW?"
"Yeah go ahead."
"Before I'm going to, are you absolutely positively SURE there is NOTHING ELSE you need to interrupt me for?"
Raven takes the lid off.
"It's a blade..with a letter wrapped around it."
"Seems fancy haha."
"Ok you take the letter I take the blade since I'm better with it hence you almost hit Father in the head with it practicing how to throw last night."
"Whatever just hand me the letter."
Raven hands Justin the letter and he began to read aloud:
"For years I have been exploring the land. For months I have been scouring the land for you two and I've finally found you. Be prepared for a battle with me tomorrow. You have been warned. ~Anonymous"

"Seems like we have ourselves a battle..."
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